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Mario & Luigi in the Koopa Attack - Bravercoolio44

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Hack Name: Mario & Luigi in the Koopa Attack
Creator: Bravercoolio44
Verdict: Denied

Reasons To Deny:
- In general the hack looks horrible. Bad or wrong palettes, bad graphics, cutoff, floating munchers, etc.
- Areas that just look like a death trap in general (Kaizo-ish).
- Boring sections that don't have hardly any enemies and or predictable design.

- Title Screen: Bad palettes on the letters.
- Introduction: Bad palettes on the bricks and why are the bricks even there?
- OW: Best part of the hack, though ahrd to tell which paths are unlocked and which are not?
- Level 104: Just like before in the introduction, bricks in the trees?
- Level 105: Bad look for the Secret Exit Tape. Boring water section. Also a sublevel that is almost like the original game and these pits to the right of Mario are not escapable.

- Level 14: Big Mario Discrimination with the plants. Don't do this. Also on the OW, it's Green but it's supposed to be Yellow.
- Level 106: No floating munchers, the munchers can be skipped that are spaced two apart from each other. Cutoff against the tape and Cement Blocks.
- Level 103: Bad palettes and possibly bad graphics(?) Boring design for the most part, needs more enemies.
- Level 101: Bad cutoff against the pipes. Also way too short and don't do this ...

Ok, so first of all. It is not horrible. Second of all, it is my 1st rom hack. 3rd of all if it is denied could I PLEASE! get the rom back?
Originally posted by cstutor89

There you go.
Well well well, This hack has a new home at media fire. I will only get hacks and tools here for now on.
Originally posted by Bravercoolio44
Well well well, This hack has a new home at media fire. I will only get hacks and tools here for now on.
The hack submission guidelines and moderation standards have changed drastically since the removal of this hack. No reason to feel bitter. If you want, I could moderate your next submission, but I'm gonna ask that you be somewhat receptive to suggestions. We'd hate to see you go. And I don't think your hack will be easily found on Mediafire. ):

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