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game rom crash help!

everytime i enter this specific level in my hack, the game crashes! no addmusic, blocks, or patches were used, but there is custom background and custom foreground. i actually have no idea what is causing this! #ab{:(} it happens as soon as i enter it from the overworld.
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I don't think custom FG/BG graphics can crash your ROM. What level is it that It's crashing on?
I really can't see what would cause this considering how little information you gave. You need to explain more.
well, the game crashes plus my emulator, too. it might have something with me inserting something wrong, but i honestly have no clue.
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this happend yo me two. but for me i have a custom block and when i touch it from ANY side the game crashes. D:
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never heard of a problem like that, but are you sure that the custom block works with your emulator? did you insert correctly.
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The only way I could see custom graphics messing up the game is if the file was the wrong size or if it was overwriting something. In either case, garbled background garbage seems like it would be more likely than a complete crash.

Originally posted by MarioGamer125
this happend yo me two. but for me i have a custom block and when i touch it from ANY side the game crashes. D:

The code doesn't work then. Whatever it's trying to do doesn't work and when it tries to run the code, the game crashes as a result.
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You need to give us more info like a screenshot or a video.

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Did you by some chance insert a podoboo (Sprite 33) without checking sprite buoyancy?
This can cause your ROM to freeze too.
If so, go to #lm{sprhead} and check the first box
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@Jack-no podoboos were in that level.

@theraze2fan-i don't have a screenshot, but it basically just makes my emulator crash as soon as i enter it from the ow.

@NamelessProtagonist-that might be the problem, but i have re-checked and still encountered the crash.

@LaughingLuigi, Xinn- the level it occurred in was in a grassland level (with custom background and foreground) that started with a goomba and a koopa.
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