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super help!

i need help with this issue that i have. i decided to put an entrance to a sub-level via a pipe in screen 02, but i decided to delete it and now that screen still has a screen exit. how do i delete the screen exit because there is another pipe there and i don't want mario entering level 0 from that pipe.
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To Delete An Exit Click The #lm{sex} Button And Go Down To The Screen Number That Has The Exit You Want To Delte And Click "Delete". (Assuming This Is What Your Trying To Do.)
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yes, it worked. thanks!
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Note that a screen exit to level 0 and no screen exit at all will for all intents and purposes result in the exact same thing. If you don't want Mario to be able to enter the pipe and end up in level 0, just don't use an exit-enabled pipe.
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ok, i understand now.
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