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The Hack Assistance Thread 2.0
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Anyone have the 100% save file (.srm) for this hack please ?
Originally posted by Conal
That hack was rejected. I've played it and honestly, it's largely unfinished and buggy, even if it says (Final Version). You're not missing out on much at this point.
[useless image]

tahix edit: irrelevant image removed.
Do not derail threads with useless images. I directed you here to ask questions about the hacks you're looking to play, not for that.
this is like a grandma typing her searches into the facebook status bar

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1337doom, can we please keep this thread back on topic and not reply to spam etc in the future? Thank you.

Carry on with your Hack Assistance everyone #tb{^V^}
looking for a hack? there is alevel where charging chuck and mario finish the game on the flagpole in a small moving box and mario has either a key or a p switch on him the flagpole is a checkpoint i think? what game you guys think?
Looks like you didn't read the PM I sent you the last time you asked about that (and now you're subsequently spamming the forums... #ab{>_>}), so I'll reiterate here:

When people play a hack, typically the main thing they're taking away from it is how much fun they had in the hack, or perhaps a few key concepts from it that made it particularly enjoyable to them. Unless it's a hack they've played countless times and memorized by heart, most people aren't going to know exactly what hack you're trying to find based on a brief description of an extremely specific part of a specific level.

I will say though, the fact that you don't remember much about it aside from these minor off-hand details gives me the impression that you weren't that huge of a fan of it either. Instead of trying to find a hack that you saw on Youtube once years ago (as you told me in PM), why not just play any of the other outstanding hacks in the sections here, if you're just looking to have a good time?

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this is what it looks like but i saw the game on you tube and i played alot of these hacks i even serached them one by one and cant find it anymore that was yesterday i saw the hack and i got the hack from SWM Hack link on the right side of the screen i searched all the hacks even the ones that only have 11 levels in them. i need to play it im a fan
Wouldn't you have better luck trying to find the youtube video instead

Very very very shortly, this drab, workaday world and everything in it will be changed forever! Follow us into the golden country, into the empire of the senseless!
Hello, I'm trying to complete Super Mario Bros. The Hunt For The Magical Key. I beat World
, but it just completes a circle back to World
. There didn't seem to be anything overly special with World
, and I seem to be done with the game. What? Is that REALLY the end of the game? But it's so anti climatic! There HAS to be more to the game! I've gotten 100 exits, but the hack's page says that there are 120 exits. I don't know what to do now. What am I supposed to do now?

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Hi, I am trying to find a good modern (2015 onward) hack to play. Neat ideas, super polished and about the same difficulty as DW TLC.

I played jump a little so count that out.

Really appreciate your suggestions.

Hi, let's see if someone can help me. I'm currently playing Invictus, Kaizo hack by Juzcook, at Lake Bodom stage.

I'm having problems with the grab block before the midpoint (or more accurately, by the Torpedo Teds, I don't know if there are more afterwards). I want to know a consistent way to throw it and clear the path. Most of the times I get there, the block just breaks in the narrow corridor. I'm not having much of a problem with the rest of the stage, so it's just infuriating being stuck there.

I hope I made myself clear enough with the explanation, and thanks to anyone that can help!
Seems to be the best place to ask this question...has anyone ever made a Mario World hack that replaces Mario with Luigi, possibly with the updated sprites from the GBA version?
I want to restore and fix old smw hacks that don't work on modern emulators like ball of revenge and the big boo gang hacks that were rejected or had many flaws because emulators were not that good back then and I think they should be restored and give another chance for them to shine there are so many old hacks that were rejected back in smwcentral early days because emulators were still new and rom hacking wasn't as advanced as they are now
If you truly want to tackle fixing them, there's Zandro's catalog of nearly every single SMW hack in existance here. tho I'm not sure if that's a good idea since we moved on and we upgraded to different tools now. And most authors are inactive in the long run.

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so what tools can and should I use I never submitted a hack before should I use lunar magic to fix a lot of the old hacks and what else?
What are you planning to fix exactly? Music? Or what else? You use AMK if that's the case, but watch out for unexpected crashes since as I said some hacks accounted for ancient tools back then (speaking from my own experience).

Also, you might want to contact the author if they're active so you can begin the fixing process, if not... won't be worth the effort.

There was a remoderation back then that fixed hacks not working on modern emulators, which were later appropriately tagged with "fixme".

A beautiful wish. But there will be no future. Not for you.
for old hacks that crash how would I make them crashproof?
Well, AMK erases old AM4 data easily, but if you happen to run into a crash anyway, you might have to do some tweaking somewhere. Look for a new version of the music or ask around if need be.

A beautiful wish. But there will be no future. Not for you.
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