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Hot or Cold?
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It's starting to get really cold in the place where I live, and actually, I like it. I've always prefered cold climate to hot climate. I think it's more confortable, for me at least.

How about you? Do you prefer when it's cold, hot, or when it's in between?


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I would have preferred hot weather, were it not for the huge amount of insects that invariably flap in your face whenever it heats up slightly. #smw{>:|}
Also cold weather somehow smells nicer to me. Dunno how, it just does.

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I prefere neither of them. However I like if it's more cold then warm because you aren't so sweating like in a cold weather. (Ever happened that you sweat at circa 0°C/32°F? I mean, my jacked is so thick that I'm even sweating at cold temperatures. #w{xD} ) Because of it my favourite seasons are after a summer autumn and spring after a winter.

Originally posted by GloriousWater
I would have preferred hot weather, were it not for the huge amount of insects that invariably flap in your face whenever it heats up slightly. #smw{>:|}

Yes, insects are so annoying. That's also a reason why I prefere a cold weather.

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Neither though I tend to prefer one when I am in the mood for cold or hot weather.
I love getting all wrapped up and comfy when it's cold, I prefer cold weather. I don't get snow here in california, it's a real shame.
Generally between. I like when it's warm to go to the beaches and enjoy stuff, though at times I get in the mood of cold weather to refresh from the hot weather (sometimes I get either a fever or a sore throat, damn) and nothing like to get wrapped in blankets at night and a jacket to keep myself warm.

Warm, no matter the season. In cold weather, being in front of the vent covered in a blanket puts me to sleep real quick if I'm feeling the slightest bit tired (I know because many times I don't remember when the heat stops blasting out), and in the summertime, it may be uncomfortably hot sometimes, but I prefer uncomfortable summer heat over arctic cold fronts.

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I like cold weather because it never gets cold where i live and it makes me enjoy Christmas time.

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It's easier for me to warm up than cool down. As such, I prefer cold.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
It's easier for me to warm up than cool down. As such, I prefer cold.

This is why i prefer cold.
I just love coldness. If it's snowing outside at night and it's damn cold, I put on a good jacket, some gloves and a cap and go for a walk, the winter air at night is just gorgeous, especially when it's snowing, you should really try it out i you are into cold weather!
I'll always prefer cold weather. Summer here is usually way too hot, and the humidity certainly doesn't help. I'm the kind of person who might go out in weather below 50 degrees even without a jacket.

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Extremely cold followed by some cozy warm. That's where it's at, man. The cold also gives me the chance to layer, damn fashionable.

Us New Englanders are used to all kinds of crazy weather, as we get cold winters and occasionally hot summers. I was a ballsy kid and went out in ~40°F weather with no jacket on when I was in elementary school but I'm too thin to do that for long now. As long as I have multiple layers, I'm ready for most cold weather we get, but wind + (x < freezing) + nothing covering my ears = lolno. My room is often colder than the rest of the house in the winter, but I'm used to it. I like warm weather in the 70-79°F range the most, but can't stand the humid 90°F+ weather...

tl;dr cold pls

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I prefer cold, definitely. While hot weather is good if you're going to beach/pool, cold works for whatever else. If you're at home it's comfortable to warm yourself, if you're hanging out the clothing can be way nicer, and so on.

Though where I live temperatures will rarely get extreme - it ranges around 22ºC to 30-ishºC. I'm generally fine with average temperatures.

cold beats me. it really does. therefore, i prefer heat.

in fact, like Mami Tomoe said, i am sometimes an idiot and i sometimes go out with temperatures ranging from the 35-55 region with only 2 t-shirts.

also, winters here are just far too cold. here in the northeast of the united states, there have been a few days with -0 temperatures already and it's insane for me. winter also makes me more tired, sleepier, sicker, and lazier and sometimes feel like staying home and not even go to school. once it's below 30, it's terrible for me.

on the other hand, when it's hot, i want to be outside the entire day. i enjoy school more, i'm more active, and i'm happier. besides, who doesn't love going outside in short sleeves and shorts? for me, it's much more comfortable than wearing a huge coat.

i wonder why i'm the only heat lover here? D:

tl;dr: heat please! anything above 60 is considered heat. don't attack me, i don't really hate cold, it's just not my favorite. cold is ok once in a while and during christmas time! in fact, i want it to be hot right now! #smw{>:|}

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Cold like my soul.
^ Hot like me.
I prefer weather in the fall season. Whereas it is warm and it feels good (80 Farenheit). Also, Not sure if it is true, but they say the you are more used to the weather in the month you are born in, so...

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I hate the effects from being hot (sweat, uncomfortableness etc) so I generally prefer being cool but not to the point of being a walking ice cube.
It's cold as hell right here were I live. Literally you can't see somebody without a sweater of how bad weather really is. For the question, I prefer hot weather because I can resist it but I can't handle whenever it's cold. #ab{:(}
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