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Tip: Remaking levels from other Mario games is strongly discouraged, especially popular ones (World 1-1 from SMB or SMB3, for example), as their over-presence in Mario games, official or not, often makes them uninteresting to play.
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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2013 - Results
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Once again, I'd like to apologize for the delay. I've been far more prompt than this in the past. ANYWAY, let's cut right to it.

In THIRD PLACE, scoring 72.5/80 points:

Mirann and Oh Hell No

In SECOND PLACE, scoring 73/80 points:

HuFlungDu and TLMB

In FIRST PLACE, scoring 73.5/80 points:


Here are the full results:

1st: notgoodwithusernames: 73.5/80
2nd: HuFlungDu and TLMB: 73/80
3rd: Mirann and Oh Hell No: 72.5/80

4th: Gamma V: 68.5/80
5th: Gregor and Moose: 68/80
6th: Ladida: 66/80
6th: GameplaysDetonados: 66/80
8th: Vink: 65.5/80
9th: Neidave: 65/80
10th: Veck: 64.5/80
11th: tcdw: 64/80
11th: Rykon-473: 64/80
13th: Daizo Dee Von: 63.5/80
14th: ZMann: 63/80
14th: Tahixham: 63/80
16th: levelengine: 62.5/80
17th: MarioFan22: 62/80
18th: Sokobansolver: 61/80
19th: THY: 59/80
20th: Alessio: 57/80
21st: MarioFanGamer659: 52.5/80
22nd: Two Tails: 52/80
23rd: MercuryPenny: 48/80
24th: Sockbat Replica: 47.5/80
25th: nick 139: 47/80
26th: JackTheSpades: 46/80
27th: mathelete: 33/80
28th: Lespna1: 24.5/80
29th: darkmario777: 5/80

Comments are included in the following files:
S.N.N.'s Results
FPZero's Results

Thanks for a great contest everyone! If you have any questions about your ranking, do not hesitate to ask.
I wanted to comment even though I didn't enter.

Congratulations to those who won.

you were lucky i was too lazy to join
no more words to say i'm way too surprised with my score and ohn might feel the same as well

It was fun to work on my entry. Congratulations for the other winners! And more luck for the others next time.
Congratulations. notgoodwithusernames winning a contest again? Wow he must be good. I am also happy Mirann and Oh Hell No were in the top three since I really liked their entry. Congrats to HuFlungDu and TLMB, I have not played your entry but I trust it is excellent like last time.
Hmm..I am 11th...
It seems my level still has some disadvantage. I will try to do it hard in next contest.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
23rd: MercuryPenny: 48/80


Congratulations to those who won though.
at least jimmy didnt win. thats all that matters ~

good job @top rankers. i havent played 1st or 3rd's levels but hfd and tlmb's was glorious, so i'm sure they were just as great

and git gud @everyone else (including me)
Originally posted by S.N.N.'s judging
I'm pretty sure I managed to break the last one though, unless the intended solution was to only use one Chomp Rock on the switches instead of two.

You broke it, because the intended solution was to use both Chomp rocks. If anyone breaks this puzzle, I might as well keep it since I can't think of how to fix the breaks, and it might benefit speedrunners.
I'm surprised there were no comments on the music. I've heard from peeps that the music was really awesome, and I agree.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Yay! 3rd place was a lot higher then I expected :3.

Thanks to my awesome partner Mirann (Snow-Chan) and the judges who made this possible during pre-christmas time. I had a lot of fun.

Congratulations to the other winners too. I expected Moose and Gregor to be placed higher though. Their level had such charm doge and I had a very good time playing through that one. Yet, awesome contest. I loved all the creativity some users had.
25th place? Must be having a bad day.

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Just wondering, but it seems like they weren't really specific on the comments, but like usually, I get a really low score by one judge so that doesn't really help me even though I try really hard, and I didn't just take a level directly from a game. However, I know that when I inserted the pallete for the bandits, Mario's pallete and the title screen pallete got dark. I think there should probably have been three judges to make it a little bit more balanced and make people get more feedback.

