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Touhou Mario 2
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One thing in these screenshots attracts my mind like... dang, I forgot my silly simile!

Originally posted by ROM Map
$01:B790 | Change to [09 xx 99 07 03 99 0B 03 99 0F 03 99 13 03] to change the palette used by the turn block bridge. ("xx" is the new palette value; 00 is the original.) This also prevents the last tile from being X-flipped.

Yeah. I'm picky. Sorry.

Anyway, I like the screens otherwise, it looks very mountain-y. Can't hear the SPCs at the moment, though.

Also, what are these note blocks?
Uh, so a quite low feedback...? I don't know what's happening, but whatever. But it's a little demotivating for me :<

I saw some people were worried about pits on Touhou Mario. There was some sections that Wakana missed to or was impossible to place the block to push Mario up and you'd get instant game over. Well, I have created a little code that gets trigged when mario falls on a pit and it will either place Mario on last place he was stepping or it will launch him up, depending on situation. So it's impossible to you get instant game over because of pits, since no blocks are required and I replaced the pit death code by this one that moves or launches Mario.

Originally posted by Sakuya Izayoi
Also, what are these note blocks?


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I simply forgot about this thread. That is all.

Looking at the recent screenshots I must say that it is quite impressive. I definitely agree that is it very challenging as I can see a lot going on in them. Seems to be nicely designed as well along with the graphics used. Good job there and I am looking forward to seeing what the two of you have next.
Originally posted by Sakuya Izayoi
Also, what are these note blocks?

You probably mean the new GFX. Just know that the writing inside is Japanese...and I kind of forgot what it means. #ab{^^;;;}
The act like is same as the usual note blocks. Unless we're going to plan something new (unlikely, but everything could happen), they'll keep like this.
Double posting is a way of life~

People, I'm glad to show you, from my point of view, one of the best bonus levels that has been done in the hack: Youmu's level!


Guessed what's the gimmick about already?~
Yesh, this level is about collecting souls. The soul counter is showed in the Status Bar. Everytime a soul is collected, the colors get...more lively. If you look the first level, that may be the perfect example of lifeless palette, while the last one is the level with full colors!
Noticed the "barriers" too? The level is split in three section, and three barriers. You need to catch 10, 20 and 30 souls for the first, second and third barrier. Its graphics are not the best, but they will be probably updated for a better one.

Musics lie here, the more constructive criticism you give me, the more I'd be happy to learn more~:
Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When

Any opinions, suggestions, comments? Feel free to post them! #thp{=D}
Whew, you and your gimmicks! The colours getting livelier is a really nice concept, I really admire your ASM skills here! Mario collecting souls is very dark, but at the same time, it's also a nice idea.

And I needn't even comment on that background. Love it! ^.^
Mario collecting souls is actually somewhat normal for Touhou.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
The graphics here seem extremely nice and I really like the concepts. Looking forward to more!

Originally posted by Eevee
I really admire your ASM skills here!

I am pretty sure Vitor is doing the ASM from what I can tell. #ab{:P}
Dear Touhouers, I need a bit of help... Ichirin spawns diagonal lasers. What I do now, sacrifice lots of resources and attempt to draw some or do a alternative? And on this case, what alternative should I do? #smw{:x}
If anyone ask about Shou, I'll hit everyone with Lightvayne's 2 ton hammer ;-;

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As far as alternative, use something like this:

1) [Keep in mind I know nothing about ASM, and it might not be possible] Use mode 7 to make a laser appear diagonal, and have it draw 16x16 hurt tiles in the most centered parts of the laser.

2) Fire a diagonal bullet esque projectile.

That's my take. There's only SO MUCH you can do with the limited SMW engine.
I'm n00b and can't be of much help, but... Rockman4 Minus Infinity had lots of diagonal lasers in the Wily Capsule fight... and that was on the NES.

And I THINK lasers in Touhou are made with multiple small ones? In the photoshoot spinoffs, if you partly shoot a laser (say, the middle), the laser gets "split" in two. and when you get hit by one, it makes a tiny hole in it. And grazing near a laser seems to count for a lot of bullets. I THINK that's right.
Thank you everyone for your replies.
Yesh, since we're not showing stages recently, I'm going to show you another masterpiece of our hack. Get ready for Utsuho's stage!


