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SMW Hack Discussion Forum Rules. (Read before posting)

Link Thread Closed
Welcome to SMW Hack Discussion. The purpose of this forum is to discuss about aspects of SMW hacking such as level design, hacking styles, etc. Please read the following rules before posting here.

  1. This forum is not to ask for help
    If you need help about anything regarding SMW hacking, please ask here or look for a tutorial here or here.

  2. Please use the existing stickied threads when possible
    We have several sticked threads in this forum for different purposes, if you're going to make a new thread, you should first make sure it's not something that can fit in one of the stickies. Please avoid cluttering the forum.

  3. Don't make request threads
    A request thread is a thread asking people to do something for you. We don't want these kind of threads in the forum because we want our userbase to be productive and learn to make their own stuff.

  4. No "what's the worst X?" threads
    These threads usually generate drama and conflict. Please refrain from creating them.
Link Thread Closed