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[W4, Boss] Cheep Cheep Creek
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A water level this time around. Posting what I have now since I still have to create the boss which is going to take some time. Might as well let you guys give me feedback on what's done so far.

The background story behind this level is that the beloved Cheep Cheep Creek has been overrun by the Rip Van Clan (a group of Rip Van Fish thugs), and the Cheep Cheeps who lived there are forced to live inside a very small pond.

The level then goes into a short water segment.

Before the boss, there is a "mini-boss" (just a bunch of Rip Van Fish really)

A Fire Flower would prove useful in this "mini-boss" fight.

I should mention that the Rip Van Fish either chase you or move back and forth vertically/horizontally.

The water segment itself is short only because the "mini-boss" and the
boss (which still needs to be created) are going to be a bit lengthy time-wise. (I wanted two phases for the boss).

Cheep Cheep Creek (Demo 1)(FIXED)...I hope


As usual, all feedback and comments are welcome. #smw{:TUP:}

Maybe a new level title is in order too.....
C3 Thread (2013)

It might just be my computer, but the download link doesn't work #smw{:(}.
I get to the mediafire page, but when I click the download button it gives an error message (Cannot connect to server). Other files from mediafire worked just fine.

Don't worry about the level title, it's fine (I've done much worse)
Thanks for letting me know, re-uploaded. Try now.
C3 Thread (2013)


Meet King Cranky, ruler of the Rip Van Clan, let's just say he's the Big Fish in this lake. Wait, isn't this a creek? He chases the player around the arena and you hit him with the throw-able blocks.

Every so often, more Rip Van Fish join the battle. They act the same way King Cranky does and they can become quite overwhelming if not dealt with quickly.

If only there was some way you could get rid of his minions altogether....

After King Cranky falls, the player may continue, but is the King really finished yet?

Of course not!

In fact, Cranky and his invincible guards chase after you while you are forced to dodge more Rip Van Fish swimming at you.

How does this all end? Well only one way to find out....
Download:Cheep Cheep Creek (Demo 2)

In all seriousness, this level is still far from complete. I just wanted to have the basic structure of the level set out so I can get feedback on it while I work on some of the smaller details.

I still want King Cranky to be a little more than just a giant Rip Van Fish and the ending feels a bit anticlimactic. I also think I rushed bits of the level here and there so I definitely want to go back and work on them. I also need to decrease the music files, they're huge.

Anyway, all feedback and comments are welcome. #smw{:TUP:}
C3 Thread (2013)

Awesome level you got there. The boss is amazing, the music is good and the overall level design is ok.

A few (small) things:

When you beat King Cranky, he still uses the mother brain dying effect. I believe this is effect 112, and a simple change to the first frame King Cranky should be fine.

Spoilers for the ending:

In the first screenshot, the cheep cheeps on the right are lower than in the second screenshot. They randomly move up 1 tile after the cutscene.

There are also 35 green cheep cheep in the pond at the start and 34 green cheep cheep at the end of the level but who counts the fish anyways.

I really liked this level, keep it up.
Originally posted by Blue Leaf
When you beat King Cranky, he still uses the mother brain dying effect. I believe this is effect 112, and a simple change to the first frame King Cranky should be fine.

#smw{-_-2} How did I miss that?! lol. Thanks for letting me know.

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
but who counts the fish anyways.

Good thing you did, because I was intentionally trying to have the number of fish be consistent at the beginning and the end. (35 at the start and 36 at the end for the 1 extra Rip Van disguised Cheep Cheep).

I'll get around to fixing these problems.

Thanks for your feedback so far. #smw{:TUP:}
C3 Thread (2013)

It's been a long time, but got around to finishing this level.

Cheep Cheep Creek v1.0

As usual, all feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
C3 Thread (2013)

Excellent level! The backstory, the bosses, everything is just amazing.
I really like the details, such as the destroyed sign and the missing cheep cheep.
And the level before the midboss has really improved, too.
The only thing that bugged me is that the music didn't return to normal after you defeated the midboss (this is just nitpicking, though).

Keep up the good work!
Here's the final version of the level, changed some of the dialogue boxes, and fixed a graphical error towards the end of the level. Not much new in this one.

Cheep Cheep Creek v1.1
C3 Thread (2013)

Difficulty: Mid-Late Game
Amazing level. The atmosphere, the boss and the details are all great.

One last nitpicky thing though:

The fish in the lower right corner magically moves up one tile after you defeated King Cranky.
C3 Thread (2013)

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