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Tales of Draws 5: Dream Requiem
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Since my RP seems to have an ENORMOUS lack of interest from people, I was thinking in posting the story that already exists in my mind here. However, I want to know if people will actually read it, because I don't want to get ignored, since this a story I really want to share with all you, people of SMWC. Only mind its not exactly the same story from the RP, as that was adapted to include lots of other characters (the main diference is that there's anoter important character).

So, only to show you off, here's the front of the story:

Anyway, to give this thread a bt mor of professionalims, I decided to add links towards the begginings of the seasons:

Tales of Draws: An Artistic Adventure

Tales of Draws 2: Breaking Dimensions

Tales of Draws 3: Rising up

Tales of Draws 4: Wrecked Future (In Progress)</span>


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

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I don't think this is enough to give us, honestly. One picture of what the front of the story looks like doesn't really give people a good idea of the story itself.

Wny don't you take some time to write some of the story out? Entice people in with the story itself, not just a picture of it. If you do that, I'm sure you will have a lot of people's attention!
Originally posted by Todd
I don't think this is enough to give us, honestly. One picture of what the front of the story looks like doesn't really give people a good idea of the story itself.

Wny don't you take some time to write some of the story out? Entice people in with the story itself, not just a picture of it. If you do that, I'm sure you will have a lot of people's attention!

Jeje!! You gave me the chance to be able to Repost!! Thank you for that!!NOW here is the beggining of the story:

In a normal room, a young man is resting after finishing his chores. "Alright! Now that I have time, I guess I can continue writing my comic!" said the young man, whose name is Rafael. However, he soon finds out he lacks of something very important for working in his comic: inspiration.
"Oh, why can't I inspire anymore? I have like almost a year with this mental blocking. Maybe I should give up already, what gives..." said in a very defeated way. However, while he was at this, a mysterious figure poped out of nowhere and stole something very important for Rafael: his comic notebook. But Rafael noticed the figure just as it was escaping by the front door. "Hey, you!! Come back here with my notebook! Is mine!" he shouted as he run after it. He followed the figure all the way until it dissapeared inside a weird portal. "Ok! I'm not that dumb, said Rafael, its obviously a very bad idea to get in there. I rather return home and make is if this never happ....Aaaaaaaaah!!!!" He didn't finished the sentence, because when he was heading back, he triped with a rope in the floor and fell into the portal.

He woke up in a place he never saw before. "What the heck is this place?, he said, It looks like were I live, except the sky is purple, trees are blue and.... ARE THOSE MUSICAL NOTES WALKING RIGHT THERE?!"
Obviously, were he was now was a very special place. So he decided to take a walk to see the place... and maybe find a way home.
He didn't walked for too long when he found a very weird, black creature. "Now, what in this or any world is this thing?" he said as he touched it. Big mistake. The thing was not only alive, it was also angry at him. And to make matters worse, it called several of others like it; and all jumped in an attacking way to Rafael.

He closed his eyes, but he soon found out he was ok. He opened up and got surprised. In front of him was a girl with pinklish-red hair in two ponytails, clothes that looked like armor, and weilding a shield that also looked like an eraser. "Sherry! What are you doing? We have to continue." shouted a mysterious voice. Rafael turned to see who shouted and his surprise was huge! A Yoshi!! Exactly like the ones from Super Mario videogames, only that wearing blue beret and cape. "Wow! What happened here?" said the yoshi. "Some skratches appeared, I went here to see them and find this guy in trouble, so I blocked them" said the girl, whom Rafael deduced was called Sherry. "We can't just leave him here, specially with this Skratches wanting to attack again. I guess we can deal with them." said the yoshi.

Two of the "Skratches" jumped to attack, but were repeled by Sherr'y odd looking shield. Meanwhile, the yoshi pointed with what it seemed a giant brush at some Skratches; and from the brush came out something that looked like fire.
Rafael was surprised, and kind of pleased that these two strangers were protecting him. Sadly, because they were very busy, they didn't saw a stray Skratch, who jumped from nowhere and landed on top of Rafael. "Dang, I got distracted!" said the yoshi. "Oh no, is he going to get delated?" said Sherry. "Yes, but only after all his creativity is drained." noded the yoshi. Efectively, Rafael felt he was fading. He could only think: "So this is it? This is how it all ends? In a place that I don't know, attacked by this creatures? And all I wanted was to retrieve my notebook... !!!!!!!!!!!! My notebook!! All the work
I did is going to lose? No! I wont let it happen!!!!
Sherry and the yoshi saw amazed as a very bright light glowed and the Skratche that jumped on Rafael got vaporized. And how other Skratches jumped to attack too, but got cutted in half. After that, they saw really amazed at Rafael. "Oh my good! What does this mean'" asked Sherry. "It means things just got interesting" answered the yoshi, as they saw how Rafael wielded a sword that also looked like a pencil. "He has the power of the PencilSword."

"Ok, I guess all this deserves an explanation, said the yoshi, but first, I think we should do the introductions. You first."
"Um, ok, my name is Rafael, you can call me that or Ralph." said Rafael. "Hello! #ab{^^;;;} I'm Sharon! You can call me Sherry!" said Sherry. "And I'm the great Cid of the Yoshis! You should call me Cid of the Yoshis!" said... um... Cid of the Yoshis...#smw{-_-;}
"..." Rafael didn't knew what to say. "Just call him Cid" said Sherry. "Oh! Ok! Hello, Sherry and Cid!" finally said Rafael.
Cid (we will call him only Cid for the good of this story) wasn't really happy about this, but continued: "You may want to know what is this place. Well, this world is called Creatiria, and is the world all things people in your world creat with your imagination. All those things; drawings, writings, sculptures, even computer programs, all exist here."
Rafael said: "Well, this really doesn't hear real; but I guess watchers believers. However, I don't want to be a bad guy or something, but how can I return home? Because I didn't brought my ruby shoes." "Um, we have kind of a problem in this world right now." mentioned Cid. "You see, those creatures that attacked you are called Skratches. They are anti-creativity creatures who exist to drain creativity from people of your world. Normally, this is something temporary, you call it "mental blocks". However, since a villian guy called Lord Kuldren started using their power to conquer this world, any person whose creativity is drained, never gets it back. Actually, he has gone too far away, stealing the creations from your world."
"Wait a minute!" shouted Rafael. Then continued: "That's how I got here. Something, maybe a Skratch, stole my notebook were I draw. So these means that Lord Kuldren has it?" "Well, yes" said Sherry. "Ok, so now tell me: were is that guy so I can change his face?" said Rafael. "Jo jo! is not so simple. You see, Lord Kuldren is incredibly powerful. He has brought destruction to our worlds. And only if he is defeated, you can take it back. Luckily for you, you now have the power of the PencilSword, one of the legendary weapons of this world. If you could help us defeat Lord Kuldren, you can take your stuff back" said Cid.
"Guess that makes us a team, then. We will defeat Lord Kuldren!" exclaimed Rafael. "Yay!" aded Sherry. "Good, so we can get going now. Don't worry too much. I'm sure we will be fine. Now, let's move!" ended Cid.

And the story began.

And here are the characters thus far:
Full Name: Rafael Echeverría Aranda (myself)
Nicknames: Ralph
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 03/02 (day/month)
Race or Species: Human
Abilities: None, but discovers he is the master of the Legendary Weapon the PencilSword. He later learns a bit of Imaginum Powers.
Occupation: University student.

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Skin: Light Coastal
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 80 kg

Likes: Videogames, reading, drawing comics.
Dislikes: Doing Sports
Strengths: Good Balance of Strenght and Dexterity
Weaknesses: Not good at Imaginum Power
Personality: Inteligent, Persevering, Kind-hearted, Somehow grumpy, Pesimist, A bit coward.

Bio: Rafael is a student who likes making comics in his free time. However, he recently is having trouble in thinking something new and wonders if he should quit. Howerver, when his notebook is stolen, he chases the thive right into a portal which takes him to Creatiria. There, he meets the Drawing Forces and learns Lord Kuldren (the evil mind) is causing trouble and he has his notebook. Rafael joins the Drawing forces to retrieve his notebook and save the world.

This are other important characters in the story:

Full Name: Cid of the Yoshis (Cid Yoshi)
Nicknames: Cid
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: 03/02 (day/month)
Race or Species: Yoshi
Abilities: Master of Imaginum Power (offensivly and support). Wields the Brush Staff

Eyes: Black
Hair: None. Uses a blue beret and a blue cape
Skin: Darkish green
Height: 1.25 m
Weight: 60 kg

Likes: Serving his kingdom, relaxing when having time
Dislikes: Dumb sayings, Evil
Strengths: Powerful Imaginum Power
Weaknesses: Not good at melee
Personality: Very inteligent, Grumpy, Very chivalrous

Bio: Cid of the Yoshis (just call him Cid) was a Council member of the Creatiria Kingdom. Lord Kuldren's actions destroyed everything Cid cared of. Moved more for justice rather than revange, Cid makes with sister-like friend Sherry the Drawing Forces (only they are members) to stop Kuldren.

Full Name: Sharon Regil
Nicknames: Sherry
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: 09/07 (day/month)
Race or Species: Drawn human
Abilities: Very good at defending. Good at melee combat

Eyes: Green
Hair: Red, almost pink
Skin: White
Height: 1.50 m
Weight: 65 kg

Likes: Daydreaming, Learn about the real world
Dislikes: Scratches
Strengths: Great defense and good Strenght
Weaknesses: Zero Imaginum Power
Personality: Daydreamer, Sweet, Optimist, Very occurrent

Bio: Sherry was a guardian of the Creatiria Kingdom until its destruction. She joins Cid in the Drawing Forces to help stop Kuldren. She is the one who finds and helps Rafael when he arrives. She really cares and admires Cid, whom she sees as a bigger brother. She seems to have a crush on Rafael. Her personality actually covers a harsh past.

The fourth one you see in the front will be explained later in Chapter 1.


I decided to include an image of something from the chapter, or in this case, prologue. Here it is the one from here:


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
So, as I promised, here it is:

Chapter 1: Heroes and Villians
The Lonely Knight

A notebook stolen. A new weird place. An evil guy with great power making ruckus. New traveling partners. That's what happened since a day said in a nutshell.
Rafael has been traveling with the focused-minded yoshi called Cid of the....
"!SLAP!"(the narrator is hitted because he was going too say the LONG name).... er, the yoshi called Cid and the bubbly girl Sherry, whom since last day hasn't stop from asking questions about the real world.
"Ok, here is another question: ¿What do you do when you get the Paperflu?" asked yet again. "Well, there's no such thing as the Paperflu in my world. But when you get sick, you go see a doctor, or go to a place called hospital if things get really bad." answered Rafael in a tired way. "Jejeje! Hospital... I like that word." answered Sherry. And that's how things have been since yesterday.

Suddenly, the group heard the sound of a fight. They ran to were it was coming out and found a guy in green sweater, with glasses and spiky brown hair fighting a group of skratches. And he seemed to have little trouble fighting them. "Wow! He is good" said Rafael. "Jeje! That's no other that Kiro Haraki" commented Cid. "Kiro Haraki? Well, he doesn't look japanese or asian... or is he a drawing?" asked Rafael. "Actually, he is a real human, just like you. He likes using that name (he calls it his user name). He is quite the strong warrior, but he prefers traveling alone, wich is not very fun. That's why we call him the 'Lonely Warrior'" said Sherry. It wasn't much time since they arrived when Kiro finished the last Skratch and watched he had company. "Um, looks like is that yoshi. I think he was called Sid or something like that. Maybe I should go and say hi; helps to know who is that new Creator" thought Kiro.