Also, I was getting frustrated b/c there were some things that it wouldn't let me fix like I know the moon was glitched, and in the part w/the sideways thwomps at the beginning of the second room, there were some blocks that went up and down, but it would not let me take them away after I put them. Also, they didn't really comment on the second room, which I worked really hard on, and I wasn't sure how the time blocks were.

Also, FPZero said he didn't like the sideways chairs. I didn't think they were unfair, and in one part, they would hit you, but if you duck, they would just come at you, and then go away. I am not sure what you meant when you said it wasn't a good joke entry. Why did you think it was a joke entry?

I should probably have gone w/my original idea, but then I was trying to add the password blocks, and I got stuck so I couldn't use that b/c I don't know ASM, and they wouldn't work when I inserted them. Like Mario kept banging his head against the blocks, and no door appeared when I got the right password. Also, I tested my level a lot of times to make sure the chairs would not just hit you and make it unfair, but sometimes, they just did, and I discovered that if you jumped on the bandits, they gave you a mushroom or a flower sometimes. Also, like I mentioned, I wasn't sure if it would be too hard w/the chairs so that's why I didn't want to use a lot of enemies in the first part, but I used new customs enemies in that part.

Also, I hope Raocow or someone makes a video w/the commentary for all of the levels. That would be interesting.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I'm surprised there were no comments on the music. I've heard from peeps that the music was really awesome, and I agree.

Yeah, the music was really good. I wasn't really paying attention after a loop or two, but it was nice.

Originally posted by Lespna1
Just wondering, but it seems like they weren't really specific on the comments

Not trying to be insulting, but it's very hard to be specific when there is so much wrong. I mean, there were a lot of flat stretches of land everywhere, randomly placed sprites, stuff glitching out, no background, etc. You don't -have- to insert custom stuff if you can't get it working correctly - a well-designed vanilla level will still rank higher than a broken chocolate one.

If I were you, I would go to level 105 in a clean SMW ROM, press Ctrl + Delete, and then try design a level from scratch using 105's tileset. Try to created varied (but NOT random) architecture, place your sprites carefully (don't cram them everywhere), and try to add coins and powerups in decent spots. I think you'll discover you're a more capable level designer than you think.
I think it's somewhat funny how different the results on my level were from S.N.N. (62 total) and FPZero (32 total). Kinda sad I ended up so low, but I'd at least like to reply to FPZero about a few things:

Originally posted by Note
Lots of annoying jumps, surprise ghosts that you have almost no time to react to

The ghosts spawn from coins which rotate delayed to the normal ones. Given the sudden appearance of the ghost, I admit it's hard to react, but since you can see the coin from afar...

Originally posted by Note
And then I got to the end and discovered that the goal sphere was surrounded by brown blocks and my P-Switch had already run out.

A reset pipe is such a wonderfull thing, if only people would use it ^^.

Well, nothing can be changed at this point, so congrats to the winners~

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... what even am I doing with my life?
Originally posted by Lespna1

If you're having trouble getting custom stuff to work correctly, why not ask for help? You always seem to have problems getting everything to work for these contests, but yet I don't think I've ever seen you post in the Hacking Help forums.

My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Yes, I did try to post a few times in the Discussion thread and here:
, but no one responded, and I kept trying to get people to test it and give me feedback, but no one wanted to or they were just really busy.
congratulations to the winners!

@Vink Don't you think it's quite funny, that we are that close together again? #w{=D}

C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


11th place! My best performance on a CLDC. Sweet! Also, congras to the top winners!
Edit: It's Rykon-V73, not Rykon-473. Fix the list, please.
Congratulations to everyone who participated and won awards! I didn't get to enter this one but I most certainly will enter the next one.


Sixth Place = #smw{T_T} #smw{T_T} but have another oficial contest if i can participate and I was tied with ladida
My Hack - Beta Testing
Originally posted by FPZero
lack of a midpoint really began to hurt after dying to it a few times

There was an automatic midpoint after beating the ambush room. I don't know why it didn't work for you, I'm pretty sure it worked for everyone else.
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