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Designing the Worst Internet User.

- doesn't know how to use proper grammar.
- MB890speak, nuff said. extreme overuse of engrish.
- trolling people into harlequin-type ichy-thingy or screamer prank (nope. don't look for that, and those thing are hideous)
Originally posted by Pokeymeister80
- MB890speak, nuff said.

Originally posted by THE RULES OF THIS DANG THREAD
no directly referencing SMWC members by name or painfully obvious allusion

so ur gust but hert cuz he tipd rong

He types like I just did.
My bad! I'd more than sorry for that!
-Finds sad/shocking videos, downloads them, and reuploads them with Yackety Sax music
-Posts inflammatory/bigoted/spam comments, creates many fake accounts, and upvotes his comment on each one until it gets top comment
-Subscribes to users just to be the first to dislike their new videos
Originally posted by The Secret Exit
Keep in mind that he's so appalling that administrators would create accounts with his credentials just to ban him preemptively.

He's so appalling he's preemptively IP banned from Omegle! Back when it was more of a wretched hive than it is (if that's possible).
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Typing Like This
Why Does Typing Like This Annoy You Guys?
ask me about my VASTLY SUPERIOR music taste and style~
Why aren't you dead yet?
Your layout has been removed.
- types like this and doesnt spell or capitalize corectlly
- Types Like This
- Trolls
- Intentionally breaks the rules of sites just to piss people off
- Threatens people on YouTube including me with bodily harm for no reason whatsoever (Probably the same as a troll, though)
- Breaks the law
Also posts things that a noob does and really does it in the same sentence.
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-Incorrigible attitude.
-Post nothing but constant whining how bad user is.
-Subscribe Youtube channel for nothing but dislike video.
Oh I have a great one.

Posts things like "This thread sucks and isn't going to last long" because s/he thinks it's going to make him look 'cool', especially if that thread does end up getting closed.
As do I.

When s/he makes a contest, s/he rigs it. Not only that, s/he makes the contest really complicated so people would have to work for 1 month just to complete their entry, only to find out that nobody wins and s/he says "trololololol everyone disqualified the winner is me congratulate me".
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Originally posted by leod
Why aren't you dead yet?

ask me about my VASTLY SUPERIOR music taste and style~
Originally posted by Newhacker
Why Does Typing Like This Annoy You Guys?

because it's difficult to read and looks weird. it is also amateur writing. typing in all lowercase looks much better (Than This).

also, i'm a grammar-happy person, so seeing silly writing just ticks me off. even i blame myself when i make a silly mistake.
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Originally posted by mario and luigi
i'm a grammar-happy person


- He makes references to deliberately mentions things that tick people off like or Cupcakes [don't ask].
- He discriminates against someone because it's cool these days.
- Makes his own spin on MARIO by M A R I O.
- Says "im guna kil u" even though he can't have any way of doing so.
- Throws swears around like candy.
Says bad words here like it is right to do -_-
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