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That one place you don't want return again in your life

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A "city" where most of my childhood memories are from, I never want to return there because it's basically filled with people I don't like now,
It's size is not even 1km.

Personally hate saying this since that's where my grandmother's grave is.
The neighborhood to the south of where I live; there's a bunch of people living there that I don't ever want to see again.
Middle School. Enough said from me.

Also, Las Vegas. I got lost, got a flat tire, got pulled over by police, forgot my license at my cousins house, and took 4 hours to get home :p
Vegas. People there are SO RUDE. Also the drivers are always in a rush and because I'm from California they think they're ENTITLED or something.

Everybody's in a rush to go home and sit on their fat butts and do nothin'.

Besides.... I can think of SOOO many better ways to waste my money and calories.

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My middle school. Got treated like shit, treated everyone like shit, and wasted my life in classes too dumb for my level of academics.
Compton California, totally ghetto, crime infested, etc

Death Valley California, had to go there one summer with my brother, second hottest place on earth apparently, it was 55C/132F out when I went

Tijuana Mexico, I have family down thereand its close but every time I try to come back I'm held up at the border because im mexican, they cant tell that im american by my accent I guess so I undergo a bunch of nonsense to get back, takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 6 hours
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Belgium. Well of course, every Dutch guy hates Belgium.

Originally posted by MarioGamer125
This one isn't really a place but...watching "Cupcakes HD" on YouTube.

Cupcakes is scary Cupcakes is scary Cupcakes is scary Its not scary its more discusting and i watched it 15 times.

One place I don't want to return, huh? Well, I have 2, but I might edit this.

My high school in which I am currently attending. The smell is really ugly, and it brings me bad memories, even though I didn't have any. The teachers, the atmosphere, everything about it. It makes me not want to go to school. If I had something else... sure, I would so go.

There was one restaurant that I went to called Mercado Juarez. It's a Mexican restaurant that serves... well duh. It sucked. Everything was old, the food was bad, and the bad food took forever, like 1 hour or more, and it was just a party of 4! I don't wait an hour for my food. Bad thing was, a friend of mine actually liked that place, and my family was thinking "Nope". Because my family goes to such cool restaurants, I thought I might show my friend what food really tastes like.

So yeah, those are places where I don't want to go. Will edit if I think of something else.
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Public School
Originally posted by Lavir
My middle school. Got treated like shit, treated everyone like shit, and wasted my life in classes too dumb for my level of academics.

Similar thing, but with Primary School. It got better in Middle School.
My all time low in my depression-state. I never want to hit it again.
Elementary School. I was bullied, harassed, and treated like a total jack ass there.
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Wow a weird guy bumbed that old thread saying that "cupcakes is scary" and now everyone is posting so..

The place where I won't return again is probably that city which you don't know. I past the worst days of my life here, now I'm away and I won't return. That's all.
Greensburg, Kansas. My family and I drove through the city about a year after it was obliterated by an EF5 tornado in 2007. Almost all of the structures in town were trailers, since everything had been wiped out, and all of the trees looked gnarled and scrubby. I had experienced severe thunderstorms before (they're especially nasty in Colorado where I grew up), but I had never really seen the carnage a tornado can create. Being there felt very unsettling and I don't want to go back.

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