"So, you being OK still traveling alone, eh?" said Cid once Kiro arrived to where they were. "Yep! I have no problems. So, who is this new Creator?" asked Kiro. "Creator?" said Rafael. "We didn't told you. You real humans here are called Creators. Sorry." said Cid. "Oh, well, my name is Rafael. Nice to meet you" Rafael told. "Yeah, hi. Don't feel bad but, what are your objectives here?" asked Kiro. "Uh, well... this guy Lord Kuldren stole my drawing notebook and I'm going to get it back. And also, I will help in defeating him" answered Rafael. "I see... I actually started kind of like that, but I already decided to help only because I wanted to, not for retreiving something. By the way, maybe you should try to stick out of this situation. Things have gotten really harsh recently, and it would be a shame someone gets erased in here" said Kiro. "What?! are you implying I would make more trouble only because I'm new here and doesn't know many stuff from here?" answered Rafael in a somehow mad way. "Kind of.." answered Kiro "but is for your own good. There's drawings and other creations that have joined forces with Lord Kuldren who are quite dangerous."

Suddenly, some guy appeared in front of them. "Hold it right there, you rebels!" started to say, "you are in presence of General Tranders, the leader of the Skratcher Batallion of Lord Kuldren! Surrender now and he might be merciful (if he already ate...)." Looking at the guy, he didn't seem so intimidating. He was quite short, all covered in a heavy armor, and he had no weapon with him. "Oh, no", started Cid, "not this guy again. He is such a pest. And not because he is powerful; its his Skratches that are problematic. He has the power to command and direct some of them." "I only care if he is a bad guy. He is going to get defeated right now" said Rafael. "Oh, so you want to test your luck against me? very well. Have at you!" shouted Tranders.
Out of nowhere poped out a greater group of Skratches, though this were a little bit diferent. They had fixed round shapes and some were equiped with dagger-like hands or armor. The group got prepared to battle. Rafael pulled out the PencilSword from the cover Cid gave him.
"Wait, wait, wait...
WHAT?! You have the PencilSword?! How in the world you got the legendary PencilSword?!" shouted Kiro, as he cut some skratches with his sword. "Beats me" answered Rafael, "I arrived, I got attacked, and suddenly I have it." He said this as he tried to fight skratches the same way Kiro did, but didn't went so well.
Meanwhile, Cid and Sherry had their own talk while fighting Skratches.
"Kiro has a point with what he said" said Cid, "maybe is dangerous for Rafael and us to let him travel with us. He lacks the experience." He said this as he fired an ice beam from his brush against some armored skratches. An oportunist skratch jumped to attack him ,but got hit by Sherry's thrown shield. "Maybe, but remember we all started not being perfect. And you said we needed the power of the PencilSword, which is in his posesion. Trust me, he will get better. Besides, he is a nice guy (and kind of cute...)" answered Sherry, as she grabed her shield and guarded herself from a skratch attack. "Well, you are right with the 'we all start not being experts' thing" said Cid as he shoot lightning to more skratches.
Meanwhile, Kiro and Rafael were still cutting down skratches. Rafael was better now, because he found out his own way of fighting, rather that copying Kiro. Suddenly, there were no more skratches. Tranders was just sitting alone there. "Um, I guess is time for a tactical escape #w{:s}" said Tranders while starting to run away.

"Now that all is quiet, what was it that you have the PencilSword?" asked Kiro. "I don't know," answered Rafael, "but is quite the great weapon, isn't it?" "Well, its a legendary weapon, so its natural its great. Can I see it?" asked Kiro. Rafael handed the PencilSword.
"Truly is a great weapon. One that has it should have the responsability to free this world from evil. Why could a newbie have it?" thought Kiro. "Um, can you return it?" asked Rafael, as he extended his hand at Kiro. Suddenly, the PencilSword disapeared from Kiro's hand and rapidly reapeared in Rafael's hand. "That was awesome!! Didn't knew it could do that!!" Jejeje! Hey, Cid!! Catch it!!" said Rafael. He threw Cid the PencilSword, and once he catched it, Rafael brought it back to his hand as before. "Cool!!" added Sherry.
"Je, maybe that girl Sherry is right. I myself started as a noob" thought Kiro. Then he added, now actually talking rather that thinking: "Guess my traveling alone time has ended." "Huh?" said the others. "I've made up my mind. I shall travel with you from now on. I shall cooperate with the one who can defeat Lord Kuldren" ended Kiro.
"Thanks Kiro. I'm sure we will apreciate your help." said Rafael.

So since that day, Kiro Haraki, former Lonely Knight, started traveling with them.

So, as I said, this is Kiro's data:

Full Name:???
Nicknames: Kiro Haraki
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 01/09 (day/month)
Race or Species: Human
Abilities: Great ability for Sword fighting. More than anything, great strenght
Occupation: ???

Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: Caucasic
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 82 kg

Likes: Videogames, drawing.
Dislikes: Darkness, stupidity
Strengths: Greath strenght
Weaknesses: Zero Imaginum power
Personality: Inteligent, brave, quiet (maybe too much) he actually has humor scense, but its hard to see.

Bio: A mysterious Creator. Very few of him is known. Even his real name is a mystery. It's only known that he got stolen something very important and he started fighting for it, but he is now fighting for justice. He joined Cid and the group to help them, but since he is quite mysterious... could it be another reason?

Here's the image of Chapter 1:

So, this is chapter one. Stay tuned for the next Chapter (or reply so I can post next chapter faster).


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
OK, after waiting for this place to let me double post, here it is:

Chapter 2:
Cid's Personal Warfare

"OK, now that I know your sky is blue... what color is your water?" asked Sherry. Since Kiro joined, she seems to have a bigger necesity of asking questions. Weird enough, not Kiro nor Rafael are the ones who are tired of so many questions. That one would be Cid (they ARE tired, but not as tired as him). "The water in our world is blue when is beneat the sky. If not, its transparent" answered Rafael. "Really? That's wierd. OK!! Next question!! #ab{:D}
That was Cid's Limit.


Rafael and Kiro: #ab{o_o}

Sherry: #ab{;_;}

Cid took a deep breath, then said: "I'm sorry Sherry. I totally overreacted. I shouldn't shout. It's only... there's something about this area that is making me feel uneasy." "Snif... Ok, I forgive you" said Sherry.

Cid walks more on front of the others. Kiro says to Rafael: "I sometimes get tired of hearing Sherry, but Cid reacted in a very jerkish way, even for me." "Don't be so harsh to him" suddenly said Sherry, "This place with so many trees must remind him of what he lost." Rafael asked: "Really? What happened to him."

Sherry started talking in a more serious way, a way so serious Kiro and Rafael found amusing, as they didn't knew she could talk like that. She said: "Cid is an Original Creation. Creations here are of two types: "Original Creations and Fanarts. They live separated in a twin dimension style, but there's no obstruction to free pass from one to another.
Cid was a council member of the Kingdom that ruled Creatiria. His position granted him great influence. Cid's loyalty to the kingdom was uncomparable. However, many important things for Cid were in the world of Fanarts. When Lord Kuldren attacked, he anihilated the kingdom. And on top of that, closed absolutely all conections to this dimension to the Fanart one. This because the enormous quantitiy of fanarts that could supose a treat to him. So in short, Lord Kuldren took all of what Cid saw important."
"Wow, never thought he had something bad from his past" conoted Kiro. "What important thing/s did he lost?" asked Rafael. Sherry answered: "I can think of a few, but I'm sure he is always thinking about her."

The talk was interupted because suddenly, an object fly just above their heads and got stuck near a tree just in front of Cid. The object was an axe.
Cid closed his eyes and started saying: "That SharpenAxe... I know no other that wields but you, Bardok." Rafael and the others didn't noticed they were being followed. Behind them, they saw what it seemed a very muscled man with tan skin, black long hair and mustache. "Cid of the Yoshis (... #smw{-_-;}) I see you still carry that brush with you" answered the man, who obviously, was called Bardok.
"Came to hunt us because your evil lord sent you?" asked Cid. "You know it. But I'm doing this more because you and I still have something pendant" Bardok answered.

Suddenly, Bardok made a leap to get his SharpenAxe and swinged it against Cid. Cid rapidly dodge it and started throwing fireballs from his brush.

"What in the world is happening?" asked Rafael. "That is Bardok" answered Sherry, "he was also a council from the kingdom, but had very extreme ideas about not letting Creators to come to Creatiria. He actually was conspiring to do an attack, but Cid noticed it and convinced the king to banish him. Since then, he is trying to get revange on Cid. He actually is an ally to Lord Kuldren." Kiro then said: "Well, what are we doing here? Let's help him." "No" answered Sherry. "After being basnished, Bardok kept saying he got banished because Cid was jealous of his great strenght. Cid actually was a little, but always preffered the power he had over Imaginum, which lets him do all his attacks. But in order to convince himself, he asked me to let him fight Bardok by himself once to make sure he didn't do it for jealously" she added.

While all this was said, a fierce battle was happening. Cid threw from his brush lots of Imaginum attacks, wich included more fireballs, ice rocks, lightning, and even a wind rush, all this while dodging Bardok's attacks. Bardock was quite skilled, actaully. He kept blocking Cid's attacks with his SharpenAxe. After some time, however, Bardok cornered Cid. He was about to cut him and half, and had a big grin in his face. But Cid managed to do a last attack. A flow of green bubbles hitted Bardok. Bardok couldn't stop sneezing and had to backtrack a bit. "I let you get near. My Bio attack only works close range" afirmed Cid. "Coof, coof!! This isn't over. I'll retreat for now, but next time, your skin is mine!!" answered Bardok, as he went away coofing and sneezing rentlessly.

The group aproached the tired Cid. "That power is incredible!! I never putted attention to it as today!! What exactly is this Imaginum?" asked exited Rafael. Cid answered: "Imaginum is the energy that flows all over this world. Is the energy that allows you in your world to create stuff. Some have the abillity to use it in this world in various ways, just like me. As long as you have strong willpower, you can do lots of stuff." "Is actually really good. Is there any chance I can learn a bit?" asked then Rafael. "Maybe you can, actually. Just one thing: next time don't stay there watching and help me! I already convinced myself about what I needed" said Cid. Ant the four of them laughed about it.

Meanwhile, in a far and dark castle, a hooded man aproaches someone in the dark sitting in throne. "Excuse, powerful Lord Kuldren. We have notices. Both Tranders and Bardok got defeated fighting the Drawing Forces. They are saying they are more now. But there's something more imprtant: they affirm one of them is a Creator, and he has the PencilSword" said the hooded man. The other one answers: "At this moments, that's not a problem at all. We can still handle things up, Kraven. Send the mercenaries to hunt them and see them fall." "As you wish, Lord Kuldren" answered Kraven.

Not knowing, Rafael and his friends are heading to hard trials. What will happen to them? Only time will say.

The image of Chapter 2:

So this is Chapter 2. What do you think about the story so far? Comment if you wish and wait for Chapter 3 coming soon!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Yeah baby!! Here it comes:


After a long day that included the team up with the ex-Lonely Knight Kiro Haraki and a fierce battle between Cid and his archinemesis Bardok, its time now for our heroes to gat some rest. "Wow! I can't recall any other time I was as tired as today!" comented Rafael. "Well, I have my doubts about this. I'm aware we need to sleep, but we got attacked by two of Kuldren's henchmen. Maybe is risky to be so unprotected" said Cid as he gave out the sleeping bags. Rafael answered as he started to lay on the sleeping bag: "Don't worry Cid. Even the bad guys need to sleep. Trust me. We are not getting scared this night." "HELLO!!#ab{:LOL:} Want to talk before sleeping?" asked Sherry, who appeared out of nowhere behind Rafael. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" he shouted as he got on his feet. "Sherry... what have I told you about suddenly appearing to people?" asked Cid. "Not to do it because people get scared and is unpolite. But..." she answered. "Nothing. Come and sleep next to me. I don't want you to scare anyone else anymore" said Cid.

