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ADE (ASM Development Environment)
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I kind of feel weird about releasing this already but:

ADE (pronounced as 'aid') is a ASM editor I have been working on for a while now. It is written in python so it is open source and (should) work(s) on other OSes. It is still a WIP so they probably is bugs in it, but tell me how it is:

.EXE for windows

Current features:
Syntax Highlighting:
- You can turn it enable and disable it depending on how you like it
- You can change the colors, opcodes, and a few other things
Opcode and RAM/ROM defs:
- Changeable
- They can also be disabled
- I included the SMW maps
- Customize-able
- Can be easily organized
- Once again I included some for SMW
Changeable command line options
Changeable emulatators and dbuggers
RAM/ROM Maps are also changeable
You can setup projects:
- Each project can have different command line options/emulators/maps
Can open files by default

Some things I have planned:
Might add a tool bar at some point
goto label
Code folding
macro support
moveable tabs
maybe add useful things like snes2pc, snes colors, etc.

so yeah... tell me what you think... and still keep in mind this is a WIP
Pretty neat (Although Qt guis tend to make me sad), a few things I've noticed with quick testing:

It would be neat if you could set up a table based highlighter. Since I use bass, things look pretty weird on my end. Also, when I add bit widths to my opcodes, they get interpretted as labels and so are a different color and I no longer get the tooltips while hovering on those opcodes.

In that same vein, it would be nice to add regex as a possibility for highlighting as well, That way we could highlight things like "#$xx" and "$xx" without having to add a new rule for each possible value. It would also be good to have multiple classes of opcodes, so not all opcodes are the same colors, so that you can differentiate them.

I don't know if this is you or my system, but the font defaulted to Sans Serif, which tends to be a horrific font for coding. It should probably default to the system monospaced font.

It looks like you probably used static positioning and size for your widgets, which makes it look like this on my system:

I'm not entirely sure how Qt handles it, but there should be an equivalent to Gtk's H/VBox and grids that would allow them to grow to fit content. Also the windows are static size, which is a very Java thing to do. If you use boxes/grids (layouters? layouts? whatever they are called in Qt) you should be able to allow the windows to grow to as large as the user wants them. This was a big problem in the old status effect, which you could see any time you tried to run it without using the default windows XP theme.

When I press load project, it immediately closes all my tabs, so even if I press cancel, I have to go through and reopen them all. I suspect that is not desired behavior.

Snippets don't seem to respect indentation. Rather than using the user's indentation level, it just uses it's own, which ends up making it look like this:
        ;AXY = 8-bit.
!Type = $1747		;$1747 = Extended sprites,
				;$B6 = Regular sprites.
				;$182C = Minor extended sprites.

		STZ $00		;initialize scratch RAM
		LDA $76
		EOR $7B
		BPL +
		LDA $7B
		STA $00
+		LDA #$10
		LDY $76
		BNE +
		EOR #$FF
+		CLC
		ADC $00
		STA !Type,x	;Store into somespritetype's X speed

which I then have to fix. If you would make it detect the Whitespace before the cursor and just insert that before each line, I suspect that would make it much easier.

A default tab width of 12 is pretty odd. I would go with either 4 or 8. It would also be nice to have an option to replace tabs with spaces when the user presses the tab button.

When I change the file and ctrl+z all the way back to the beginning, it still says the file has been edited. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to change it back to not edited if it returns to it's original state.

All the templates seem to be connected to the same bit of code. No matter which one I try to insert, it just inserts the code I posted above.

Erm... I think that's it. Shaping up pretty nicely, though I don't know if it can sway me from Sublime Text.
Analyzing this tool.
Looks like the same tool from Iceguy.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Analyzing this tool.
Looks like the same tool from Iceguy.

What are you even talking about? What tool from Iceguy (now NesquikBunny)? Are you talking about that rumored sprite thing he's making that might be released in two years? This tool looks more like something for ROM and RAM addresses to make specifying things in ASM easier.

@Wii - Mind saying what this was intended to be used for? Simply asm editing? It definately doesn't look like anything you can use to actually make ASM. #w{=P}

Your layout has been removed.
Did you even look at the program?
It's a text editor with ASM syntax highlighting (color coding) and ASM related features, similar to the tool Iceguy made quite a while ago, that did about the same.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by leod
Did you even look at the program?
It's a text editor with ASM syntax highlighting (color coding) and ASM related features, similar to the tool Iceguy made quite a while ago, that did about the same.

Yeah, I took a look at the program. Couldn't make it out because I lack any ASM knowledge.

I didn't know Iceguy made a tool similar to this, so that's what Roberto was referring to. Interesting.

Your layout has been removed.
Although this is a very helpful tool to me and I use it often, the actual ADE.exe process freaks out my virus protection. Is there a line of code in the program that flags the Anti-Virus protection?

EDIT: Super bump is super bump. Didn't realize the date until I already hit post. Oops, sorry bout that.
Well since you noticed the bump already...
Anyway, many programms here on SMWC flag anti virus software for whatever reason. You could try turning the av off, runngin the programm, and turning it back on. For avast, that sometimes makes it realize the programm doesn't want to eat my brains :3

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Or you can just make it ignore the folder you put the program in if you have a half-decent one.

Could you add support for the SM64 ROM and RAM Maps too?

Tarek701 is dead.
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