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Who inspires you here at SMW Central?

Is there any member here that inspires you? How?

For me, I have 3 Inspirations here. The first one, I must say, is Everest. He has inspired me to become the best ROM Hacker i could be. Another member who inspires me here, is Aj6666. Aj is the kinda guy who will always have your back, and always stick up for what's right no matter what the senario. And last but not least, Kieran. He had such a little idea, and he didn't even know anything about hacking. But he set his mind to it, and it turned out to be this huge sensation! He inspires me to chase my ideas and goals.
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worldpeace-pretty much the reason I started Kaizo hacking SMW in the first place. I was so fascinated by his C|C levels, especially Forky. This fascination with Forky is pretty much why I made the final stage in my first 2 Kaizo hacks so much harder than the previous stages as well as having a handful of similarities (and maybe trying to top Forky since I didn't think anything could top it). I've even lost sleep thinking about what could possibly be next (I kid you not). Since Hertz Donut, I have since strayed away from that and will mainly focus on making Kaizo final levels insanely creative and epic, not necessarily trying too hard to be the hardest. Also one of my main inspirations for levels that are perfectly fair but with a slight Kaizo philosophy.
FrankyC253-inspires me to make insane Yoshi's Island levels (whenever I'm in the mood). What worldpeace is to SMW Kaizo, FrankyC253 seems to be with YI Kaizo. Not quite as fascinated as I was with C|C but they're still pretty fun to watch. Also helped reinforce my belief that listening to music while doing tasks increases my mood.
Botcrazy-for a short time, inspired me to wanna learn porting. I never took the time to get good at it tho and I have since lost interest.
Archie-another inspiration for making insane Yoshi's Island levels. Also thinks of insanely creative ideas.
notgoodwithusernames-One of my main inspirations for making custom Portal 2 chambers and levels that are perfectly fair but with a slight Kaizo philosophy.
TLMB-the one who started last year's Yoshi's Island design contest. Without him/her, I might not have even thought about hacking Yoshi's Island.
anyone who's left or gone inactive-made me realize that I shouldn't feel enslaved by this site or SMW hacking and that I should be more in control of my destiny. Moderation is key. Unfortunately even if I feel enslaved, I find myself on here too often.
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S.N.N. inspired me to stop being an ironic cunt-nugget all the time.

CrispyYoshi and Jimmay taught me how to port (and I guess made me want to learn in the first place).

Uhrix inspired me to start looking at levels from the perspective of gameplay and not shitty ascetics.

Zmann inspired me with his washed out but still colorful palettes.
I have a few:

worldpeace- That guy is the one who inspired me to begin Kaizo hacking. On my first years of hacking, some levels may look either inspired, or the ideas are taken from his C|C levels, but other than that, my levels of today are pretty much original.
Sokobansolver- One of the people that make me feel more motivated about Kaizo hacks. I felt guilty about how some of my levels did look a lot like his levels, like on Faceplant, but after some complaints, especially from Botcrazy, I stopped doing that, and thought of my own ideas from there on.
Koopster- one of the many people who inspired me to make my English better and to be a expert. During my later days I felt guilty about how I stalked him with some of my avatars and posts, and he even got angry about it and told me to stop, but now I don't do that anymore, since I dislike annoying him.
Sokobansolver, Archie & KY2010 These 3 guys have inspired me to make/create Nearly good Kaizo hacks. Also pretty fun to talk to on IRC.

Koopster He's also a pretty cool guy, Talking to him is also pretty fun.

Core/BeniBod, 757, Carol, Homing, Yuga etc. These guys are pretty much in-active but, were pretty cool. Core/BeniBod was a pretty helpful person.

ShadowPhoenix How can i miss her? She's a really great hacker, friend and supporter at all times no matter what you're going through.

Everest He's an extremely helpful user here. He has a wide knowledge of what SMW Hacking is. He'll help you in your hacking needs, Don't know if he's learning ASM or not, But he can give you a hand.

Everyone in the Spanish sub-forum / Fortaleza Reznor Oh man~! Are these guys fun to be with! if you can speak spanish :(

Everyone on #radbusiness, #hyperpower and #radbusiness You guys are great :) Whenever i feel like doing something random, I just go to the IRC and voila!
Alcaro, MarioE and Vitor Vilela for most. I'm quite amazed by their vast knowledge of ASM and everything related to it. Not to mention the help I'm receiving from them ^^.

There are many other members I like as they are fun to talk too, but I wouldn't consider "inspiring". Unless maybe in a "have more fun" way.
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Everest/JacktheSpades/Koopster-for their wonderful help in the general hacking forum.

Ladida-for his excellent knowledge.

Qwholl-for testing my hack.

and last, but not least:
Kieran for making this site! #smw{^_^}
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Undy - Level design/Graphic

Alcaro/SNN - Whenever I see their name, I think before I post.
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Kieran, for making this site of course,
Romi, for the awesomeness of thousands of tools he gave us, and
Sokobansolver, for being the best kaizo hacker I have ever seen up to date. I hope I will get as good as he is.
People like FPI, S.N.N., AxemJinx, and Supertails who made wonderful hacks that inspire me to make my own (I guess I never asked for help for anything on SMW hacking).
*Crap* I forgot JackTheSpades! :O
Worldpeace, Incognito, and Underway are the first three that come to mind.

olg72hjfgir57eugh or whatever his name is (not on smwc but who cares)

before they died inside:
slash man

or just went inactive:
757 (i started using GAIN more because of this post)
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Most of the guys in #serioushax aka Alcaro, Roy, MarioE, Ladida, Jimmynumbers etc.

My biggest inspiration was by FPI and his amazingnessly good hacking skills. Also Anikiti for frustratingly challenging but entertaining level design.
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Originally posted by cypher
Anikiti for frustratingly challenging but entertaining level design.

This exactly. I still wish he was around making Mario X World 5th.

Originally posted by Ruberjig
Undy - Level design/Graphic

This too, but more for how he uses graphics better than almost anyone else could these days. He's also an example of a good SMW hacker who should be a huge inspiration because he's well aware that his level design and how his levels actually play could be improved. I also don't ever recall seeing him make a full length hack.
I could list a lot of people here, but my biggest influence, if he even goes here anymore, is DarthRiko. He pointed out to me what NOT to do in a SMW Romhack, and being an overall good mentor to me when it came to that subject.


I mostly aim to be solo, but when I look for inspiration I usually think of people like Archie, Sokobansolver, HoorayForJay and others. Also, because I can't port, I just use the skillz of those who can.
...You know, that's a good question. I don't think anyone here has ever really inspired me, except maybe BMF. The original version of his hack...well, basically the whole reason I got into ASM. First I wanted to do what he did, then found out I COULD, then found out I could do better. Heh...

but other than that I wouldn't say anyone's really been inspiration to me at all
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