Sherry: #ab{-_-}

"Ok! let's see if I can actually sleep after that. Good night" said Rafael after laying again. However, he couldn't sleep. He turned to see Kiro. "Psst! Kiro! Are you awake?" he asked. "Now I am" Kiro answered. "Sorry" said Rafael, "I was just thinking... what exactly was stolen from you?"
Kiro answered: "My art tools. I was so angry when that happened. But I since then have changed. I now want to make things right in this world. Trust me. If you focus, you can achive your goals. Now I'm back to sleeping." "Ok, thanks for saying" said Rafael, then he thought for himself: "So if I focus in this mission, I shall get my notebook back."

Rafael decided to wake up after the night. He had slept very good and needed no more sleeping. However, once he woke up, he saw a dagger just next to his head, and some guy in front of him watching him.

"Hello!! #ab{:D} I was watching you sleep like for 6 hours and I really need to tell you: you snore a lot" said the guy. He was a guy all dressed up in a full body leotard with gray details. He weared a mask that complimented his clothes. He looked kind of dump, but had two katanas and some grenades in his belt. The others woke up.
"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Top, Number One, Best of All, Most Handsome and Brave mercenary of all!! I'mmmmmmmmm LIVEPOOL!!" he said.
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Any similarities with certain Merc with a Mouth from a reknowned comic company are NOT coincidential)
Livepool continued: "You see, you are kind of famous this days. You got a bounty for you being erased. The bounty comes from Lord Kuldren himself. I was going to get my hands with money with you, but 6 hours of watching you sleep convinced me: I like you! So I decided not to hand you over. (...) Ok, not entirely true. Lord Kuldren doesn't give an advance for a job, and though I'm loyal to the recruiter, I need my money to do the job. One way or another, I decided to let you live. But don't think I couldn't do it. That's why the dagger is there. Ok, I'll go see if there's any other job. We'll see again, I'm sure of it. Ta-da!! for now." He used a smoke bomb and dissapeared.

"What in the world was that!?" asked Kiro. "He was a mercenary. Mercenaries exist in big numbers in this world. Before Lord Kuldren, they took jobs about clearing places from skratches. But since him, they now do his dirty work" answered Cid. "Well, he seemed to really not wanting to hand us to him. Maybe there's more like him, not wanting to obey Kuldren" said Rafael. Sherry noted: "Yes, maybe there's more, but most of them are happy working for him."
Suddenly, a robot-like thing jumped on front of them. He seemed to wield two enormous blades. Cid said: "Yes, for example here it is this guy. He is known as Dual Blade. He is famous for being a ruthless and savage mercenary. Wich means we are in serious trouble." Suddenly, Dual Blade attacked.

The group dodged the attack and decided to counter attack. Kiro and Rafael both jumped at him swinging their swords at him, but Dual Blade blocked them with his blades and pushed them from him. Cid shot a fireball from his brush, but was blocked too. He decided to launch a water stream, but Dual Blade deflected it and almost hit Sherry, who was running to him. She jumped in the air and tried to knock his head with her shield, but Dual Blade seemed to have great reflexes and blocked the attack. He rapidly turned and blocked an attack from Kiro, turned again and blocke Cid's ice beam and with one Blade while blocking Rafael's attack with the other one. Cid got thinking: "None of our attacks have hitted him. How are we supposed to get him?" Meanwhile, both Rafael and Kiro attacked from different angles and got blocked each one from one of Dual Blade blades. However, Sheery ran from the front, made a leap and hitted him in his robotic face with her shield. Dual Blade reacted and kicked her, sending her rolling next to Cid. "I got it! Kiro, Rafael! keep him like that!" Shouted Cid.
That was not an easy task, because Dual Blade was quite strong. Rafael slipped while trying to struggle with his blade. Kiro was getting pushed to a cliff. In a desperate moment, Rafael threw the PencilSword aginst Dual Blade as he ran to him. Dual Blade blocked the attack and deflected it to the cliff. But Rafael brought the PencilSword back to him as before and continued the struggle. However, he and Kiro were starting to get tired. It seemd as Dual Blade was about to win, but then, both Kiro and Rafael said: "Owned!". Suddenly, Cid shot a big lightning beam, but not to Dual Blade, but to Sherry, who was just behind Dual Blade and covering with her EraserShield. The beam bounced on the shield and hitted Dual Blade from behind. The shock let him imnovil. Rafael made a rush with the PencilSword and cutted him in half. Kiro then pushed the cutted mercenary to the cliff and watch him fall. He was defeated.

"Wow! I think we have to be very careful now if we are getting hunted" implied Rafael. "Indeed" said Kiro, "we need to start moving in tracks tah are not so known by people. I know one such track. Let's go without hesitate." The group headed there.

Meanwhile, in the same castle, Kraven had a talk with Lord Kuldren. "Master, I know you are confident about being safe for your plans, but I think you shouldn't let those unatained. And we have to think about what we will do the the Resistance Camp who are still causing trouble. Want me to go myself and erase them once and for all?" said Kraven. Lord Kuldren answered: "Kraven, I really want to see what they do. I was feeling bored some time now. Fighting those rebels from what they call "New SMWCentral" has become boring. I will let those four alive for now because they seem to be the ones who make me feel fun again. And don't worry about the one that they say has the PencilSword. I'm sure is just a rumor." "As you say, my Lord" said Kraven. Then he leaves. "Keep your jurney for now, Drawing Forces. entertain me a little more, then get to your doom!" said Kuldren, as he let out a great laugh.

Here is the image of this chapter:

What are our heroes going to find and experience now? And what about the other mercenaries? And Dual Blade was truly defeated? Stay tuned for more the next time in "Tales of Draws!!" See you next time!!

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Here it comes, here it comes....


"I want to ask you a question Rafael" said Cid. "WOW!! Cid is the one making the questions. World's end is near!! Sorry, bad joke. What was it?" said Rafael. Cid answered: "Is a question that's being bugging me for a while. Why you didn't freak out when you saw me for the first time? I mean, I'm obviously not a human, and others have freaked out the first time." "That's easy. That's because I like yoshis. Actually, the work I'm trying to get back has a lot to do with yoshis. That's why" answered Rafael. "Well, I would've freaked out even if I saw what I like that in our world doesn't exist just in front of me" said Kiro. "Guess I just REALLY wanted to know one for real" mentioned Rafael. "Shhh! Did you heard that?" asked Sherry, "I thought I heard someone in problems!"

The group rushed to the top of the cliff they were at and saw what happened from there. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that in Chapter 3 they decided to take an alternate route to hide from big troubles, so they have been walking in harder paths filled with mountains and trees)
When they reached the top, they saw some guy using googles surrounded by Skratches. They also saw no other than General Tranders himself. They decided to descend quietly to see what was happening. They got close enough to hear the talking. "You are quite hard to find, Mr. Graham. We have heard rumors about some new product you made and our little group would be eager to get it for free" said Tranders. "You know, its been months since I build someething useful. I don't have anything here to help you. Sorry" said the guy. Tranders then said "You know, its fun how you inspire me so little trust. I heard from a good advicer you are actually going to meet that resistance group who's been causing trouble. That would earn you instant erase, you know? So why you just give me your invention and you could live a little longer? What do you say?" The guy answered: "If that's the case, let me show it to you." Suddenly, out of nowhere poped on front of him a cannon, and with a fast hand move, he sjoot a cannonball, wiping a group of Skratches. However, even more Skratches replaced them. "Well, I didn't wanted to do this but... who I'm I kidding? I wanted to do this! Skratches, take him out!! shouted Tranders. The Skratches surrounded the guy. "Enough of this, let's go!!" shouted Kiro. The group jumped out from their hidding spot and got between the guy and the Skratches. Tranders exclaimed: "Oh, no! This guys again! What should we do?... Nah, I was prepared for this. I actually brought new types of skratches. This ones should do the trick. Get them all!!"

The new Skratches were actually a little different. They were some of the same type as before, but there were also the new ones. These ones looke like pears. And as the group learned quite fast, these ones eemed to use a little of Imaginum power. Neverless, the group fought them all. Kiro jumped swinging his sword taking out quite the big group. Since Imaginum was not so effective against the pear-like Skratches, Cid focused his attack in the armored ones. Sherry made a combo of blocking/bashing out the Skratches she jumped at. And Rafael, excited for learning a new ability just recently, kept trowing and retreiving the PencilSword against far away Skratches. Not much time passed when they wiped out all of them. "Darn, beated again. I'll retreat yet again!" said Tranders as he fled.

The group aproached the guy. "Are you alright?" asked Sherry. "Actually I am. Thanks a lot" he said, "allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alcid Graham. Thanks for saving me from earasing." "Hello Alcid! You can call me Rafael" said Ralph. "I'm Sherry!!#ab{:)}" she said. "Call me Kiro" mentioned Kiro. "And you should call me Cid of the Yoshis" said Cid (...why?). "Okay... nice to meet you Sherry, Rafael, Kiro and....... eh, Cid!" said Alcid. "Why do people have problems with my name? Maybe is too long, but its MY name!#ab{:(}" complained Cid. Kiro then said: "Excuse me, but we heard some of what you said. What they wanted from you and what is this Resistance Group?" Alcid reclaimed: "Well, you must know I'm an expert machinist. I specialize in thecnological inventions. I build all sorts of things recently, but I'm kind of known for building cannons, like this one here. That evil Lord Kuldren wanted me to provide him with cannons, but I'm against the use of them for causing trouble. I use them for personal defense only. Knowing things could get ugly, I decided to retreat to this place were they say is a resistance base. This resistance actually have been fighing Lord Kuldren for a while, and I thought they could keep me safe. However, know that I saw you fighting I want to ask you something: could you please let me travel with you to get to that place? Please?#ab{:(}

The group got close and started talking (try imagining who said what): "What should we do? We can't just leave him here." "Well, I don't think he could travel with us. If he is been chased, we are getting discovered more easily." "Maybe, but what kind of people save somebody and then abandon him at their own faith?" "I was thinking, if he is heading towards somebody who is fighting Lord Kuldren, we may get help there to do so." "That's a good point. Guess he can make us company." They splitted up and aproeched Alcid. Cid said: "Ok, Al. We have decided to travel with you." "Awesome!! Thank you very much!" said Alcid. "Ok then. We should get walking. Just point us in the direction we should take" said Kiro. "Uh, walking?" said Alcid, "we have no need for walking, just check this out." He took out a small box, clicked a button and threw it in the floor. Suddenly, a type of machine appeared in front of them. It had six wheels and looked big enough for all of them. Say hello to the Titan Beetle. No need to walk or sleep in the floor with this baby. And it has a motor, so it moves with no physical push. Want to get going, then?" "Ok, this was a better idea that I imagined!" finally said Rafael.
And since that day, the Drawing Forces started traveling with Alci Graham.

And here is the drawing.

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It's time... to begin the next level. Or in this case:


It's incredible how imagination can make stuff than in real life couldn't exist. The Titan Beetle, for example. Rafael and his friends soon found out the interior of the machine was way bigger that it seemed from outside. It had like 6 individual rooms, well equiped for both sleeping and doing some other stuff. It also had an espacious central room equiped with a refrigerator (wich was lacking some food, though). Alcid had done this thing, and was incredible.
However, its well known that imagination can also be incredibly dangerous if bad-handed. And the team was about to learn it.

