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Random Event-Tile Problem on the Overworld

Hello, my problem is, that in my wip hack sometimes the overworld events glitch and produce random pieces of black/other tiles.
This doesn't happen every time, only once every while.
Also I doesn't happen after every level, I only happend by two levels.
If it helps you to make a suggestion about my problem:
the first level, where it happens is ended by the levelender when no sprites are on the screen.
The second level is with a normal smw exit.

I'm totally helpless, so I would be very thankful for any answer.

(also i could get any images because I forgot when it happend and now...i couldn't get it to NOT work :D)
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Did you make your own title screen movie? If so you may have forgotten to uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM.
Here is a step by step tutorial again
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oh that could be... thanks i'll try it out and if it happens again i'll post a new reply or a new thread.
Because i'll not see if it is solved ;D
Thank you very much
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