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Mario Kart Wii Onlie Vs.

HAY! #fim{:P} Anyone Up For A 32 Track 1v1? If You Do Give My Your Friend Code Below. My MKWii Friend Code Vid:
Hey remember me! Me neither!

a.k.a. TehUndeadSpartan222 on youtube

Chikorita is best pokemon <3

Check out my scratch(! Username is MarioGamer120. Working on a Five Nights at Sugarcube Corner 2.Link

Currently: Ripping off (what used to be) MercuryPenny's footer, which is also a rip off of someone else's footer, so... I don't know if I'm like stealing a footer sence im ripping of a ripped of footer but...meh. I won't worry about it, and also celebrating 1,000 subs on youtube :D and trying to beat nightmare mode on FNAF3 and 20 mode on FNAF 1 and 2