The night had passed and it was like noon. Yesterday was the day the group meet Alcid. Since they were going at moderated speed and they haven't been attacked since yesterday, the Drawing Forces finally had some time for themselves. Cid grabed some of the books in his room and read them. Rafael was feeling odly inspired, so he decided to get drawing. But instead of drawing what he usuallt draw, he draw himself and his new partners. He was, however, interupted by Sherry, who was eager for more questioning. Rafael was in a good mood, so he acceded and talked in the center room. While all this fun moments, someone was doing some more serious stuff: Kiro. He did some sword training in his room. A recurent idea was passing in his head: "Things will get harder preatty soon. I'm sure of it. The others have plenty of growth in front of them. They will get stronger with time. But I seem to have stopped in that. I need more power. I need it to help them..."

After a while, hunger got them all. They decided to eat the food Alcid had. They did so while talking. Alcid soon joined them. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Alcid made an important comentary: "I didn't said anything when I met you, but I'm impresed of how three of you managed to get their hands in Legendary weapons" "Wait, our weapons are Legendary weapons?! I thought the PencilSword was the only one!" said Cid. "Well, you two have one too" said Alcid refering to Cid and Sherry. He then continued: "Originally, they were various Legendary weapons. All made for the purpose of fighting Skratch power. They are all strong, but it seems the PencilSword was a special case. Files say it has a certain power that, as you guess, its key for the fight against Lord Kuldre." "You seem to know a lot of them" said Rafael. "Well, I studied them a while ago" answered Alcid, "but let me finish. However, there was another certain weapon which the story says it got corrupted by Skratch power. But nobody knows which was it. But they also said the power of that one was incredible. Maybe if..."


Out of the Beetle, some explosion caused the Beetle to fall into a hole and couldn't get out. The team went out to see what hapened. They saw in front of the Beetle a blonde woman in a greenish hood. "Um, who are you?" they asked. "Hello, you lttle rascals. My name is Janice. I respond to no other than Lord Kuldren. I'll make this simple; I was send here to destroy you" answered Janice. "Ja! Well, you are mistaken if you think it will happen. Go say to your master that we are prepairing to go against him. But say him that after we defeat you" said Cid. She answered "Fools. You don't know who is in front of you. Me, the great Janice, I'm the most renowned user of Imaginum power. I have heard of your abilites, yoshi. And let me tell you you are FAR beyond me. Just see it yourself."
Suddenly, she extended her hands and out of the sky, a group of meteorites started to fall on them. They dodged them, but the explosion after the fall still hitted them. Cid jumped near her and started doing his Bio attack. However, she seemed to be inmune. Fast as lightning, she made a small explosion near her and sended Cid flying, hitting hard against the floor. Sherry actually got mad after that and rushed against Janice, shield on front. But Janice made a kind of earthquake and a earth pilar appeared just in front of her. Sherry crashed on it and fell unconcious. Only Rafael and Kiro were still there. Alcid was trying to repair the Beetle. Rafael and Kiro jumped with his swords and swinged them at her. They almost got her, and she actually triped after dodging. Kiro then tried to attack again, but he found out he couldn't move. Janice had made mud on his feet and got him traped. She then made another explosion and send him flying too, although Kiro's sword went flying into the distance and was lost. Rafael was able to hit here while this, but she got him with electricity and kept him like that, while he was in pain. "Wow, just wow" she started, "suposelly, Lord Kuldren was keeping you alive because you seemed intresting, but maybe he was wrong. Speciallly the one with the glasses. And about you, Pencil boy, if only you had more control with your sword, you would be a treat. But oh well, let's finish you all."

Cid and Sherry were unconcious, Rafael was trapped and feeling pain. Alcid was unable to help in this situation. Kiro was still on his feet, but was powerless without his sword. He started thinking: "No!! This is wath I feared. I knew Rafael would be unable to become strong enough! But... that doesn't matter now. We are all going to get erased. If only... if only I had more power! I need more POWER!!!!" Sudenlly, a black aura formed on him. On his hand, something started to appear. He put his hands like he was holding a sword. And, actually, a sword appeared in his hands!! It was quite broad, also long, and looked kind of like a pen. It was kind of heavy, but nothing Kiro couldn't handle. In it's handle was a dragon-like figure drawn as a detail. Kiro could feel a tremendous power from it. He shouted: "Janice!! You are not finished with us yet!!" He run at her.

She was actually very surprised when he saw Kiro running to her, again equipped with a sword. She threw at him some fire balls, but Kiro hitted them with his new sword and deflected them. He was able to hit her with the sword, causing to let go Rafael. Cid and Sherry woke up in that moment. Kiro kept attaking Janice. She tried to defend herself with Imaginum attacks, but was useless. Kiro was going to take her out. And Rafael was up and about to join the attack. Suddenly, a big flash appeared between Janice and Kiro. In front of them appeared Kraven. He started to say Janice: "You have disobeyed Lord Kuldren. He specifically ordered you to wait the attack. Now I must take you back." Janice noded. "Wait, who are you exactlly?!" shouted Cid. "Call me Kraven, Lord Kuldren's closest man. We will see again, Drawing Forces." He then thought: "Now I see it. The PencilSword is real. I must inform Lord Kuldren about this, and about something also very interesting." The two of them teleported out of the place.

"I can't believe it!! It's the PenCalibur!!" said Alcid. "They say the PenCalibur had the biggest power of the Legendary weapons. It was supposed to have been destroyed, but it's here" he added. "Jeje!! Now you also have a Legendary weapon with you, Kiro! Now Lord Kuldren has no oportunity against us!" said Rafael. "Yes. And we will defeat him" added Kiro. Suddenly, a weird grin in his face appeared and his eyes seemed to look differently, but nobody, not even him, noticed it, as it returned to normal almost instantly. The dragon painting flashed too. The Beetle was repaired and the group hoped on it and continued, up to find the Resistance Base.

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What time is it? It's time for....!


The team has continued his journey. They have grown both in strenght and mentally. They have found allies and enemies.But they are about to face a challenge nobody unprepared can fulfill.................... cross a mountain.
"Wow!! Just look at the size of that mounatin!" said Rafael. "This is not time for pick-up lines, Rafael" said Cid, "besides, there's a tunnel in this mountain, one that was build some time ago. There's no need for us to climb." Alcid also comented: "We might as well close up the Beetle. Is to big for it to fit in the tunnel." He pressed a button in the Beetle and this one shrinked back to a box. "Um, I have a concern, though: are we sure is safe to travel it? What if someone decides to mess with us?" asked Rafael. "Don't worry, we are quite stronger now. Besides, if all you fall, I'll not let you get erased. Me and PenCalibur will surelly defend you!" exclaimed Kiro. Sherry, laughed, then added: "Is good to have a more relaxed Kiro with us. That pen surely makes him better. Ok, we should get going". Little they knew they were actually being followed...

Meanwhile, back at Lord Kuldren's castle, Kraven just finished mentioning all the information he gattered. "Well, now I think is better to prevent now that cry later. We should get rid of them. Were are they now?" said Kuldren, whose appearence was still a mystery. "They are heading through the Mega Mountain tunnel" answered Kraven. Kuldren said: "Good, good. They are up to a little surprise! Muajajaja!!"

Back in the tunnel, the Drawing Forces are actually uncomfortable. There was to few light, as Cid is the only one providing it with his BrushStaff. Suddenly, they started hearing a tremor, which stoped suddenly; they didn't gave it enough attention and they continued. They arrived to a place were the path divided in three paths. They stoped for a while and talked about the way to take. Suddenly, another tremor, way bigger than the last one, ocurred, and suddenly, the cave collapsed on them...

They survived, no doubt of it, but they got separated. Kiro, Cid and Alcid were on one side; Rafael and Sherry on the other one. In their side, Kiro tried to woke up Cid. he awoke and rapidly made light again. "What in the world happened?!" said Cid, then added: "Were are Sherry and Rafael?" "Lost in the other side of this rock wall that build up. Darn it!" said Kiro, "I can't hear up to the other side." Alcid woke up, then said: "Ugh! What do we do know?" Kiro answered: "We must continue through one of this two paths and exit this place." "Yes, then we wait for Rafael and Sherry to get to us. They must be at the side with the tunnel that returns to the exit. They will have to climb the mountain. They will take quite a lot of time, but we must wait for them" conoted Cid. "I'm not sure of that. We should continue all the way without waiting for them!" said Kiro. Cid got REALLY mad. "If you think we are letting them behind, you are totally wrong!" he said. "We have the time over us. They will just get in our way" answered Kiro. His words heard sharp, and because the poor light, the other two didn't saw his face had changed again, looking a little bit evil. Cid made an attacking stance, then said: "We are going to wait them. If you are aganst that, I'll have to knock you out." Unnoticed (even by him), Kiro's face returned to normal. He said: "I'm really sorry. I don't know at all what was I thinking. I shouldn't had said that. Yes, we have to wait. Again sorry." Cid returned to normal pose, they decided one of the paths, and took it.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the wall, Rafael was trying to wake up Sherry. She finnally did, and she just said: "Are you my prince charming?" "jeje! Nope, sorry" answered Rafael, then added: "You must've knocked your head. Do you remeber what happened?" Sherry said yes with her head. She then said: "How do we have light? Is Cid here with us?" Rafael answered: No, I actually did it. I got an unlit torch back at the Beetle. I was able to light it up with a little fire ball. Guess Cid's teachings finally produced results." Sherry got on his feet. Then, they decided to continue through a tunnel, in hopes of finding the others on the other side. After some time of walking, Rafael said: "Let's change the roles this times. I want to ask you something: In what moment did you met Cid?" Meanwhile, Kiro asked practically the same question to Cid. They both answered in their respective points of views.

This is Sherry's version (this one is the one that is going to appear (Cid's version practically not different)): "Well, when I was younger, I got recruited by the Kingdom of Creatiria for being a guard. The training was going to take some years, and because I needed a place to live, they offered me to stay in one of the many rooms for trainies. The room I was asigned to had a partner. Cid. He came here to study Imaginum, and maybe to get an important role in the kingdom. When I met him, he seemed a little more grumpy that now. The first night in the room, I think he couldn't sleep because I kept him awake asking him questions about his life.
Next day, I went to the dinning room and got a seat. I saw how Cid tried to get one with other people, but they rejected him. I asked himto come sit with me, and he reluctantly did. He did so several days after that. He looked kind of sad, so I told him he should be more friendly in order to get people to be nice with him. I actually teach him about that. He actually did that, and he got along better with others the next days. I thought he was not going to return to sit with me, but he actually did. It will be a lie if I said I was the only one helping. He actually helped me out in several things, making me feel good with myself. I'm very attached to him since then. We are like brothers from another mother."

Rafael then asked: "You needed to feel good with yourself? Why was that for?" The answered never came, because they found out they were being followed. The follower looked quite like Dual Blade, but had only one blade with him.
Meanwhile, Kiro and co. met direclty with another one who looked like half Dual Blade. They deducted the rout they had chosen was taking them back to the beggining, so they ran back to take the other one, while defending from the follower. Meanwhile, back at Rafael and Sheery, they were seeing what to do. "Want, to make a plan or we just jump to attack One Blade?" asked Sherry. Rafael answered: I want to try just attacking now, ok?"

Rafael: Oh my god, she just ran in!

