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Tip: Make sure that ALL exit-enabled pipes, doors, etc. have a screen exit defined, or they'll take you to Level 0, the "endless" bonus game. Unless Start+Select is enabled, the only way out of it is to reset the game.
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New to SMW Central? Introduce yourself here!
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First of all, welcome to SMW Central, sevenislucky777 (nice username, by the way)! It's a bit rare to see new users registered since long ago, indeed. We hope to see you active around here. #tb{:>}

Also, don't worry about broken English. Just make sure we get your point when posting and you're good to go. Actually, I know people who greatly improved their English by spending their time here in the forums.

Making a new page? Haha, no problem at all. We don't bite. Just don't forget the rules and act nicely and you'll be fine. Have a nice stay!
Thank you for welcomeing (and for nice username). Like i sayd register date is that because my bro maked this account to me that date and i forget of it. I hope so too, but im not sure of that #fim{^_^}

so you say broken english is not to worry about? thats more good. i hope i can improve it like they do.

oh, new page its no problem? i was worryng about that. im kinda sure yall cant bite, but i assume thats the way its that sayd. i allreadly see the rules, and im very sure i will act nicely. thank you

(looks good post design thing by the way)
Thank you M42 for help with layout
Welcome Sevenislucky777, well...I'm new here too, but that doesn't means I can't welcome new people too. XD

This user is a noob. :c
Welcome to SMWC, @sevenislucky777 ! It's an honor to meet you and I look forward to seeing you here.

So for now, enjoy your stay!
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Hello! My name is Thepenguinking2! You may call me Espio. I am a big fan of Light Blue Yoshis, as you may be able to tell by my avatar :D. My other interests are Pokemon, Sonic, Neopets, Doctor Who and Plants vs. Zombies.
Welcome to SMWC Espio! You look like a pretty nice guy. Make sure to browse around the forums and find stuff that interests you. I hope you'll like it here and stick around. :3
Welcome Thepenguinking2/Espio to SMW Central! I have to be honest that when you said "Light Blue Yoshis", I was instantly reminded of someone though I do not think it is you. Interesting. Well anyway, I do wish you a nice time here. Look around and see where you fit in. #tb{:)}
Hey SMWC Family, my name is Googie. I've been ROM Hacking NES games for about ten years, I made a SMW world 1 demo in 2006 and it got decent feedback in the old Acmlm board that year. I did see some names here that are familiar, which is cool. I own an Xbox360 with about 200 games, my gamertag on Xbox LIVE is "GoogieToons" let's be friends and play multiplayer games, I have a lot of those.

I promise you that I'm not here to cause problems, I'm old enough to know how to act on message boards. Maybe I should finish my SMW hack demo and make it a small hack and start making a new SMW hack called "Luigi's Chronicles 3" #tb{^V^}

My passion is drawing my cartoons, I want to learn how to animate them and put them on t-shirts. If you type Googie Toons on Google you'll find me real quick.

Well, I'm gonna read the F.A.Q. later on tonight when it's quiet at my house and check out these SMW hacks you guys have. Okay SMWC family, talk to you later... #tb{:DD}

Welcome to SMWCentral, Espio! I'm sure you'll have a great time here. Just make sure to read the rules and FAQ and you should do just fine.

And that "resime"...To be honest, I'm surprised you haven't registered here sooner.

Have fun!

Wow. 300 posts. And this is also my first post in the introductions thread. Neat.

Currently porting:
OLDC Judging: In progress
Welcome to smwc Googie!! feel the urge to post in the forums and ask for help on smw hacking and etc...



Hey there Googie, you seem to know your stuff, so I think you'll fit in here just nicly (*insert perverted joke here*)
Welcome to the site and enjoy your time.

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Welcome Googie! Weren't you on Ice Board or something back when it existed? I remember you from somewhere, anyway.

Enjoy your stay!


Thanks foe the welcome fellas, I really do appreciate it! #tb{:j}

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Welcome Googie! Weren't you on Ice Board or something back when it existed?

Yeah I used to hang out there a lot years ago. Does Iceman hang out here?
I haven't noticed him posting in a while, but yep, he does. #tb{:)}


#fim{:D} Hello! I am, obviously, new here. I'm a friend of SuperAgentYoshi, he introduced me to this site. I like ROM Hacks and I like this site and its community (from what I've been shown)! So yeah.

Hallo everypony everybody!
#fim{:P} Derp.^^^ BTW, I'm catching Pinkie Pie syndrome. #fim{@w@} Just finished watching Season 4 of MLP:FiM. Tis a great show!

|O O|_____
( | ^^ |/\/\/\/|
(__ _|/\/\/\/|
| |
Originally posted by MetaKnight68
#fim{:D} Hello! I am, obviously, new here. I'm a friend of SuperAgentYoshi, he introduced me to this site. I like ROM Hacks and I like this site and its community (from what I've been shown)! So yeah.

Welcome to the central MK68!

Originally posted by MetaKnight68
Hallo everypony everybody!

We have a new brony on the Central people! Look out! :O:P:):D
Welcome to SMWC, MetaKnight68! Always nice to see people bringing their friends in. I'm glad that you like the community so far, hope you'll have fun over here!

Also, there's a big MLP thread over the media forum, feel free to check it out for pony discussion if ya wish. :3
@MegaKnight68 - Welcome to SMWC! I'm glad that you liked the community from what you've seen, also it is always nice to see a new user here, especially when people bring their friends in. also i am pretty sure you will get the biggest smiley abuser trophy in the mosts, if you still be active..
Hello, SMW Central! I'm Stormer, and I hail from The Middle Ground, another forum that DP moderates. I'm a classy, gentlemanly sort of guy, and lots of fun to talk to. I found this place while searching for hacks, and since it looked interesting, I decided to sign up! While I'm not an artist, or much of a hacker, hopefully once I get the hang of Lunar Magic, I can start making my own SMW hacks to share with this dedicated community! Thanks!
Hey there Stormer, welcome to the Central! You seem like a cool guy already, so I hope you'll stay around.


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