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i am just bored and quarantined so i came on here to talk to people so yeah.

hey im gavin and i like mario.

i dont know what i want to say
Hey there! I'm gridatttack. I've been around a fair share of other ROM hacking games (SMW, SMB1, SMB3, SMK, NSMBDS, NSMBWii, NSMBDS, Kirbys Adventure...)
My current focus is Super Mario Kart, which you can check my on going proyect here 👀

Even though I registered a long time ago, I see SMWC as one of the last good, active forums focused on ROM hacking, so I'll try to stick around and see in what I can participate/help!


boa noite amigos da internet

hi! im not a rom hacker, but enjoy playing a lot!
quarentine made me come here hahahah. really just trying to have a good time :)

Originally posted by friedenreich
boa noite amigos da internet

hi! im not a rom hacker, but enjoy playing a lot!
quarentine made me come here hahahah. really just trying to have a good time :)

In behalf of the Portuguese speakers of the site, I welcome you, friedenreich. May your stay here be as pleasant as it can be!


Dream team (feed them, please):

Hi All. I'm Eizenz.

I've always been a fan of watching speedrunning. While watching videos on YT I found people running Kaizo SMW and thought it was really interesting and cool. I started watching a few Kaizo streamers (mainly Tofu) and decided to start playing myself :)

I hear this is the Mecca of SMW hax.

Nice to meet you.

I've been playing romhacks since the days of carol and decided earlier this year that I should try making one myself. So far I have mastered most of Lunar Magic and some of the extensions, but I have yet to comprehend patches, ASM and how to work around palette collisions, so expect to hear a lot of questions from me in the near future.
Hello everyone!

I came to this site due to seeing Kaizo speedruns from GDQ and wanted to learn more. I've always been interested in platformers like Mario (even though I'm awful at them) and wanted to play some hacks. Eventually, I want to make my own hack but I think my first step would be to "git gud" and familiarize myself with SMW.

I look forward to chatting with you all and being a part of this community.
Hi. I am MarioriaM and I am glad to join Smwcentral. #smrpg{:D}
Hello I'm VirenZ, not more to say.

How's it going fellow emu enthusiasts?
Figured I'd join this here forum cuz I love me some SMW!

Hey, yall watch South Park?

Neither do I!

Great to be here!
Welcome! I'm normally known as newsuperhackboys or legorunnerkid and I have a tale of modding NSMBDS, NSMBW, and Lego games. I also have modded Minecraft but that's as far as it goes I guess and I especially want to mod SMW since it's perhaps the greatest Mario game to be hacked eternally and it has the largest amount of stuff I need. My preferred games are Lego City Undercover and SMO. My ideal video game genre is action-adventure games as they mix both narrative and gameplay. I've had expertise in NSMBHD and Kuribo64 a long time ago and this board uses the same motor as those. #ab{8-)}

My goal is to make an SMW hack that uses ingredients from SMG2, Yoshi's Island, Sonic Mania, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and several other games that are similar in type but my only concerns are that SMW runs on a 16-bit console so materials like streaming are in issue and I'm not certain if I should obtain an SMW ROM yet regarding the alone physical copy I have is the Advance game. I know it is a legal grey area but for me, I'd preferably go get a ROM of a game if it's easy to rip or if I now own the actual thing so hopefully, having SMA2 and getting SMW through illegal means doesn't hurt Nintendo but if that doesn't seem too safe, I'll pause SMW hacking, capture a SNES mini, and then take a ROM. #ab{;)}

I'm too poor at authorship, I mean this institution has run hella too retentive and it's a little dull. I've been using non-premium Grammarly recently and it's been encouraging me to realize what a cyborg holds its beliefs in my reporting so it sometimes bothers me when my engagement states "a bit bland". I have attempted to execute using less familiar terms it proposes but it still says my engagement is off. Possibly using a premium version in the prospect. #fim{<3}

Wow, I did not expect this to be more formal than expected.
Hello everyone!
I'm an old man from Sweden. I recently moved to the northern-most part of my country and there's not much one can do around here in the middle of nowhere.
I'm new to SMW hacking, but I've been making modifications of various games for 20+ years. I love writing music and I guess that's my main thing, so I'll try to learn how to make music for SMW too.
I want to concentrate mainly on making good levels though, and possibly making nice graphics too. I used to animate characters for people over at Adventure Game Studio back in the day, so I've been wanting an opportunity to do something like that again.

I think what brought me here was finding CarlSagan42 and Juzcook and eventually Barb on youtube. I've been following them and others for about 3 years and I decided to try and get into playing Kaizo Hacks. Eventually I felt like I should make my own hacks too, so here I am.

I hope to get to know the people around here. :)
Hello! Let me introduce myself:

I'm Andreu (aka. Andreuiito). I'm from Spain, and I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I also like some animes and Studio Ghibli, and etc

I'm here because someday I don't know what went into my mind and I ended playing SMW.

My interests are programming, Design things, 3D Model, Compose music (though I have no experience) and elevators/lifts.

And my favorite games are: all games starting with Super (or paper) Mario, Animal crossing new leaf/horizons, and computer games (Roblox, osu!, Geometry dash, Minecraft...)

My current project is Super Mario World: The adventure continues. Soon I will make a post of it.

With this all said, I hope to fit into this community.

See ya!
No projects at the moment!
Abandoned Projects:
Super Mario World: The Adventure Continues (I may get back into it)
Hello SMW Central!

I am Lucy, but you can call me Flux3on, and I joined this server way back in 2018 with the intention to learn how to make Super Mario World ROM hacks, but I never got into it #tb{:(}

I've posted 2 times in the past, both of which were to introduce myself. Hopefully this will be the last time!

Anyway, I'm 16 and from the United States. I know a good amount of Python, a decent amount of Java, and a very small amount of 6502 assembly (but not any other assembly language).

These are the games I actively play: Minecraft, Geometry Dash (much less now), osu!, Super Mario Maker 2, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I started a New Super Mario Bros. ROM hack last year, but haven't worked on it since the 2019-2020 school year started.

Anyway, that's about it!

EDIT: It may be a while until I am able to start. Probably early to mid-June.
Welcome, everyone. Please enjoy your stay. Thanks for coming!

Originally posted by I don't know a good name.
Welcome, everyone. Please enjoy your stay. Thanks for coming!


Currently working on:
Nitpicky Lulu
I ended up here thanks to the error box from the LazyShell editor.

Nice to meet you.
Hello there...

Currently working on:
Nitpicky Lulu
Hello, my name is goshly, though I've been on these fourms before under many aliases that have long been forgotten to time (aka I've forgotten the password for all of them).

The very first hack I posted long ago (8 years now) was a godawful "hack" called "Super Helpful World", if theres anyone that remembers that "hack".
Hello, goshly!

Welcome (once again) into the community!

Super Helpful World seems to be a monumental accomplishment, the zenith of your hacking career!
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