Narrator: #w{=P}

They fought One Blade. Sherry kept him busy bashing him with her shield, while Rafael practiced his Imaginum blasting small fire balls at him. When One Blade pushed of Sherry, he jumped at Rafael, who barely blocked him with the Pencil Sword. Then Sherry threw him her shield at him. Meanwhile Kiro dueled one to one whit their own merecenary. He got pushed, but Cid was prepared and threw a lightning ball at him. Alcid pulled out a small cannon and fire it at One Blade 2.
This process repeated quite for a while. While all this happened, they kept moving through the tunnel. They got tired after a while, until they saw a small light (both groups). They ran at it (still being chased for what it seemed a tireless psyco). When they arrived, they got surprised to see they all ended in the same place. However, the happiness became worriness as they saw how the two One Blades got together and formed a familiar face: Dual Blade. "Ok, so now we are together again, all tired, Dual Blade here who is mad at us for beating him before and possibly now knowing how we fight. Are we screwed?" asked Rafael.

They should have been, but unexpected help cam out. When Dual Blade was about to start his attack, a grenade hitted him in the face. "Hey!! What's up, lil' fellas? I thought that by this time of the day you should've been out of this place" said a familiar voice. The one talking was no other that Livepool. He added: "Guess what?! I got a brand new work, and they actually payed me before hand!! The work consists in making sure you meet certain person. Now go out of this place and head east. Keep this little jerk to me!!" The group wasn't sure about letting him alone, but his insistance convinced them. Once they got out, Dual Blade was about to continue behind them, but Livepool put on his way and said: "They say you and me are the best mercenaries in the world. Want to see who is better in a battle 'til death?" He then threw a granade to the ceiling, and the exit got blocked by stones.

The group feeled bad about that. Livepool just sacrificed himself to save them. They knew Lord Kuldren was behind the tremor from before. That made them fear a little his enormous power, but also gave them more courage to confront him. They decided to continue, to find the one who wanted to see them.

Here is the drawing of this Chapter:

Here is a little gift for you fans (if there's actually one out there). The protagonists doing a cosplay of Final Fantasy!!

Anyway, see ya' in next chapter!!

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Finally, is time for me to share one of my most expected Chapters of this story. Let's not stretch it further and welcome to:


"Are we completly sure we are not getting into a trap? I mean, how much do we trust this guy Livepool?" asked Alcid. "Well, he didn't killed us before, and he said he didn't wanted to, so we may be able to trust him" said Cid.
Only some hours had passed since they left the mountain tunnels and had to leave Livepool behind, so the morale of the group wasn't very high. Besides, they wondered who was this person who was so eager to meet them.
After a while, the Beetle arrived to a thin path in some woods. Since the path seemed to be the most direct way to the east, they jumped out of it, closed it and decided to keep on foot. Rafel suddenly said: "You know, we kind of forgot what we were going to do. We were searching for the Resistance Base, didn't we? Guess we should pospone those plans." "Yeah, it seems we have more important tasks right now. Hope you don't mind, Alcid" said Cid. Alcid answered: "Don't worry about that." They continued walking, but just a little a further, they heard a crack, and the floor fell down on them.
They woke up until the next day. They were surprised to see people were they woke up. Kiro jumped fast (a little too surprised) and taking out the PenCalibur, he said: "Who are you? Did you captured us? Because that's not a good idea." "Relax" said a man, "you are in no danger. You are at the Resistance Base." Kiro returned the PenCalibur to its cover, while the other ones got on their feet. The man continued: "You can call me

"We were a peacefull city in the world of Creatiria. All in our community shared the desire of editing this game called Super Mario World. We did several things besides that, though. We were happy until that good for nothing of Lord Kuldren started its campaign of conquering all this world. OUr city got hit by a surprise attack and was destroyed. Some of our members got sadly captured, including our leader. The ones that were able to escape, decided to keep the fight against Lord Kuldren. So we created this underground base, which hasn't been discovered. But things are starting to get slow. We need to make the fight even bigger. That's why I called you out." Rafael exclaimed: "So it was you who hired Livepool in order to bring us here!!" "Yes, that guy really had the ability to fulfill the work. Were is he?" asked S.N.N. The group faced to the floor with sad looks. "That's not important right now. You need to rest, and you may want to know this place. We will talk about what we need later. I'll asign you a good guide.
Eevee come here!!"
From another room, came a little creature. It was an eevee (called Eevee, by the way) wearing black glasses. "What do you need, S.N.N.?" it asked. "Please find a place for this people to rest and show them this place, if you don't mind" answered S.N.N. "No problem. Come with me!! #ab{:)}" ended Eevee. Kiro said. "Hello. I'll introduce ourselves: I'm Kiro, my Creator partner is Rafael, the lady is Sherry, our googled friend is Alcid and the yoshi is Cid."

"CID OF THE YOSHIS!!!!!" shouted Cid. "Nice to meet you. I'm Eevee. I'm one of the members of old SMW Central. I'm actually member one of the attack teams of this base. We call ourselves IMPACT TEAM. Actually, here is were we hang out, let me introduce you to my teamates." said Eevee, pointing to a room. "Just one question. "Why do you use sunglasses even down here?" asked Sherry. "To make my move BITE more badass that already is" answered Eevee.
They entered the room, were they were other three persons. One was a young woman weilding a spear. Another one was some guy wearing what it seemed a power suit. And the other one looked like a young guy with a shield and a short sword. "So this is my team, Impact Team. This are the people who was supposed to bring that crazy mercenary" said Eevee. The young woman said: "Hi! You can call me
Ladida! Nice to meet you." The armored dude said: "My name is Akireyano. Good to make you acuintance." "And I'm MercuryPenny! Hello!" said the last one of them. "Hello everyone. Are you all of New SMW Central?" asked Rafael. "Yes, we are all fighting against that stupid Lord Kuldren. Most of the ones here only fight for revange and to save our captive friends; but I also fight for another reason. HE BLOCKED THE PASS TO FANART WORLD!!!" WHY IN THE WORLD HE DID THAT!! I LOVED TO GO THERE!! THAT IDIOT!!" started to complain Ladida. "Wow, she really got mad" said Alcid. "Yes, whenever she remembers of that, she goes histerical" said Akireyano. "So, are you the ones who defeated three of Lord Kuldren's important men?" asked MercurPenny. "Yep!" answered Rafael. "You know, I really wanted to know you!! I have heard you are super cool!! Can you give me an autograph? PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!" said M.Penny.
Rafael and his friends: #w{=|}
Ladida said: "Don't put those faces. Mercury here gets excited preatty easilly. You shouldn't expect other personality from our newest member." "Ooooh!! #ab{:(} Stop making fun of me just because I'm newer that all of this base." said M.Penny. "Yes, you are new, but not a bad fighter. Remeber, you just need more practice, and I'm sure you'll become a great warrior" said Akireyano. "Okay, I'll go find a room for our new guests. I'll see you later" said Eevee. Then they went out of that room to find a new one.

They found one that was preatty big and well equiped. However, they didn't had eough time to relax, because S.N.N. arrived with someone else. "Sorry to interupt you so soon, but we really need to talk about the important stuff. This man next to me is known as
Everest. He has the information to give. Now, if you excuse me, I need to do something else" said S.N.N. He then leaved. "Hello, as you heard, you should call me Everest. I'm a computer specialist, and thanks to a big exploration in the web, I now know a lot of this world. Okay, let's not waste much time. What I needed to say you is this: we are having more and more trouble fighting Lord Kuldren's power, along with stray Skratches around the world. In order to make things more balanced, with need you to become stronger. I happen to know a way one of you, don't know who exactly, can become stronger. You see, there's an ancient artifact with the power to do lot's of things. Is called the Sun Gauntlet. This artifact is an almost sentient object. It will choose the one who will wield it. The wielder will get great power. That would give us a help in our fight. We have information that the Sun Gauntlet is northwest from here. We in this base could go and search for it, but we are needed in another front. We all know about the power you have, so we ask you to go and retrieve it. It will help us all out" commented Everest.
The group discused it for a while, then Cid said: "Alright. If it will help defeat Lord Kuldren, we will do it." "Excelent!" said Everest "you are doing us a favor. Here is a small favor from me. Kiro, Rafael, lend me your swords." They hand them over. Everest pulled out an usb and touched the swords with it. Both the PencilSword and the PenCalibur glowed for a while, then returned to normal. He then said: "I unblocked a seal that was on them. They would've broken with the time, but I'm sure it will help you to heve them unblocked now. Now both of you will be able to shoot enery beams from them." he returned the swords and after saying good bye, he left.
"Okay, so we now have a sidequest to do. We should go tomorrow, what do you say?" said Cid. The other ones agreed. Alcid then said: "If you can, could you let me continue traveling with you? I can help you out, and I'm now kind of attached to you know." "Of course you can continue with us. You are a great companion" said Kiro.

So, now, the team have something new to do. What will happen now to them? And what new things are about to discover? The adventure has taken a new leap!!

Here is the image of this chapter:

So, see you next time!!


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Originally posted by the latest chapter
"Don't put those faces. Mercury here gets excited preatty easilly."


Alright, you might not have been expecting me to post. But, I wish to provide criticism.

1) The spelling could be improved. But it doesn't get too bad, just the occasional misspell here and there. For example (from the above quote), "pretty easily".
2) Well, you might want to be careful with a self-insert, those can get out of hand. Be sure to give "The Cid of the Yoshis" some flaws as much as pluses.

Still, this is pretty good. You might want to make some paragraph breaks, it can turn into a wall of text. That's all, and keep at it!
Originally posted by MercuryPenny

Alright, you might not have been expecting me to post. But, I wish to provide criticism.

1) The spelling could be improved. But it doesn't get too bad, just the occasional misspell here and there. For example (from the above quote), "pretty easily".
2) Well, you might want to be careful with a self-insert, those can get out of hand. Be sure to give "The Cid of the Yoshis" some flaws as much as pluses.

Still, this is pretty good. You might want to make some paragraph breaks, it can turn into a wall of text. That's all, and keep at it!

Thanks for posting, by the way.
Yes, I need to be more careful with my spelling (sometimes my fingers slip and I make mistakes).
About the "Cid of the Yoshis" thing, let me tell you is a joke. Is like a guy who doesn't want to be called by a short name (like if you didn't like to be called Merc instead of Mercury), but because he has a silly long name, nobody would call him like that (not like my name was Rafael of the Humans or something (or anyone's)). Despite that, I should still be careful, though.

Anyway, after the LONG aclaration, is time for:


It's been a while since the Drawing Forces left New SMW Central's base. They were given the mission to retrieve an important artifact, the Sun Gauntlet which should provide help in the battle against Kuldren. They also met some of the members of the rebel force, which were eager to continue the fight.
Anyway, after a day of moving through the world (and fighting a stray Skratch ambush), night fell on the sky. Being tired by the battle, they decide to sleep and continue until next day.

That night, the team were actually having interesting dreams. Cid dreamed he was sitting in the grass watching the sunset, when a female yoshi sat next to him and putted her head on his shoulder. She seemed to say something to Cid, but he couldn't listen. Alcid had a weird dream were he seemed to be very popular with lots of people. Kiro dreamed with a black dragon who seemed to say something about "power". Sherry dreamed she was in the castle, in her original room, and heard someone knocking at the door; when she opens it, she sees someone with a bunch of flowers in his hand (the identity will be kept a secret) Rafael dreamed he retrieved his notebook, however, when he searched for the others, he found out they were gone. Then he found his friends' weapons all broken, and he woke up. He heard a weird sound coming from the central room, so he decided to go see, armed with his PencilSword. When he arrived, he saw a weird shadow dashing out from the Beetle; it looked like it came from Alcid's room. "OH MY!!! I GOT STOLE!!!!" shouted Alcid. Rafael run to his room to know what happened and got surpeised all the others arrived there almost instantly. "What happened?" asked Kiro. "I suddenly woke up and I saw a weird shadow leaving the room. Then I saw my tool box was gone!! said Alcid, very sad. Rafael commented: "I saw a shadow going out of the Beetle just a moment ago. Maybe its still near the place." They decided to go out and see if they could see the mysterious shadow.

