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K-16 - Story of Steel (a hack that has nothing to do with Mario)
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Be sure to play the C3 Demo!

This is K-16 - Story of Steel, a sequel to my recently released hack, Sicari.

K-16 is a robot. She is the assistant of an assassin named Sicari, who has recently defeated an evil demon named Niscura, saving the universe. However, not long afterwards, the peace once again begins to dissolve, after aliens attack Moonlight City, Sicari being the target of the invasion. K-16 infiltrates the Alien Spaceship, and meets a human assassin who commanded the attack. After the assassin flees, K-16 ventures across the galaxy in attempt to stop these invasions and find out the identity of this mysterious assassin...

This hack is in very early progress, with only a small portion of the first level made. I'm using Sicari as the base hack, so I don't have to reinsert all of the ASM, Sprites and other stuff. But I did get some screenshots.

This is the first level, which takes place aboard the alien spaceship, which is headed into space. K-16 must take control of it, so she can chase down the mystery assassin. If you remembered K-16 from Sicari, you'll notice that she looks a lot better here. I'm happy with how her GFX turned out.

I will also show my overworld so far. Yeah, it's crap, but that's why I'm showing everyone. As you can see, it is the galaxy, and on her adventure, K-16 will visit different planets, spaceships, moons and asteroids. I also need to do some research on the Galactic Center, as a level will take place there. I need help to make this look good.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll be back with more updates, when I have more to show and when I've cleaned my file bin.

Please comment and give feedback!
I imagine this will have a similar feel to your previous hack. It looks quite good actually although I am not sure about using your previous hack as a base but I will see soon the results. Good luck on the hack #ab{:)}.
Thanks, Everest! ^.^ I used my other hack as a base, as it already had everything I needed. (The HP patch, and the other many tweaks I put in there)
Those graphics. *drools*
The galactic center should probably be late in the game, seeing as it's got supermassive black holes and huge, tightly packed stars with no chance of having planets.

Using Sicari as the base ROM seems a good idea, as it was mostly glitch free. I'm looking forward to playing this, that's for sure. #w{=)}

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
These are great news! I did not yet finish playing it, but Sicari already was one of the Hacks, I liked that much, that I played it without any Savestates or rewinds (so far #w{=P}), and I am extremely glad you continue working on such a promising "game series" - The "setup" for Sicari was nice, so using it as the base shouldn´t be too much of a problem... You are still going to draw new GFX aren´t you? #w{=)}

C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


I don't see a problem in using a base ROM, as long as it's a fresh game, so this is going to be a good work for sure. I'll be waiting for it!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Originally posted by CidYoshi
I don't see a problem in using a base ROM

Usually in most cases it isn't that great to do for various reasons but in this case it isn't really a problem as this hack seems to be similar to Sicari (not really much difference so the chances of having problems are low).

*wipes eyes*

Yay! A sequel to thát awesome game Sicari! Your unique graphical style and interesting design made the hack one of the most original I've ever played. It was worth every minute waiting/playing. Once I saw this being something, I couldn't resist clicking and posting here. I wish you good luck with the making of this sequel and I hope it'll be just as good or even better then it's previous.
Wow, that looks and sounds really cool o:
I didn't play Sicari but I really like the screenshots even though there isn't much stuff shown xD
Good job!

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
Hi everybody! A bit of a bigger update today. First off, are some more screens from the first level.

Yes, Bombiboms are the only enemies to make their return from the last hack.

Next is the title screen. It's not quite finished (Note the border, and the lack of the subtitle under "K-16"), but I'm happy with it so far.

And the last image, I've improved the Overworld (Or Overgalaxy) and it actually looks more how it should.

I need some ideas though. Seeing as how paths will look stupid on this OW, does any way how I can represent the available directions to move in? Levels will be represented by flashing stars. Speaking of which, how would everyone like me to do the level names? I want to name the planets and stars, but that might just make backtracking confusing, as they are purely fictional.

Tomorrow, I'll try and show off the first planet

That's all, please comment and give feedback!
I adore that title screen and over world! I'm really excited about this!
One of the truly original works here. I really like the contents of the screenshots. The galaxy idea seems interesting although I have no idea how the paths would be represented (well you could use that custom overworld sprite that points in which areas and paths you can move around but it may not be a really good idea).
How about a spiral path from one edge into the galactic center, with entrances leading to smaller star clusters in submaps.
The path animation would be the individual clouds joining together until it looks like there's a few spiral arms. You could fit quite a few worlds in that.

Loving the screens, as ever. Keep it up!

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
I thought of something else - Wasn't there a patch that allowed free movement on the overworld? That way, I can also arrange the stars and planets in a more realistic, arrangement.

Please let me know if that's a good idea.
Originally posted by Eevee
I thought of something else - Wasn't there a patch that allowed free movement on the overworld? That way, I can also arrange the stars and planets in a more realistic, arrangement.

Please let me know if that's a good idea.

Hmm but it would be kinda akward to see a character walking on black space, so you might have to change the overworld then.

But anyways, I love this hack so far! I've been following the progress of Sicari, although I didn't play it, and this looks like you did even improve your graphic skills :3 Because I thought Sicari had levels which looked kinda "confusing" graphic-wise, I don't remember exactly why. But you didn't do that here so far, it's looking really awesome o:

Well, I love hacks which keep the feeling of the original game leveldesign- + graphicswise, but of course also those ones (like this one) which change it completey. The graphics and atmospheres need to fit together though, but you'll do that well like in Sicari! :3 Keep up the good work ^^
Haven't finished the Spaceship, however I did begin the first Planet, which is called Oreo. It is a rocky, and hostile planet, with a toxic atmosphere, where no human could ever stand a chance of surviving.

Here's how the level looks so far.

I will also be using boos for this level, only diffrence is, they will ALWAYS home in on K-16. The boo replacement is seen on the last screenshot.

More coming soon, please comment and give feedback! ^.^
It looks impressive from what I can see. Great ideas here especially with the "boo" following you all the time, it seems to set a challenge there.
Looking great so far, as usual. There is one small issue though, the infinitely following boo might seem a bit of an annoyance to some. You might want to leave it for a later level.
Have you seriously named a planet 'Oreo'?!

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Great progress man! I'm loving the graphics you've made, especially the title screen, it was really very well done. Level design for the planet Oreo is looking a bit plain, but not really bad, there aren't many screens so I can't judge it properly.

I played Sicari and had much fun, so I'm sure the sequel will be fun as well, keep up the great work!
The level looks a bit flat from the screenshots, but that might be just me. It's also one of the first levels, so I guess it's fine #ab{:P}

Otherwise this is looking very nice! The overworld and the levels are very creative, and it also looks pretty fun to play. I enjoyed playing through Sicari, so I'm definitely looking forward to this!
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