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Forums like "SMWcentral" ?

I am in love with "SMW central" and its community.

rom hacking is pleasure to do on school days and weekends after a long day's work but i need more of what rom hacking has to offer.

I was wondering if there is another website like "smwcentral"?

Any suggestions are GREATLY Appreciated !
Where SMW hacks are?
Originally posted by Lithuanian Dude
Where SMW hacks are?

Doesn't really matter #w{:>}

as long as their is ROM hacking involved ! #smw{^_^}
rom hacking dot net

Hmm...We have a Chinese SMW Hacking forum, but it's too cold to make a discussion with other people.
Also, I know there are some Japanese Hacking site.
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Originally posted by Mami Tomoe

thank you :)
Originally posted by Mami Tomoe
'tis but a drop in a cup

My god does acmlm even count anymore? That board is deader than a doornail.

Here's a Fire Emblem site if you want to check it out