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Your Very First SMW Hack
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I created my first hack in '05 I guess, which is called mario's shitworld. It has 42 exits, is similar to the old SMW and has almost all errors there are. There are some neat ideas level design-wise, though.

Download link

I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is pretty much dead. So am I on SMWCentral.

My first hack was a few worlds of crap until I decided to improve my level design. I think it was called "Mario's Mad Adventure" or something like that.
I've still had it for a while. Click here if you want to shorten your lifespan by 20 years. Some, no, a lot of the grammar is very, very bad because I let my at-the-time-first-grade little sister type the messages for a reason I now forgot.
Your first wasn't as bad as I thought it be. HOTL. It's probably better then my first hack.
So yeah, That image was my first "hack". Back then i didn't really know how to use LM, I randomly pressed buttons like almost everyone who started with LM, I didn't know how to insert GFX/GFX, So i got the 3BPP warning and this happened.
There's a Ship of Theseus paradox going on with my own hack, as it has technically been in continual development over 6 or so years, with varying levels of motivation and efficiency. I've never stopped development on it and started anew, but I have changed design philosophies and plots a few times over the years. I suppose if one is willing to consider this the difference between a first hack and all others, then I'd be happy to acknowledge that my first hack sucked, and was totally dumb.

Essentially, it had a minimally changed map, and the levels were rather shoddily made. I don't have a copy of this, but I did submit it to this site before the great wipe, and nobody liked it.


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
my first hack consisted of a whole 3 levels with 4 exits, and a completely terrible overworld. I lost the hack when my computer crashed, and never really bothered to extract the files (was busy and had nothing extremely important on it). I remember loving one of my levels though. It was a sort of mountain climb with several sections. Each section had a custom pallete that would shift gradually from green and forested to barren brown and white every time you took a pipe to the next part. Also a ghost house with black boo's that you could barely see (ya I did that), and the secret exit made you spin jump off of a series of three boos. Never really made a hack after that, but I am really tempted to try to start another one.

Hey, I am a new face around here and I want to make a good first impression.

If you want a hack play tested or reviewed please send me a PM
Currently Reviewing: nothing
I made one as a kid but the first official one sucked A.
The WYE made a report of it and I read it from time to time to remind myself of what NOT to do. If you're interested: Link

Gee, I'm not even done my first hack. But I'm somewhat close to it being done.
Shhh I'm your subconscious...
For the ones who doesn't know, this is my first (and only) hack. It's not preatty looking, but I'm sure is fairly not a bad game.


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
As far I know, my first hack was created somewhere in '04 or '05. It was very bad actually... It had lots of blatant edits, some cutoff and palette issues... the design wasn't good, the whole hack just looked... ugly.

Next I forgot about LM, when my computer has been formatted, and my whole work just got the hell outta here. I noticed SMWC in '09 and I've returned to SMW hacking again (the first LM I downloaded was on FuSoYa's site). It was called "SMW: Lost Levels". Yep, not a very creative name... nevermind. It was a bit better, but it still had some cutoff and palette issues. I was very dumb and I didn't event know, something like Custom Palettes does even exist. I'm not really sure, but maybe I've that hack somewhere in my hacking stuff...

And a fun fact: I did TONS of hacks and none of them was even complete. I hope I'll complete my current project. D:
I don't understand a single thing about making a SMW hack.

I think back when I was about 10, I was bored so I launched Lunar Magic , got a random tile and put the word ''poep''(dutch for poo, I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking back than) between mario and world.
Than I put a bunch of random shit in the first level, Which was pretty much the most awful I've ever seen in my entire life. I don't even think you could finnish it.
I made my first hack when I was 13... I actually did finish it, but that ROM is long gone. Not really worth it anyways, it was basically just minor and bad edits, the levels I did make myself were pretty straight forward, repetitive, and boring... I also remember them having a lot of purple water. And those black piranha plant thingies. I don't remember what it was called, I remember submitting it here though, but I never checked to see if it was actually ever put in (I severely doubt it).

This was in 2007... It would be funny if I browsed the SMW hacks section and found it on there. :P
My first hack was one I made a few years ago. As far as first hacks go it was maybe better than average (no blatant cutoff or floating munchers or anything like that, probably because I made it quite a while after I got lunar magic, my first "levels" were TERRIBLE). It used a lot of custom tilesets and had a custom overworld (albeit a rather bland and blocky one with no events because I couldn't get them to work). The levels as I recall were fairly short, repetitive and straightforward. Also all the castles were just single rooms with powerups and a boss door for some reason. I never released it to SMW central and it may have gotten accidentally erased when I switched computers.#ab{;_;}

I later tried to make a second hack which had a more complex plot involving Mario getting stuck in another world or something (it even had cutscenes!). I don't know what happened to it except I just sorta forgot about it and it disappeared.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
I made a crappier version of "Super Evil World"... and the original Super Evil World was already kinda cutoff-y. I can't find my true first hack, though, but this is my second "test hack".

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

The one I'm still working on, and for its first month of existence it was your standard newbie's first attempt at hacking, complete with barely edited levels and all.

I wish I had a copy of it from back then... on second though, I'm glad I don't.
My first hack was pure crap. It looked like total garbage.
The overworld looked like this: gjsoru5oejtobru0q3bsdjt0seubjpnjktij

And the level design looked like this:
fh93j4ut9urdesxvuj9txjnbt9j50u349 unr98j890u4q39e u43q95u4ubjx

So yeah it was bad. Oh... if I could play my old hacks again... It would be fun.
My first hack was incredibly ridiculous, I don't remember very well because i made my first hack 4 years ago, whose hack had lots of glitchy sprites, poorly made levels and a ridiculous difficulty that even a 5-year old kid finishes.

My first hack... was from 2004/2005, as far I can tell. I barely made 4 worlds and they were crappy. And I hadn't known how to edit OW yet.


Dream team (feed them, please):

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