Once they steped out, they saw the shadow running to the west. They made a leap and started to run after it. The shadow seemed to notice it, and started running weird, like trying to confuse them. Cid didn't fell like going in a crazy goose chase, so he concentrated and made a small chunk of rock pop out of the floor almost infront of the shadow. This one went flying into the sky and landed near them. They used a lantern to see the thief. It looked like a blonde human, but with some diferences. He had cat-like ears and a tail. "Oh, a Neko" said Kiro.
Alcid was actually mad. "YOU THIEF!! HAND ME OVER MY STUFF RIGHT NOW!!" he shouted. The Neko said: "I'm sorry. I didn't want to make you mad. I wanted to see if there was a lantern in this box that I could use. I would've returned the box after that." He handed over the tool box. "Why do you want a lantern, Neko?" asked Rafael. "First, my name is Baxter Meao. I wanted the lantern because, I'm ashamed of saying this, I can't see too well in the night. You see, in the town I live, there's been some weird cases of destruction and robbery. I saw a big shadow leaving of the places were that happened just after they happened. I wanted to see what it was so I could stop it" said Baxter.
"Where's your town?" asked Cid. "Northwest from here" answered Baxter. Cid then said: "We are heading in that direction, actually. Maybe we could help you without you stealing us out." "Good!" said Baxter. Suddenly, he saw Sherry. His eyes looked dazed and he started purring. "Well, hello there, preatty thing!! Why didn't I noticed you before?! I'm Baxter Meao, maybe one of the most lovey-dovey Neko's in the world. Could I interest you in going out for some fish one of this days? #w{=D}" "Ugh! What is wrong with you? How do you think one can get intersted with a silly move like that. And sorry, but not interested in animalistic people" answered Sherry, who seemed kind of disgusted. "Well, you can't say that without trying it out" said Baxter, getting closer to her. Bad move. He got a shield bash right in his face.

Well, after the weird night, the group, along with Baxter, arrived to the town. It was a rustic and small town, preatty much as the ones that can be seen in some ancient paintings. Cid aproached someone and asked: "Excuse me, sir. What do you know about incidents occuring in this town?" The man asked: "Ah, yes, we have gotten attacked by some weird shadow. It has also stole lots of stuff. If I recall correctly, maybe it looked like a human, but kind of feline..." He then saw Baxter and exclaimed: "WHY, I'M SURE IT?S HIM!! HE IS THAT CAT GUY WHO USED TO STEAL STUFF TIME AGO!!" Baxter exclaimed: "No! Wait, you must know..." The man didn't listened and shouted to other people: "HEY!! I FOUND THE RESPONSABLE OF THE ATTACKS!! GET HIM!!" Lot's of people ran after him. Baxter putted his hands on the floor and started running out of the town.
After a while, he was standing on top of a hill, catching his breath, when a voice said: "So, you are the shadow after all, and you made the story up so we couldn't ground you." The voice was Cid's, who was standing there along with Rafael. "Okay. I used to steal some food in the past. I mean, I'm a cat. Stealing is kind of natural in me, even if I don't want (I wanted, though. I needed the food). But these recent attacks and robs are not of my hand. They must think it was me because I arrived just after the thing left. It's the truth" said Baxter.
"We really don't know if we should trust you. This is what we will do. We are going to think it was you the one behind the problems, but we will not harm you or anything. We will just tell you to leave this town, so no one can harm you" said Rafael. Baxter looked like he was going to cry, and he ran away. "I kind of feel bad for him. He sounded sincere" said Rafael. "But he sure has a bad fame" concluded Cid.

The group decided to spend the night there and get some supplies. However, in the night, they heard a weird sound coming from an alley. They thought it was Baxter trying to make up something, so they decided to go and see. However, there was no Neko there. In the alley, there was a big Skratch, bigger than the usual ones. It looked kind like a big octopus. The Skratch made a weird sound, and out of nowhere poped a big group of stray Skratches. "So Baxter was saying the truth after all" said Kiro. They didn't had a chance to think about that, because the stray Skratches jumped to attack. They defended themselves in the already known way. But while all this, the OctoSkratch came out and started destroying some buildings. "What should we do? There's a lot of Skratches we have to deal with, and that big one is causing destruction" noted Sherry. Some people tried to flee, but the OctoSkratch noticed it and attacked. They felled to ground waitning the hit, but it never came. Everyone saw surprised how Baxter had appeared and had saved them. He shouted to the team: "You take care of those Skratches! This big guy is mine!" The group accepted the plan.
Baxter ran here and there saving people from the falling pieces of the buildings, and also tried to attack the monster. He didn't did much damage. After a while, swinging one of its tentacles, the big Skratch hitted Baxter. He fell into his knees and seemed tired. He then shouted: "I was going to leave this town, but then I remebered this is my home. I did some bad things in the past, and I have to fix them. I will not fall at you, wicked Skratch. I SHALL BEAT YOU!!" Suddenly, a light shined over Baxter. Suddenly, he saw he had in his hands two chicels, attached to him as claws. He jumped with them on front and cutted on of the Skratch's tentacles. He then fell in a cat frenzy and started attacking the OctoSkratch wildly, until it was cut to pieces. While all this, the others were able to defeat the other Skratches.
The people was glad, and congratulated Baxter for his heroism.

The next day, the team talked with Baxter. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us? You could be a great help" said Alcid. "Sorry friends, I have to stay here and help in fixing my home. I must show these people I'm a good guy" answered Baxter. "No, we are sorry for not bealiving in you" said Cid. "But don't worry, I'm sure we will meet again some day. I'm a cat, after all. We cats love traveling far now and then" said Baxter. Then he saw Sherry again and said: "Besides, I still have a certain lady I have to conquer. Or maybe you are going to say yes?" He got near her and got bashed yet again. "Isn't she just lovely? #w{=P}" he said. And the group laughed together. Then, they hoped in the Titan Beetle and continued their quest.

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This is looking cool, Man! I'll be waiting for more of this~!
Guess what?


Time for...!!!!


A day since the team met Baxter Meao. After some more traveling, the Beetle arrived to yet again another wood path (who keeps painting so much forests, anyway?). Ok, so the team is forced yet again to walk the path. Good thing they are not tired and they can do so.
In the forest, the team got attacked by a small group of Skratches, but since some time now that has become very repetitive, they erased them quite easilly. However, something seems to be wrong with Rafael. "Are you feeling right? Did you got Paperflu?" asked eagerly Sherry. "No, is only that..." Rafael took a deep breath and said: "I've been here for quite a long of time. I'm starting to feel home sick. Besides, my family must be worried. I never leave for long." Kiro said to Rafael: "You should know, time here doesn't seem to affect the time in real world. When you go back, you will see its exactly the same hour you left. Don't worry for that." Rafael answered: "Okay. I seem to feel more home sick than anything else." After some more walking, they crossed paths with someone. He had kind of curly brown hair and had a guitar with him. Rafael couldn't believe it! That person was actually a familiar face.

"Jacob?! Is that you?!" exclaimed Rafael, while running at the person. "Uh? Oh! Ralph!! Hello!! What are you doing here?!" asked out Jacob. "Well, I could ask you the same question!" said Rafael. "What I'm doing here? Well, is a long story. Let's just say I got here by accident quite some time ago, like when I was still 15 years old. And I got surprised to find a living community of the lyrics of lots of songs I liked. They explained me about this world and teached me a way to come back. And I actually came back several times. Then I discovered this creatures called Skratches and fought them out too. Actually, I came here not a lot of time ago, but I don't seem to be able to return. But enough about me. What's up with you?" tol Jacob. "Well, is kind of a long story. And I know why you can't go back. Let me tell you" said Rafael, and started telling Jacob all of his adventures, with details.

Meanwhile, the others were feeling kind out of place. "He must be very important to him. Look how happy he looks! #ab{¬_¬}" said Sherry. Cid was kind of mad, though. He said: "Yeah, but who keeps talking with a known one before presenting the ones that have been with you for so long?" "Oh, don't be like that. He seemed to really need to see a familiar face" said Kiro. "I might have done that myself" added Alcid. After some time, Rafael walked to them, alongside with Jacob. "Guys" he started to say, "this one here is my cousin Jacob!! He actually knew of this place some time ago!!" The team fastly said hi. However, Alcid noted: "Wow!! You have what it seems the Empowered Guitar!! Another Legendary weapon. But, it looks a little bit different from how I saw it in books." Jacob said: "Yeah!! It was actually different before, but it changed after a certain event." Let me tell you about that, but after we take care of your little pests."

The group suddenly noticed some lightning-like Skratches behind them. Then, they started producing weird noices. Suddenly, they heard two familiar voices in the distance. "Quick!! My little Skratches seem to have found someone!! Must be those pesky rebels!!" "Or, maybe they just found garbage. Reminde me, why did they ditched me with you?" "Because of our fails in our works. Lord Kuldren wants us to have success in at least one mission, and thought we could do the job together. I think he is wrong, because you are clearly not very bright!!" The voices suddenly got to enough distance to be seen. They were from no others than General Tranders and Bardok. They got surprised to see no thers than the Drawing Forces, just standing there. "Well, they found something important, no doubt of that. Guess if we take their heads to Kuldren, he might forgive us and make us work alone again" said Bardok. "Agreed" answered Tranders. He wistled, and a big skratch weilding a shield came along. He was not as big as the OctoSkratch, but was still very big. The group prepared for battle. Suddenly, Jacob said: Could you let me fight those two knuckleheads?" I'm kind of bored and I feel like fighting." "Sure!! Go ahead!!" said Rafael. "But..." tried to say Cid, but got ignored.

They started the battle. We will only say the Drawing Forces divided their work, having Cid and Sheery, with a little help from Alcid, took out the really fast Lightning Skratches, while Kiro and Rafael took out the Shielded Skratch with energy beams from their swords.
What is more interesting right now is Jacob's battle. Bardok tried to hit him with his SharpenAxe, but Jacob dodged it. Tranders ran at him, but also got dodged. Jacob pulled from his back the guitar. He then told them: Do you like music? How about rock? This song is called '
Through the Fire and Flames'!!" He started playing, and from the guitar, it came out a big fire wave!! The two grunts barely dodge it. Jacob run at them and hitted them with the guitar, he then said: "Maybe you want something less rocky and with more relaxed beat. How about 'Ice, Ice baby?'" He started playing again and from their feet, an ice wall trapped their feet. They couldn't move. He finally said: "Ok, I wanted to play some music, now I'm satisfied. What do you say we keep it here and finish off with 'Rock you like a Huricane'?" he played more again, this time making an enormous wind blow, taking the frozen guys flying away. The few Skratches still alive ran behind them. Victory.

