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All purpose generic palette editor (open beta release)

Maybe some of you remember my old C3 thread about working on a palette editor. Well I finally finished it (save for a few features) and am hereby releasing it! Because there are still one or two important features I wanted to add, I'm not making this an "official" release, but more an open beta where I ask all those interested to try it out and let me know what they think. Everything else is complete and, as it stands, the editor is fully functional and should cover every standard demand the hacking community would want to use it for in the realm of palette editing.

Originally posted by Readme.txt
The generic palette editor is designed to perform every feasible task needed for palette editing.

*Create new palettes with desired number of colors (blank files or from copied data)
*Support for .tpl, .pal, .mw3, .bin, all SNES ROM types, and SNES9x and ZSNES save states
*Archives recently opened files for easy access
*Full undo/redo support
*Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete support
*Find and Goto support
*Invert colors
*Customizable settings
*MDI interface for editing multiple palettes at once
*Full mouse and keyboard user interface
*PC Address displayed for reference
*Zoom settings from 8x to 32x
*Modifiable row and column display

Planned Features:
*"Replace colors" dialog
*More editing effects
*Any bug fixes
*Popular community requests

Submission 3: Link
This version should fix issues reported by imamelia and ladida. Big thanks to ladida for reporting all XP issues for me. Program should run fine now on XP for any users who were having trouble with that earlier.

I want to stress that I would really enjoy community input on this. It's the only way I can make it the best of the best for everyone who actually wants to use it.

Yes, I do plan on making a GFX editor too. I will begin work on it when I get into winter break and release the first stable build of this editor.

Yes, I do plan on releasing the source code. I will release it along with the first stable release of the editor.

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launching the executable does nothing for me :(_:(

the old version ran fine

cant think of any requests atm though, everything you listed seems like its good enough
What do you mean by "does nothing?"

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i double-click it and nothing happens. in task manager, i can see the program loads but then disappears quickly.

if it doesnt happen with anyone else then its prolly just something on my end. brb asking #serioushax
Hm, it's throwing an exception when I try to open a palette file. This is what it says. Do I have an outdated version of the .NET framework or what? It looks like a permission error...

Beyond that, it seems pretty cool. I could see this being especially useful for palette ExAnimation, since you can do both horizontal and vertical gradients and can lighten or darken colors. Though if you change the window size, does the color data reflect that? If, say, I'm animating 6 colors that each have 8 frames, so I make the palette 6 colors wide and 8 colors tall, can I take the hex data from the resulting .mw3 file and copy it directly into an ExGFX file without reordering it? (The data is supposed to go in order by color and then by frame, so C1F1, C2F1, C3F1, C4F1, C5F1, C6F1, C1F2, C2F2, C3F2, etc.)


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Oh whoops that was a debug item I left in. Fixed version in first post and here.

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thanks to swr pmspam i can run the program now #smw{:peace:}

works excellently, i'd say its ready for release as-is. like i mentioned before, i cant really think of anything you could add.

maybe some sleep will bring ideas
Works like a charm for me. I can tell how much effort must have gone into this - great job!

Really, the only suggestion I have is to implement reset buttons on the hue/saturation/etc sliders.

Great work! We needed an invert color button. Maybe this can input into next Lunar Magic?