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Super Mario World: Corrupt Memories


One day Mario and Luigi found some strange ruins and decided to go explore them. Inside, they found a decrepit machine that looked like it would fall apart at any moment. While examining this machine, Luigi tripped and slammed into a control panel, accidentally pressing a conveniently-placed button. The machine whirred to life, and in a flash of light, Luigi disappeared. Fearful for his brother's safety, Mario pressed the button to follow. The machine zapped him and he found himself in a strange land. Luigi was fortunately unharmed, but as they took in their environment, they realized that it seemed somehow familiar.

Unbeknownst to the brothers, the machine was capable of recreating someone's memories and allowing them to be relived. However, as the machine was rusted and falling apart, something went haywire and screwed up the memory of their vacation to Dinosaur Land. The only way to escape this corrupted memory and get back to the real world is to relive the memory.

-Fair difficulty, a bit harder than the original SMW but shouldn't be too much
-Redesigned levels based off of the originals, meant to feel familiar yet different
-Custom overworld reminiscent of the original yet with its own twists (currently unfinished, please ignore any remnants of the SMW overworld)
-Custom music (all was taken from the Music section of Super Mario World Central, credit where credit is due)
-Minor graphics editing

NOTE: If you play the hack in Snes9x, there is a slight issue with the custom music. At the beginning of the track there might be a short static-like sound. I'm not sure how to fix this, I believe it's an issue with the echo effect. It doesn't seem to happen on ZSNES, so just be forewarned if you prefer Snes9x.

Please enjoy, and any feedback would be appreciated. Special thanks to HackerOfTheLegend for beta testing and giving advice.

As of Beta 3, the last finished level is Castle #2. World 3's map and events have been made, but the levels themselves are not changed except for music.


DOWNLOAD (apply patch to a headered U rom):
Your OW is square, Try adding more decoration to it.
Not bad although there isn't much to say about other than the level design seems fine and the overworld is quite blocky.
Originally posted by me in a previous thread
I'm surprised nobody noticed the perspective errors on the overworld.

Oh by the way, I like your storyline, it kinda reminds me of Harry Potter.

Layout base code by Tahixham
pm me if you want to know what my location stands for.
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Minor update released, spruces up the overworld some. I added more decoration, rounded off a bunch of the corners to make them look less square-like, and cleaned up some of the paths, most notably the path between Yoshi's Island 4 and Iggy's Castle and between the Ghost House and Donut Plains 3.

As a side note, did any of you guys find the secrets hidden at the beginning of a bunch of the levels? :P
Well, I didn't have time to play it. Oh by the way, did you correct the perspective errors?
Use this if you require help.

Layout base code by Tahixham
pm me if you want to know what my location stands for.
No of users who have asked me: 3
It's been a while since I posted, I've been juggling this hack with other life stuff. I've finished up World 2 and the overworld of World 3, but none of World 3's levels are done yet, except for the music.

I've also fixed up the overworld a bit, hopefully I corrected the aforementioned perspective errors.

Lastly, I clarified some information in the first post and added more screenshots.
Idea: Maybe have the same layout as the old levels, yet have even harder obstacles, enemies and bosses.
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Messing with the enemies and bosses requires ASM hacking, which I can't do. It's a cool idea, but it would be better saved for a different hack that's meant to be a harder version of the original. This one is meant to be about the same difficulty, so that idea doesn't exactly work.
This hack looks good so fare can't what to see more.
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