After catching some air, Jacob continued what he was saying before the fight: "I was saying, my guitar was a little bit diferent before. It changed after I had a big fight, one I thought I would lose. When it happened, I feeled bad because those days I was thinking music was out of place in this world, and in my duty. However, then I realized that all things I did was thanks to music. I then felt an enormous power going through me; my clothes (wich were only consisting in a simple t-shirt and pants) changed to this ones, and the guitar changed to this one too. Then, I had more power and succeded in my battle. Since then, I have become better. Rafael, you told me your weapons are legendary too. Maybe you might be able to make them stronger if you succed in a hard battle." Rafael aproached him and said: "Yes!! We will become stronger!! Nothing will stop me from getting my notebook back!!"
Cid then told the others: "Now watch how we get ditched." "Uh? #ab{:(} Why do you say that?" asked Sherry. "Come one!" said Cid, "he is his cousin, and he is obviously stronger than all of us. He can get his notebook back faster with him." "Yeah, maybe you are right" said Kiro.
Rafel said to Jacob: "If you don't mind, I will stick with this guys. They are my friends, and we have passed through lots of things now. I want to stay with them." Jacob said: "I think its a good idea. You will not get strong if I help you out. Besides, is good to see you made friends." They waved each other and Jacob continued his path. Rafael saw their friends and said: "Come on!! We have work to do!! And I'm sure I will pass my test before you!!" The others went with him, happy too se he was with them.

Back at the Dark Castle, Tranders and Bardok were talking with Kraven. "Forgive us!! We failed again" they said. "Actually, Lord Kuldren is pleased by your work. Seems like you made them want to become stronger. That will make them get into dangerous situations, and they will surelly die" said Kraven. "Well, we will get stronger too. And when we see again, they will disapear!! both Tranders and Bardok said.

That's it!! Here is the drawing:

See ya next time!!


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What happened with the Sun Gauntlet thing? Well, no more waiting to find out...


The group have found quite a great number of mercenaries recently. Most of them had the same old idea of erasing them for the bounty. All of this ones got relatively easily beaten. However, some weren't after that, and they just were passing by. Two, however, actually aproached them. One was an afroamerican man (he wasn't a Creator) called Bartley. He was there because from New SMW Central they had send him to deliver food to the team. Another one was some girl called Melody. This one actually was searching for them to ask about were was Livepool, as she REALLY wanted to make a team with him (she seemed to have a crush on him). The team avoided saying they thought he was death, and only said they didn't know. However, after some more time traveling, they actually got a surprise.

It was mid day. The team were actually discussing about who was the one that was going to get the Sun Gauntlet. "Well, it will be obviously me the chosen one. I mean, I have the PencilSword..." said Rafael. "Why are you so sure? I think the Sun Gauntlet runs with Imaginum, and who is the best with Imaginum here? Oh, that's right! ME!!" said Cid. "No, no no. I'm sure the Gauntlet will choose the strongest one of us. That would be me" noted Kiro. "Sherry, why haven't you said something?" asked Alcid. "I don't really care who gets the Gauntlet. As long any of us gets it, I'm happy" answered Sherry. Suddennly, someone knocked at the door.
The surprise was that the one who was knocking was no other than Livepool himself!! He was alive!! "LIVEPOOL!! You are actually here, and not dead!!" all the group exclaimed. "You really tought I would die? Ja ja!! It's needed more than a supersized robot with big blades to take me out. By the way, Dual Blade wasn't defeated, actually. After a while, he just smashed through the rocks and ran away, not very manly (or manly robot, whatever). Anyway, I'm here because my job actually got updated. I now have the duty to make sure you get your important gauntlet. I actually got ahead of you and already localized were it is. Is inside of a ruined temple, not very far from here. I shall show you the way!!" finally stopped saying Livepool.

After of like an hour of walking (even MORE woods (#ab{>_<})), the Drawing Forces arrived to what it seemed an
impresive ruined temple (NOT in the sky). They actually were impressed by the greatness of that place. They could only imagine the purpose of that place (of course, if you saw the Link, you know what was used for (jeje, Link, get it? ... Ok, move forward). After contemplating it for a while, they finally decided to aproach. They walked up some stairs. However, after finishing going up. They saw someone waiting for them. Kraven.

"Greetings, from me and Lord Kuldren. You might remember me?" asked Kraven. The group (except Alcid and Livepool) got on guard. "Yes, we remember. You are the one who came to save that Janice. Are you here to eliminate us?" asked Rafael. "Well, I think that can be said. But also, I must not let you get the Sun Gauntlet. That wicked artifact... Whatever. Let's get into this" said Kraven. He then made a weird move hand, and from nowhere, some Skratches appeared (they were a combination of Dagger Skratches, Pear Skratches and Lightning Skratches). "Um, what should we do?" asked worried Sherry. Livepool said: "Well, you can worry only for that Kraven guy. Leave all the skratchy Skratches to me!!" He then jumped out, and started taking out Skratches with great agility using his katanas. The others (not Alcid) ran towards Kraven. He didn't moved at all. When they were about to hit him, he moved his hand in an incredible speed, and knocked off the four of them. He then took out what it seemed a sickle. He then shouted: "This shall be the end of the line for you!!" Kiro then said: "Cid, Sherry, Alcid!! You run inside of the temple and retrieve the Sun Gauntlet. We will stay here and fight this clown. Whoever takes it, that doesn't matter. Get it and bring it with you. And help us out with its power!!" The three agreed and ran inside. Kraven tried to stop them, but Rafael shoot an ice rock to him. He then got mad, and went at the two swordmen.

Inside, Sherry was fealing anxious. "We shouldn't let them. I don't know if they can make it. Maybe is my female intuition, but he seems to be far more powerful than anyone else. I'm going back to help them" she said. "Sherry!! Focus!! If he as powerful as you think, then we do little difference. We must get the gauntlet so we may have a chance" said Cid.
Meanwhile, outside ocurred a fierce battle. Livepool was still erasing out Skratches. None of them seemed to be able to touch him (fast as he was). He kept talking while fighting, but since what he said was silly and unimportant, we will omit it (besides, it was a LOT of talking). Meanwhile, Rafael and Kiro were fighting Kraven. He, indeed, was incredibly powerful. None of their attacks were succesful. And he had to barely do something to knock them out. After a while, Kiro started getting mad. Mad at him and to the situation. Suddenly, his face changed once again, and an almost transparent black aura surrounded him. He then jumped out and started attacking fiercely. Kraven had to make a bigger effort to protect himself. While this, Rafael noticed the aura, but thought Kiro was getting a boost of power from the PenCalibur. He then started charging energy from the PencilSword. Kiro was fighting odly. He seemed more savage and berserk. Kraven swinged his sickle and pushed of Kiro. He knocked his head. He came back to his senses again, with normal face and all. By that time, Rafael shoot an energy beam from the Pencil Sword, and actually hitted Kraven. After getting up, he seemed to get mad and started charging energy.

Meanwhile, the other three kept going into the temple, fighting some more Skratches, from the stray type. Finally, at the end of a corridor, they found it. The Sun Gauntlet. "So this is the Sun Gauntlet... So who will get it, anyway?" said Cid. He hadn't stopped talking when the Gauntlet started to move. It floated off from its pedestal and flew fast towards them.
Kiro and Rafael kept fighting (so was Livepool). However, after a struggle, they both got kncoked to the floor, with Kraven pointing them with his sickle. "Game Over" he said. He swinged his weapon. Suddenly, an energy beam hitted him. From the entrance of the temple, Sherry, Alcid and Cid were standing in a defence stand. Shining out, the Sun Gauntlet was perfectly equiped on Cid. He was the one who shoot the beam from the Gauntlet. Kraven prepared to continue, but suddenly, a voice was heard from everywhere. "You finished for today, Kraven. I'm bringing you back." The voices was Lord Kuldren's. Kraven dissapeared from there.

Livepool finished the last Skratch. Rafael and Kiro aproached the others. "Jeje!! So it was you, after all" said Rafael to Cid. "Yes, and I actually feel the power of this thing when it got on me. Now we are prepared to knock out Lord Kuldren. And I must add: I love the Sun Gauntlet!! It's so bad!!" exclaimed Cid. He then tried to shoot another beam, but the Gauntlet made a weird noice, and smoke came out from it. "And I mean, its REALLY bad!! Now I don't feel any power!! What's wrong with this thing?" complained Cid. Kiro seemed to be worried. He felt bad when the dark aura was on him. He was feeling, like he was losing himself. Rafael then said: "Maybe you are using the Gauntlet wrong. We should head back to New SMW Central. Maybe they know what to do." They hoped on the Beetle, and headed back. Livepool had dissapeared some time ago. He left a note saying he was going to search for some "churros" and they would surely met again some other day.

Meanwhile, at Lord Kuldren's castle, Kraven aproached the still mysterious Lord Kuldren. "I'm truly sorry, Lord Kuldren. I failed in my mission" said Kraven. "No. You were completely sucsesfull. The idea of this incursion was to test their strenghts. The information is way better that I thought, including that weird thing with that guy Kiro. As I told you, you didn't use your full power. And about the Gauntlet, that yoshi is way far from learning how to really use it. You can leave now" answered Kuldren. "Master, with all respect, why do you keep them alive? You should let me get rid of them" said Kraven. "That will come with time, and not necesarilly from your hand." Just be patient. That day is closer that you think" ended Kraven.

End of this Chapter. Here's the Drawing:

Actually, here it as drawing of Kraven himself.

Ok, that's for today. See you next time!!


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The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Okay, here comes a weird chapter. There's always an episode with certain event happening, and this is it:


In Lord Kuldren's Castle, something is going on. "Can you believe it? All four of us (I don't care what Kraven said, he totally did it too) got defeated by a lame group of youngsters" said Janice. "You know what is worse? Lord Kuldren seems to want to leave them alone" said Bardok. "He must have his reasons, guys. We don't know what happens through his glorious mind" answered Tranders. Janice then said: "Well, I'm sick of waiting for a chance. I'll go and do some work of my own." "Working alone and out of the orders, eh Janice?" said Bardok, "when Kraven and Kuldren find out, we will have to search for a new henchman." "You wait and see. I have a plan that will give us an excedent in henchmen" mysteriously ended Janice.

Meanwhile, back at the Tiatan Beetle, Sherry was having a conversation with Alcid. "So you know lots of stuff about machines, Alcid" said Sherry, "but what about Imaginum?" "Well, I have to admit, I'm almost blank in knowledge about Imaginum. The study of invisible and practically not workable energy of our world is something far from my reach. I actually tried getting good in it, but is not easy" said Alcid. Suddenly, the Beetle seemed to crash to something. Both of them and the others went out to see. A huge rock was on their way, and the Beetle just crashed. "Weird, that rock wasn't there a while ago" said Kiro. Suddenly, they heard a voice saying: "Hello now, little pests!!" They turned and saw Janice standing there. "You again?! And you just messed with the Beetle again!" shouted Cid. "She must want to completly loose this time" said Rafael. Janice said: "Actually, I plan to win without doing a single attack on you myslef. Because I, Janice, master of Imaginum, has learned quite the nice trick. I now have the abilty to infuse an especific wave of Imaginum, that will cause one of you to totally fall in love with me, and I can make him do what I please." "WHAT? That's totally imposible!!" said Cid. "Perhaps for you, my annoying yoshi friend. And don't worry, you are not the one targeted for this action. That will be the one who almost beated me last time. Glasses boy, come at me!!" she ended.

Suddenly, from her emanated a big Imaginum Wave, that knocked all five of them. After the wave, Kiro standed up. "So, how do you feel?" asked Janice. Kiro said nothing. He suddenly jumped and attacked her. She barely dodged it. "WHAT?! Why aren't you dazzled by me?" asked surprised Janice. "I don't know, maybe because your lame trick didn't work out" said Kiro. Rafael, Cid and Alcid standed up and saw that they were not feeling anything strange either. Janice couldn't believe it. She said: "This can't be happening!! I can't fail with Imaginum! Just... just wait here for a while! I'll be back with a correct wave!!" She dissapeared. "Wow, she tottaly blundered!!" Cid said.

