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Touhou Mario 2
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Originally posted by Silver Scarlet
Originally posted by steeledminer
Looks neat but...
Originally posted by Silver Scarlet
If you love puzzle-like levels

I can't entirely judge this level without knowing the type of puzzle you have to do. Is it a Layer 2 puzzle? Is it follow rooms in a certain way puzzle? "Puzzle" is a generic aspect and with it being the core of the level I can't say it's good or bad without knowing what you do for the puzzle.

It's a "going through rooms" puzzle. Messing with P-Switch and key mainly.

Hmm, kinda what I worried about but execution is what matters to me, not theory. It could be very good or very bad, but I will have to play to decide.

Also, on a side note I thought of one more little boss:
Brolli Diamondback (Diamond in the Rough)
Just because of the whole "JAO" fan homage you did last time. #thp{LOL}
But don't accept it if you think it will start to be too much (You DO have a limited size because it's a hack after all!)

So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

i wanna help testing you all


First off I want to say I'm sorry for not being able to contribute anything to this... neither suggestions, nor help, nor anything, really...

I'm a fan of UFO in particular and what you did so far looks really good... to me at least.
So I just wanted to drop a message to thank you for creating this and to wish you good luck with it...
I'll definitly follow this and play it when it's done. And maybe I'll even be able to contribute something to this, somehow...

Yoshiegg Powerup Expansion
It's a patch about getting powerups other than a mushroom from Yoshieggs...
It's currently fully functional, but I'm still taking suggestions and want to fix any possible bugs...

the Stages Looks pretty good , and fun , the Stage 3 looks pretty ... huh... Explosive ? :3 I'm actually playing one fighting game online , and I'm was talking with a girl with Flandre Skin about Touhou Mario , I think she'll like to play it #smw{^_^}

Waiting for some updates. Peace! #smw{:peace:}
I am really loving the look of the stages you showed so far. So Stage 4 seems to have bombs as main gimmick, hence it's a ship after all.

Keep going!
Again, thank you everyone for the nice comments. I'm sorry if I haven't been updating the thread recently but I'm kinda busy with school, heh.



The Stage 5 is split in two main sections, you can figure from the screens. Its structure will be athletic-ish, and some ASM tricks and gimmicks ideas will be used (No spoilers :p). The difficult gets harder, and enemies will be mainly Maids and Elite Maids (the latter would be a GFX replacement for the Elite Koopas, unfortunately metalgearhunter is still working on them).
I'm very unsure about the second part of the level, if you have suggestions, please tell. -ah, I almost forgot to tell that the FG used in the second section has animated palette, so you may won't see how it looks clearly. I could may make a .gif to let you see it better.

Rural Makai City Esoteria
The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten

Any opinions, thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to post.
It's fu**ing beautifull.
But what are those floating stars for

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... what even am I doing with my life?
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
It's fu**ing beautifull.
But what are those floating stars for

They are the fireballs shot by the elite koopas. Not sure if these will be kept as stars, they'll may be changed to a better GFX.
After seeing those elite koopas, now I understand that this is getting I hate to deal with them.
Beautiful graphics, the second part reminds me some kind of "void". (?!).

That looks amazing, gorgeous, especially considering system capabilities. I can't wait to see it in motion. I get more and more hyped every time you release screenshots #thp{>:)}

So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

oh~ Elite Koopa , I like and hate them same time #smw{^_^;}

this background looks awesome , I'm so excited with your project #smw{<3}
I can't say much about level design
because i'm not an expert about it

your ports sounds wonderful #smw{^_^} are you using samples or only ADSR?

well Keep working , #Peace #smw{:peace:}
I am astonished. The graphics you use here are very interesting and unusual. Looks great!
So silver, I've been getting the Boss GFX done for ya, they should be done by 12:00 AM EST today, but I wanted to know what you (and how followers of your thread) think they are, do they fit, are they good? How are they, any improvements.

By the way, Silver gave me permission to show them off.

Your layout has been removed.
Yay! Elite Koopas! Everybody should pretty much try to make their own elite koopa graphics, but meh. The screenshots for the stage look gorgeous, I really like the background. It reminds me of an underground volcanic cavern of some sort. I'm guessing this will be the stage of *$*92&3 *[email protected]^3%; if so, that would be awesome; because it really fits her. Can't wait to see what the "Elite Maids" will look like; betting just as bad ass as the "Elite Sentrys/Valkyrie Sentries"

The graphics for the second section look very interesting; but there is a qualm I have with it. (I'm betting you didn't make it) The background looks very nice; but the foreground appears to be pillow shaded. While I have nothing wrong with pillow shading; it just conflicts with the graphics of the style going on here, especially with section one. There is nothing that grabs me more in my artistic soul when a level switches from very nice looking graphics, to very plain looking graphics. The foreground, I believe, is more important than the background. That is what the player is going to be interacting with. I suggest having darker shading in the under sections of the foreground. It shouldn't be too hard, but it does need to look like it's floating. In response, also have a slightly brighter tone at the top, that way it looks like the area is shining down on it.

*Sorry MGH for posting in a thread you just got finished posting in. I also like to keep up with this thread.

I'm glad to announce that my cutie Vitor Vilela finished to code Nazrin!~
Some pics of her in action:

...and that's not over yet! Soon Vitor will be sharing a video of the boss, so stay tuned! #thp{>:)}

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - SnesLab Discord
That is certainly impressive, but I'm having trouble seeing how exactly you are supposed to dodge most of that in the context of the Super Mario World engine.

My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

FINALLY! my boss hp bar is done and have passed the moderation, here is the file (tutorial included). P.M me if you are confused. Its saved on media.smwcentral. sorry for the frequent updates, I kept re-coding it so its easier than ever.

note: if you have custom layer 3 GFX, make sure you use yy-chr instead of replacing the file because it will replace ALL layer 3 graphics.

EDIT: if you want the boss hp to refill when the boss loses all HP, make a new counter that act like a "lifebar counter" or "lives" counter that subtract when the meter empties and that the boss dies when both the meter and the lives are both zero. Each time the counter subtract should refill the bar until its 0 lives left. (although if the meter goes "negative", it automatically will refill to 100%). When doing that, do not modify the the code that shows its hp, just somewhere in the main routine that runs every frame

EDIT1: fix broken link

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela

This looks interesting, I feel I saw real Nazrin's danmaku.
It seems that players would almost rely on pure luck to dodge the bullets, maybe that's because mario is in SMW physics and cannot freely move as you intend. I'd suggest arranging the danmaku patterns to make it possible to dodge them with platformer movements such as jump and run (you can refer to various doujin games), or possibly changing the physics (I guess swimming could make this feasible, but underwater battle might look strange).
I really look forward to playing this. Keep it up!
As worldpeace alrady said it looks pretty hard to dodge all the projectiles. Other than that the boss looks awesome. The variety of attacks and the fluent movement make this a really cool boss.
Great work Vitor! :3

Leveldesign looks pretty cool to. The style is pretty interesting. I didn't play Touhou Mario 1 but I've seen some parts of a Let's Play. It looked pretty interesting so I hope you can do it like this or even better here :D

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
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