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Designing the Worst Internet User.

All right, so the Internet has brought us kicking and screaming into an age when the world is at our fingertips. It's amazing, it's wonderful, it's the best thing since sliced bread!

But some of the people who use the Internet are God-awful. Sorry, but some of them really are.

Let's work together to put every personality trait and posting style and annoying Internet habit into one single user. Literally speaking, we're all going to play a game in which we design the most intolerable Internet dweller that will ever exist.

No racial slurs, no directly referencing SMWC members by name or painfully obvious allusion (e.g. "The guy needs to be Arbetastic!"), and no mental disorders (Autism, Asperger's, Schizophrenia, etc.). And no language barrier jokes. Otherwise, let's all go nuts!

I'll get things started:

- The user spells everything wrong and uses bad grammar on purpose. He knows perfectly well how to write, but he's writing bad on purpose because he thinks it's cool.

- The user views random YouTube videos just so that he can beg for subscriptions to his channel in the comments.

- The user has a blog, but instead of actually trying to write, he just copy/pastes text from Wikipedia. Oddly enough, the user also trolls Wikipedia for no better reason than because he feels like it.

- The user also pretends to be the opposite sex, for the attention and not because he has a genuine desire to be a woman.

- The user doesn't tolerate criticism well. In fact, anything perceived as criticism is met with rage, and anything more than that is met with ragequitting.

What else can we add to this truly great user?
- Uploads Youtube vids that have misleading thumbnails and titles to get views.

- Always puts downloads that are infected with viruses.

- Makes immature jokes.
-Copies the style of others in an obviuos manner.
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**Layout by Erik557

-The User Talks Like This When Trying To Speak Normal English.
(like in the first post, he thinks it's cool)

-He gets extremely excited over small, obvious things and spams comment sections with them.
Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
-He makes horrible Sonic OC's
- Curses like a marine because all the cool kids are doing it.
he doesn't contribute to threads

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Originally posted by Newhacker

Then he can't spam and curse and post horrid Sonic recolours.

-His post layout is eye-searing and he refuses to change it.
-He has a rereg army.
Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
He uses old and overused jokes about pop artists (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kesha, One Direction, etc).

He brags about how he has "many girlfriends" and "gets laid all the time" (note that this would be on the sites that he DOESN'T pretend to be a woman)

He insults others by telling them that they "have never gotten laid"

He submits shitty content after it has been rejected numerous times.

He uses racist and homophobic slurs as insults.
don't click this link...
He hack's other people's accounts and turns their account into a replica of his account.

He asks to be an admin 50 times a day to each mod, and when they say yes, he says he changed his mind, then the next day, he repeats the same thing.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
If somebody disagrees with his views/beliefs, they are instantly a troll.
-Extreme overuse of internet memes.
-Thinks he is the best in the world and loves to show off.

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
|-|3 5p34k5 1|\| 1|\|(0|\/|pr3|-|3|\|(1bl3 1337.

He speaks in incomprehensible leet.
-All his posts are deliberately misspelled so bad that they make all the terrible fanfics on look like they were written by a graduate student majoring in English
-Starts an abortion thread just to get views
-Uses the reality corner (or any equivalent thread on any other site) to post black comedy
-Reads "internet backdraft" or "Gannon Banned" on TvTropes and uses it as an instruction manual
-Bumps threads that are from 2007 or before just to link to pirated software or malware.
-Deletes any comments that he disagrees with.
-Deletes comments that are constructive criticism.
-Blocks users who post constructive criticism.
-Grabs images from Google Image search, slightly edits them in MS Paint, and posts them to Deviant Art.
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Don't know if this was said before, but...

Refuses to accept anyone else's ideas/beliefs/thoughts/etc. but forces his on others.

My YouTube username is DTE225.
- Makes awful Youtube Poops.

- If he makes a video that he's proud of he'll keep on bragging on how good it is.

- He spams his post will Yolo and Swag because he thinks he's cool for putting it.

- He tries to be a grammar nazi but he fails at it.

- He likes to plagiarize sites.

- He likes stuff that he makes just because it was made by him.
She makes sure that everybody is aware of her existence.
-Loves lolis.

1. Always insults people because of the avatar they use.
2. Flames users who like something out of the ordinary (i.e MLP, Touhou, anime, etc.)
3. If something he submits is declined, he flames the mod who rejected it.
4. Always addresses those who disagree with him as "sir", out of spite.
5. Does bad copypastas like Gorilla Warfare
6. Puts garbage in his bio.
7. Spams YT videos with completely unrelated comments.
8. Comments on X people who disliked the video.
9. Makes hacks with deliberately bad palettes.
10. Intentionally posts crappy threads in the completely wrong forum.
Your layout has been removed.
bit late, but
Originally posted by Falconpunch
He asks to be an admin 50 times a day to each mod, and when they say yes, he says he changed his mind, then the next day, he repeats the same thing.

He asks to be an admin 50 times a day to each mod, and when they say yes,

and when they say yes,


-says they're leaving forever but still visits consistently without logging off
-says they're leaving forever and then comes back a year later saying they changed their mind
-likes ylvis
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