The four went to see the Beetle. "It's quite damaged" said Alcid, "will take me a good time to repair it." Cid suddenly said: "Wait, were is Sherry?" He turned around to see her laying unconcious in the floor. He and Rafael ran to her. Cid tried to wake her up. She did and said: "Are you all right?" "Yes we are" answered Rafael. Suddenly, her eyes showed surprised. She was seeing Rafael in a dazzeled way. She got on her feet and kept watching him. He then asked: "Are you alright?" Out of nowhere, and surprising everyone there, Sherry suddenly hugged Rafael. "WHAT!! WHAT THE... SHE IS HUGGING ME!!! SHE IS HUGGING ME!!!" he shouted. Her closed eyes seemed quite happy, as well as her mouth. She then said: "Oooh!! Hug me too, please!! I would love you to hug me!! Actually,
I LOVE YOU!!" Rafael's eyes blanked out. Kiro was between shocked and akward. Alcid looked like he was seeing a cute puppy. Cid was quite angry.

Rafael woke up a while later, only to find Sherry seeing him with happy eyes. "Did you slept well, honey?" she asked in a happy way. Rafael came up with a jump and ran towards Cid and asked: "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? WHY IS SHE SUDDENLY LIKE THIS?" Cid answered: "I don't know. I'm actually surprised about this behaivor. This is totally wrong." "Maybe the wave Janice did actually had an effect. But it seems it only affected Sherry, and made her be all sticked to you, Rafael" said Kiro. "Maybe that's what happened. Now, what we have to do is to bring her back to normal. Because this situation in unaceptable. Alcid, do you have a machine that can clean out this kind of stuff?" said Cid. Alcid answered: "Sorry, but Imaginum is my weak point. Maybe if I analize the wave with my Imagimometer I can get to something. But if I say the true, I think you two do a cute couple!! #ab{:)}" "Could you please stop saying nonesenses and help out?! I'm not pleased with this!!" said Rafael, getting hugged from behind.

Some hours passed. Things for Rafael were quite complicated. The only moments he could be alone was when he was going to the bathroom, but once he came out, there was Sherry again, who didn't lose time and kept hugging him. Alcid couldn't do a thing to help, because he was very busy fixing the Beetle. Cid and Kiro were working on their own, reading books to find a way to bring her back to normal.

After a while, Rafael tried to escpae through the door, but was unsucsesfull. The others went out after them. While they were at this, sudenlly Janice returned. "I'm back, pests!! #ab{>:} This time I shall finish you!!" she said. She heard and seemed really mad. "What about the "intelligent" idea of making us fall in love with you?" asked Kiro. "Forget it!! That was truly imposible. I shall stick on destroying you!!" she said. She then made an earthquake and send them all flying. She was truly stronger that before.

Kiro tried attacking. He was kind of sucsesfull, as she really struggled to protect herself. Cid tried some Imaginum attacks, only one hitting. Rafael threw several times the PencilSword and was almost sucsesfull. Alcid kept working on the Titan Beetle. Cid tried shooting a energy beam from the Sun Gauntlet, sucsesfully hitting Janice. She looked really mad and started doing a tremendous lightning storm. Cid tried to shoot again, but the Gauntlet just didn't worked. "Oh, come on!! Work silly thing!!" he shouted. Rafael was about to jump to attack Janice, when Sherry jumped in front of him. "Want to see the earings I made for both of us?" she happilly asked. A lightning went towards them, and Rafael pushed her out of the way. The impact after it sent them flying. While fighting, Kiro started feeling weird again. He felt a weird and great power all over him. The black aura returned, his look went different again, and kept fighting, more wildly that before. Cid didn't put attention to that and continued his attack.

Rafael had fallen backwards, with Sherry on top of him. When she noticed it, her eyes changed to something akward. Rafael was REALLY scared, specially when she said: "You know what? It's time for a kiss." She started getting near. Janice made a bigger lightning and threw it towards the savage Kiro, who barely deflected it with the PenCalibur. The hit make him fall, and he returned to normal. The delflected lightning went towards Sherry and Rafael, and almost hitted them. They went flying to different directions. Rafael passed out. Sherry came up and saw Janice. Her face turned to a really angry one and said: "Wait a minute!! That attack was for me!! #ab{O_O} She wants to get rid of me so she can have Rafael for her own!!" Cid heard that, and said: "Yes, Sherry!! That's all her plan!! She wants Rafael for her own!!" Sherry faced turned to one with absolute rage. She got her EraserShield and went to attack Janice.
The fight... It was brutal... Sherry gave Janice no mercy. All her attacks toward Sherry were blocked completly. She kept attacking madly. Janice had no other choice that to flee.

"Ok, we got rid of her" said Cid, "but how do we bring Sherry to normal now?" Just when he finished saying that, a weird light shined from the Sun Gauntlet. Sherry started moving her head and said: "Uh, why are you all so beaten? What happened?" Alcid asked: "Uh... What do you remember?" Sherry answered: "I just remember Janice saying something about a wave to make Kiro fall in love with her. And that's all." "Wow!! She was acting weird, and sudenlly, the Sun Gauntlet make her act normal again. That's a relief, but what's this Gauntlet's problem?"#ab{>_<} said Cid. "Acting weird? What do you mean?" asked Sherry. "Let's just say Rafael will be happy when he wakes up and we tell him" said Kiro, who seemed odly quiet (more than usual).

In Kuldren's castle, Kuldren was personally grounding Janice: "You didn't just disobeyed yet again, but you also failed in your work. You are now in thin ice, let me tell you. If you ever do this again, I'll make sure you will want to get erased." Janice had an ashamed look in her face. "And about wanting the one with the PenCalibur at our side" he added, "don't worry. I'm sure he might come to us eventually." After saying those words, a weird shadow passed behind them.

That night, Sherry went to talk to Alcid (the Beetle was repaired, by the way). She found him busy with lot's of papers. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I was trying to figure out your "special" problem from earlier. As I told you, I'm very bad with Imaginum. My Imagimometer gave some results I compared with writings about Imaginum and its effects. And what I found must be truly false. I found out that the intensity and type of wave from Janice was not meant to make someone fall in love. It was supposed to make the target's deep true fellings come out in a exagerated way. But that wouldn't make any sense, because once it had passed, you would totally remember everything, and you don't. Guess I need to become better with Imaginum if I plan to help in more ways" he mentioned. Sherry then said she was tired, said goodbye to Alcid, and went to her room, with a face of someone who is keeping a secret.

That's the end. Interesting uh? Anyway, here is the drawing. I actually had fun doing it:

That's all. See ya!!


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This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Originally posted by the latest chapter
She heard and seemed really pissed off.

This seems really out of place. If you plan to use expletives, please use it as part of a ticked off character's dialogue.

EDIT: Ignore this, please, as it's out dated

Anyway, are you starting a romantic subplot? I'll probably skip any further parts of said subplot if it goes further. Keep it if you want, don't let my personal opinion on romantic (sub)plots affect yours.

Still, the latest chapter is pretty good. Keep up the good work.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Originally posted by the latest chapter
She heard and seemed really pissed off.

This seems really out of place. If you plan to use expletives, please use it as part of a ticked off character's dialogue.

explain please.

I agree about the romantic subplot considering that one of the characters is a self-insert

ask me about my VASTLY SUPERIOR music taste and style~
"I got a feeling!!"
"Something is going to staaaaaaart!!"
Ejem, sorry about that. Let's do this already:


The team just passed the town were they met Baxter. He wasn't there. They asked the people about him, and learned he actually went searching for them, as he needed to say them something. He must have got lost (which is weird, considering cats don't get lost...)

Anyway, since the battle against Janice (and the weird situation with Sherry) Cid has been quite distant. While traveling, he seems to always be locked in his room, and the others have only see him now and then getting some food and returning to his room. It's not excesive to say the others have become worried about this. "I wonder what's wrong with him" said Rafael. Sherry said: "I'm sure he is trying to make the Sun Gauntlet to work properly." They thought about it for a while, then Kiro said: "Well, I'm not sure that's the case. The few times we have seen him, he is always with a sad look on his face. I'm sure is something else." After saying that, the four stayed quiet for a while. "I'm going to talk with him" finally said Sherry. Then she leaved the central room and headed to Cid's room.

She knocked at the door. Cid ipened it quite fast. His face showed a very sad feeling. "Please come in" he said.
"Um... we were wondering what was wrong with you, since we have seen you very little this days" said Sherry. Cid took a deep breath and said: "You know what day is today, don't you?" "Um... Wednesday?" she said with confusion. "Well, yes, but that's not it. Today is the second year since the Creatiria Kingdom's destruction" he answered. Sherry then exclaimed: "Oh, right!! So you are feeling nostalgic?" "That's not it, actually" he said, "I've been thinking about all we have passed since then. And I.... I'm starting to feel nothing is of use at all." "What do you mean?" asked Sherry. Cid looked through the window, and prepared to do a big speach.

"Try remembering what happened. To both of us. The only place we called home is no more. Since we leaved that place, all kinds of dangers have aproached us. We escaped some. We had to fight others. Remember about our original idea. We were going to escape to Fanart World. But the place got blocked absolutely. In the end, the only thing we had was to make Lord Kuldren pay for his plans. But still, I can't stop thinking about what we lost in Fanart World. Specially Tina. Oh Tina..... She... she said yes, you know? The last time I saw her, I wanted to having her traveling with me to the castle. In the end, I decided to go there by myself. But she... she told me we will stay together the next time I returned. I was so happy those days. I couldn't wait to finish that work period to return with her. But then, this had to happened. I know one shouldn't seek revange, as it only takes to a destructive path. But why do this had happened to me? It must be my fault. She must have wanted me to stay. I should've have stayed. Then, we started this quest. We met Rafael that day, and saw an oportunity to make things right. Then also Kiro joined, and got the PenCalibur. Even Alcid, and the New SMWCentral crew were all eager to continue. But I just noticed, nothing of what we have done has done a change. Look at that Kraven. His power is huge. I could feel he wasn't fighting at full power. Our work has become numb. And this... this pathetic Gauntlet is the proof of this. We traveled this far and passed all dangers, to get something that doesn't work. I.. I can't take this any longer."

Meanwhile, up ahead in the path they were taking, a big Shadow was doing something. It was Bardok. He was given a special potion from Kraven, to use it in the path they were at. The potion, he said, would atract a very special monster, one that should finish the Drawing Forces once and for all. He used the potion on the floor, and he leaved.

Back at Cid's room, he had just finished talking. "I... I don't know what to say #w{=|}" said a sad Sherry. "You don't need to say anything, Sherry. I just need you, to not judge me about this" he gloomy said. He standed up from his bed, went out of his room, and without even turning to see the others, he leaved the Titan Beetle. "Um... what just happened?" asked Alcid. Sherry looked down, and said: "He... he just quit."

To be continued.........?

Here is the drawing:

See you next time.... or not...

PS: Thanks to the ones who are actually reading this!! You have make me want to continue doing it! And thanks for the productive feedback you have give me too! What's your thoughts about the story so far? Don't be shy and share it.

Ok, see ya!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Huh. I have a good knowledge of stories, so I can see how this sudden Wham Episode is going to be fixed.

Anyway, good job! You definitely emulated depression very well, as well as regret. Oh yeah, are you going to give some days in the limelight for a few of the so far one time/supporting characters?
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