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Super Mario Custom [Intro] - Zimuus

Name:Super Mario Custom [Intro]
Submitted by:Zimuus
Length:6 levels
Description:This is the first ever SMW hack that I have created so keep that in mind, I will however let you know that I watched tutorials so this isn't a complete disaster. This is the intro to a full length hack that I plan to make in the future. This hack includes only custom levels however I plan to work to make a completely custom hack in the future. Please leave constructive reviews so I can improve!
Version 2 is no different than version 1 except letting you skip levels. Enjoy~

IPS Link

Removal Reason(s):
Decent hack overall. I must say your hack is close to get accepted even if it's a short one, but during the moderation I found some flaws on it, hope you consider fixing all of them if you're going to submit a new version of your hack after this removal log.

--Some of the levels are a bit too plain, consider putting more variety on them
--The levels lack decoration as well, consider putting some
--Make the paths on the submap get revealed only after the player beats each level

The sides of the ledges have cutoffs, put the side edges for each part with cutoff of those ledges so they won't cutoff.

Big Mario discrimination. I mean, how is the player supposed to hit those question blocks when he's big? Consider removing them or make them 1 tile high.

The box that launchs torpedos is creating cutoffs as you can see on these many screens I posted. Even if they're like that in Super Mario World I still suggest you to fix them, it's not good to see several cutoffs when playing a hack.

Some of the dirt tiles are hiding a Jumping Piranha Plant that spits fire. o_o; Move this Piranha Plant from there and place it somewhere else where it can't get hidden by dirt tiles or such similar objects.

If you pay attention, you'll see some of the colors of the revealed path under the ghost house are off. Edit its palettes on the overworld editor to match with others and not look off like that.

I lost my P-Switch when entering this pipe. How? Because the exit of this pipe isn't another pipe, it's just nothing, so Mario comes back without an item. Also it doesn't make sense to Mario enter in a pipe and out of nowhere come back already on the floor, just saying.

When I entered in that door above I came back under that and with the background looking buggy. Consider fixing it.

Wrong corner tile.

Wrong corner tile and cutoff. Also don't set camera scrolls on levels with layer 2 enabled. Or the layer 2 will follow the player and get buggy at some point.

Another thing I want to point out is the quality of the screenshots you took for the submission page of your hack. They're really bad.

BSNES: For this one, simply click on Tools and then Capture Screenshot.

Snes9x: For this one, you can check for the hotkey (Input and then Customize Hotkey or Alt+F9) and configure the button you press for it on Page 1.

ZSNES/ZMZ: To take a screenshot on this one, while in game, press F1 to show the Misc Options, and then "Save Snapshot". Make sure that the Image Format is PNG, not BMP.

Different emulators from those mentioned might have different ways to take screnshots though.

That's all; Fix those issues I pointed out and your hack will get really closer to get accepted. Always be sure to read the Hack Submission Guidelines. Read APPALLED as well to make your levels look less plain as I mentioned on the removal. Fix those things and you're good to go!
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This hack looks quite good and is similar to the original game. The problems seem to be minor but they still need to be fixed. Also:

Originally posted by Mirann

The wall next to the pipe is cutoff. A solution would be to either put the other wall on the other side or to simply use the the two 8x8 tiles that do not create cutoff.
As for the big Mario discrimination, I think that was intentional. Super Mario World did it in the Vanilla Fortress. If you are small, you can take a shortcut (basically a pity path).
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Originally posted by mathelete
As for the big Mario discrimination, I think that was intentional. Super Mario World did it in the Vanilla Fortress. If you are small, you can take a shortcut (basically a pity path).

Except there's a huge difference about getting a shortcut and not being able to hit question blocks.
My hack thread
Personally, I do not really find it a problem as the question blocks are not essential in that particular case though it may be a problem in other cases.
Let's fully consider the scenario here. Two question blocks, at least one with a power-up, and another one. If Small Mario is able to get the powerup, a mushroom would pop out, sliding off of the platform to where the person can get it. That sounds acceptable to me, though the roof should be raised up so that the growing animation will not conflict with it. The second question block has no purpose in that situation, but the concept works well. Players with less experience are given a small push, while better players are not overindulged with powerups.