Lava everywhere! #thp{O_O2}
Aside for the massive HDMA implementation (wavy BG + gradient + wavy gradient(?)), Okuu's level is set in the center of the earth: this means lava and podoboos are the main obstacles of it. The level design here is pretty linear, with massive presence of sprites (as you can see from the screens). Plus, the level has a midboss, Orin Kaenbyou. In short, this level is a reproduction of Touhou 11's last stage. Ah also, if you lost the already showed GIF of Okuu's battle arena, here it is. The arena, though, will be pretty complex, with changing BGs, HDMA effects and lots, lots more! That's what my waifu deserves after all <3

Here lies music. Note that you may lower your headphone's volume, due to these being a bit louder than they should.
Hellfire Mantle
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion

Any opinions, suggestions, comments? Feel free to post them! #thp{>:)}
Yayyyy lava! Some of the best I've seen in a hack actually! Great job ^.^
This is VERY neat looking, very Outer-Core like, that's for sure. I like the thickness of the "lava", though I believe it would be better appreciated if it was called Molten Metal (as both the inner core and outer core consists of it), but meh. Very cool looking- I mean... it's a very hot update, very hot indeed.
I really like the lava, foreground and background graphics in your latest level. Good job on creating it especially with the effort involved! I must say that the sprites and some objects looks a bit weird when contrasted with the HDMA (the skull raft in particular) but nevertheless I like the style there.
After so many time working, I'm really exhausted (ie happy) to announce.... Ichirin!

Ichirin is the stage 3 boss. I don't know much of her, but there is Unzan too, which you can see in some pics.

This one was really hard to do. I had to rewrite lots of things because it was getting too much insane to code a boss with the library standard I created for Nazrin. This one is more based on Danmakufu's shoot functions, which is a program that lets you create your own danmaku (touhou) games.

Unzan is layer 2, so I had to replace some spell cards with a animated gradient (more or less this) and make the background change dynamically. Also depending on scene, up of 96 bullets can appear on screen.

Anyway, I hope you guys like. It was really difficult to do, but I'm happy with the results. Aside from a few tweaks, difficult change and fixes, the boss is done.

Edit: Apparently I'm with a problem on my hand, so I don't know if I'll able to code anything for next weeks, so that is all for now.

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Double post :<

Though my hand is still hurting from my exhaustive programming, I'm thinking on implementing spellcards for Mario.

It'd be pretty rare (or expensive) B cards where stays on item box and when you press select the spell card is activated, generating e.g huge powered star that takes huge damage to all sprites and bosses on screen? What do you guys think?

For now, I'm planning a star spell card since I already have the windowing set for drawing a star. It would be the most powerful one.

On a site note, did I do something wrong with Ichirin to I don't even a single comment? :<
You know, I taken weeks working on this (even that my right hand is hurting for 2 days after I finished) and it's really frustrating and demotivating to don't get anything from here. I understand it's hard to say something from a (touhou) boss or... images(?), but... aw. At least tell what's wrong or something.

If it's the lack of ZSNES support, please tell it now and I'll restore or if it's something awful from Touhou Mario 1 that is not good, tell too and I'll do the possible to don't happen with 2 too.

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The problem is it's too awesome

I don't really have anything to say about the boss to be honest, though I have a suggestion regardless of the whole Hit Box issue: in the regular Touhou Games, there is usually a dot in the middle of the player that pretty much tells you that "hey, this dot in the middle of you shouldn't be hit by anything! Just sayin'." Wouldn't that work really well for Mario's hit box when he's in a boss arena? Not only will he be a smaller target, but it'll make the bosses a lot less annoying.

Also the power of Spell Cards for Mario sounds like a really good idea! It'll definitely help you when you're in a tough spot.

Are you an ASM coder and want to trade "resources"? Private Message me for details.
(I also offer SMW Custom Songs in exchange for ASM! I don't do ports though unless it's to remix.)

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Personally, I find it hard to comment on stuff like this, because I don't feel like I'm worthy of judging something so great.

This problem is big on my end because I don't feel worthy of judging ANY hack, but maybe some people have the same problem to some low extent?

I mean, I don't feel like I can comment because I can't even make a simple static sprite appear on screen without days and days of raging, until at some point it starts working. So, who am I to judge a boss that not only EXISTS, but is also F*CKING AWESOME and can use the SA-1's power farther than just faster processing?

And that spellcard idea is pretty cool.

Just... Just make sure you don't run out of freespace. Please.
Yeah, I don't have much to say specifically on those static images :P though I respect your hard work on this. Movement pattern is crucial for danmaku, and I'd like to watch your pattern which might be arranged for the platformer. But I'm sure you don't want to reveal too much before release. Judging from the screenshots, I think reproduction seems to be done quite well. Just I feel Unzan's fist is relatively small compared to his face. I expect full of energy and powerful action from Unzan. Ichirin is just a component of the true main boss haha. Anyway impressive job!

I wonder if there's a way to draw laser or simple lines in SNES without using OAM. Because there exists something like Mario Paint, maybe it would be possible theoretically? I don't know.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Touhou Mario 2

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