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That Favorite Game When You Were Young...
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What was your most favorite game when you were around 1 - 5 years old?

My favorite game was surprise, surprise, Super Mario World. Unfortunatly, my friend owned the game, and I don't go to his house often. There was some kind of saving problem on his snes, so we had to start over all the time. The even badder part was that his snes broke, so we couldn't play it anymore. Over the years, I was reminded of super Mario world, and was just wanting to play that game. Then In 2010, I discovered this site and lunar magic. I couldn't be any closer to super Mario world now. My friend doesn't even have a clue that I am doing all this stuff with super Mario world.


I don't think I played video games that young, but the first one I remember really having fun with was Donkey Kong Country 1.

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Again, not that young, but mine was Sonic 3 and Knuckles, definitely. I already liked the 2 individual games, but the linked game was the ultimate experience. I still consider it an excellent game, but it isn't my favorite anymore. (That would be Cave Story or EoSD, btw.)
Oh man~ Playing Jak and Daxter... Really fun game, For those who haven't played this game, Go play it right now.
Mario Kart Double Dash. My first game on home console and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I was soon sucked into it. Ditto F-Zero GX.

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Rayman 1, Crash Bandicoot and Pokemon Yellow were the games of my childhood. Good Times.
I used to enjoy Super Mario Bros 1 for NES until I got Super Mario World for SNES. Besides those, a few other games for SNES which I can barely remember about lol.
I remember getting my GBA at my 5th or 6th birthday with Super Mario Kart. I didn't get too many other games for it, so it was one I probably spent the most time with.

My absolute favorite still is Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Got that a little later, though, but it was great fun and I almost feel like getting another GBA with it right now.
Not that young for me as well, but I have played Super Mario Bros 1 and Super Mario Kart. These are the only games I can remember off the top of my head.
Jak and Daxter! Ah, good memories. Except for the spider cave. That part of the game was just...shudder...

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quite a few:

1. super mario world-always wanted to play this since i was born.

2. super mario kart-fun and difficult.

3. pokemon blue-for gameboy and my favorite game to this day.

4. super mario rpg-favorite role playing game ever!

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Easily Pokémon silver, which I had to play on my sister's GBA because I didn't have one. I remember I was distraught after I had been playing for a few hours and got a bunch of progress, only for me to drop the GBA and make the game crash.
Originally posted by mathelete
Jak and Daxter! Ah, good memories. Except for the spider cave. That part of the game was just...shudder...

It was a complete pain in the ass to beat that part 100% To start off, I was dark. Second, There is like a lot of rooms an it's pretty easy to get lost, Plus getting the Precursor orbs... Damn!

Also playing Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle. These 2 games were and still are pretty fucking amazing! I'll never regret ever buying these games! They made my childhood.
The only game I owned between the ages of 5 and 12 was Diddy Kong Racing.

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I didn't had only one favourite game, There are Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars- Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie and Donkey Kong Country 3 & 64. That were my favourite games, I think :)
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In my younger days, I had problems with videogames because I couldn't play them as often as I wanted.

The first game I finished (which I always remember warmly) was Yoshi's Island.

By the way, there it started my fan for yoshis, and it still exists.


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Yoshi's Island carries so many memories for me. Back in the day of its release, the Internet wasn't prominent so I had no idea what the game actually looked like. All I saw was the "Super Mario World 2" title tacked on to the box and it was an instant request on my Christmas list of 1995. Days before Christmas, I snuck into the basement where all our gifts were stashed. I saw an SNES game box shaped item with my name on it. Just had to know if it was Yoshi's Island. I teared a very small piece of the wrapping paper, which just so happened to be right over the egg in the "Yoshi's Island" title. I rejoiced. On Christmas Eve, my cousin gave me another copy of the game, so come Christmas Day I had two copies.

At first I was quite surprised that the game was very different from the original Super Mario World, but grew to love it even more. It took me almost two years to 100% it. My parents used to only let me play on the weekends during the school year, plus the game was pretty challenging for me at the time, so I would sometimes spend days or weeks trying to beat one level. In particular, I remember it took me so long to unlock Extra 1, because of those four deviously hidden red coins in 1-7. I must've searched all over that damn level for weeks, before miraculously jumping on that lone log to reveal that hidden spring ball. That game was so unpredictable and evil at times that it would just randomly through curve balls at you like that.

I've played plenty of platformers before and after that, but nothing quite matches the quality of level design and creativity of Yoshi's Island in my book.
The first game I ever played was, surprise, Super Mario World. After that my older brother showed me the first Kingdom Hearts game, and from then on I was hooked. But my favorite game when I was young, I'd have to say it was Kingdom Hearts 2. But now, my favorite game is a tie between Paper Mario Sticker Star and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.
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