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Hello everyone! Yes it's me. Been a long time hasn't it? I missed you all a lot.

First off I'd like to acknowledge there are so many new people here I don't know but I'm more speaking to the older peeps. I've done a lot of growing up in the past 4-7 years since I took my leave. I realize that I was a bit toxic here to the members here. I projected my negative feelings onto people around me and to anyone I may have hurt or irritated in the past, I apologize. I was arrogant, inconsiderate and envious, the holy trinity of toxicity lol. I will however not relive the reason for my departure though.

Here I am now pushing 30 years old now. Over the past 7 years I found myself amidst furry communities lol. Funny enough they helped me realize how I am and open up. During that time however, I lost my ability to port my music like I did many years ago. Haven't touched anything SMW editing related in a very long time but that's ok. The current music peeps are on a level I couldn't have imagined back then!

It's nice to see to the familiar people I lost contact with. I just joined the Discord server to pop my head in after being reminded of the good times I did have during my SMWC tenure. Doubt I'll pick up where I left off though, for now I'm just enjoying catching up with old friends. Only time will tell though! For now it's good to be back, even if I only briefly show up from time to time.

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
wb / man

In all seriousness, though, hope you still have an idea what is good music and what not. I'm certain that if you wanna make music again, it'll sound a whole lot better than what you've done.
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Nice to see you back!

Welcome back. Hope you settle in well.

Oh boy, I used to mess with SMW hacks a bit years ago. It's cool to see the scene is still active even though I've never really taken part in it. (and cool to see an old-school message board that's still active, too!)

I have messed around with Addmusic a bit... it seems music porting tools are generally what I learn quickest when it comes to ROMhacking.

So, yeah, hi. I hope I can make some cool stuff ^^;;
Welcome to here.


i'm Qrtr, just joined yesterday and i'm ready to make ok rom hacks

nothing incredible, but just ok #smw{:TUP:}

guys how do you make an html footer please help i want a fancy footer hel

I have no project at the moment.
Welcome to the site Qrtr. Dunces are pretty common around here, so I'm sure you'll fit right in #ab{;)}

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Wouldn't really say I'm new here, but I was last active about 6 or 7 years ago (give or take). Good to see the scene's still up and running. Good to be back!

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Welcome back, hope you settle in nicely.

(aaa header not working...)
hi, im a bill wurtz fan
i like things
and i like to make vidz on you tube.

youtube: (meme)
Hi I am an old SMW Player. I just never really posted anything here so here i go. I am a modest Touhou Player and streamer. Looking into getting into game so this is a good enough play as any to get learning by doing. I watch a lot of touhou music and their remixes and vocals. I started playing smw on the gba since I was young so that would be around 15 years ago. Never took smw all that seriously I eventually got an snes version however with that one the save broke. I've always found Mario bosses to way too easy.
I got into smw hacks in 2016 however soon stop playing them. Barb brought me into playing after I saw many streamers play Grand Poo World 2. Since I have nothing to do until this corona is gone. I started playing smw hacks again. It feels good to be back to my roots.
Pretty new rom hacking business. I hope i am successful. Regaining my smw skill will take a while.I hope to see you guys around.
Hi, my name is Cristian and I’ve always been a lover of video games, especially SNES, I joined the site now and I'm really enjoying the content,
soon you'll see some hacks of mine around here #smrpg{y}

I have a channel with some musical arrangements!
Hi! I'm BrickBlock, I love games and editing levels. I will try to maybe do a rom hack.
Hi, my name is Fermín Acosta Jr. , and I drive as a cuh style in The Valley, I also edit some levels and maps and doing some bps files to do more work.

I have Instagram: @txs.fermin, and Snapchat: @mispastelitos56.
I'm not fully new to this server cuz' I already joined here since 2013 with an entirely different username, but I no longer own it for private reasons.

I'm a guy who wants to learn and get to know more about Super Mario World ROM hacking, and it's wonderful, skillful techniques! I haven't been improving at all because I used to quit, but I would be happy to receive enough support on here. =)
Hi all! My names ferlow_y and I'm an aspiring kaizo streamer and speedrunner! I first got into Kaizo a few years back, but I did lack any discipline and frustration tolerance...
SGDQ'19 revived this interest again, but only lurking and watching streams for than, until coronavirus happened. I picked up Learn 2 Kaizo about ~3 weeks ago, cleared Quickie World ~2 weeks ago, last week I cleared Quickie World II and a few days ago I submitted my first Quickie World run on and finished any% with 21:58, which sould put me on #56/61 on the leaderboard - not great but sub 20 is in the making!

A big shoutout to everyone of the SMW community, even tho if only been lurking for you are one of the greatest and most dedicated people around!

Aspiring kaizo and speedrun streamer on Twitch. ♥

Thank you SMWCentral, for everything, everyone does here! ♥
Welcome and good luck with your speedrunning endeavors, Ferlow_Y! I need to give kaizo speedrunning a try at one point.
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Why hello guys!
I’m kinda new to Super Mario World hacks, I also hope to get along with you all even tho I created my account a few months ago.
I'm Drew btw, you can call me Drewey, Dreweyfort, or even DreweyForT.(stylized with a capital "T" at the end)
I also hope you don’t mind this short introduction and thank you for reading:D
I joined on 2020-01-20 if anyone is also curious.

EDIT: Apologies if I was missing anything as well.
uhhh i dont know how to start this introduction but uhm

hey, im radicaldawg. i came here to go deeper into game design and all that, enjoy other peeps creation, y'know all the good stuff, etc.

kind of like what im looking at so far

yea that's all lol

hella awkward btw please excuse me lolol


aims to be an indie developer imagine that haha
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