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Heyo! I exist now!
I grew up on Nintendo, and currently want to make a ROM hack, but cannot find any tools compatible with Mac.
If any of you guys have a suggestion you want to make, feel free to PM me with a suggestion, thanks!

Heyo! I am currently:
- dead inside
- doing online school
- looking for good mac rom editors
- drowning (curse you hurricane season)
- g

ok bye
Howdy, YinYarn here!

I've actually frequented this website since I think.. 2007/2008? I've always loved seeing the new SMW hacks that come in and I figured it was time to really settle in with the community and enjoy the people here!

I'm not too good at using LunarMagic, I've tried from time to time and I had a decent handle on it at one point but after being away from it for so long I lost pretty much any touch I had with it.. BUT, I absolutely love playing (or play-testing) the hack's themselves and would love to test out people's hacks whether they be DEMO's or not! If you're interested in sending me your hack and watching me play it and telling you my thoughts on it on stream, by all means please message me, I'd love to get into doing that! (Just no Kaizo's please, I am just middle of the road when it comes to my SMW skill, Pff-)


Thanks for reading, really look forward to seeing more come from the community, there's so much love put into these hacks, it really is an honor to get to play these labors of love!
Hey, I believed announcing my id change here would be nice to people who know me.
Formerly known as Darkslayer (that was less than a week ago lol), I now took my musicmaking alias: qantuum.

I discovered SMWC in late 2000s and really could have used more time learning that stuff :p
None of my hack projects were directed until completion; I participated in some contests lately, and for the 6 last months my favourite thing has been music porting.

Welcome or re-welcome to the latest hires.
YinYarn, I understand you; I've been on and off here due to the real life happening to me (various moving out of the country, studies, job, etc.); it's good you will get involved here more ;)


Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)

My video game resume
Hello. I am new here. I've been playing SMW since it was released in the 90s. I have always been good at video games in general, especially good at SMW, but never considered myself a gamer.

Back in 2006 someone gave me a CD-rom with an emulator, pretty much every snes game, and like 200 smw hacks. I beat almost all of them eventually but then lost interest I guess. a couple years ago I came across a few youtube videos with some good players and interesting hacks. Maybe Dode? not sure.. I found out about smwcentral and have been wanting to get back into it but never really did. I guess with the quarantine I've been pushed over the edge and decided to join the forum. I guess I'm ready to get serious about smw? At least start playing again. Not really sure, but thought I would say hi and introduce myself.

Took me long enough to find this thread...
Anyway, hi. I'm JupiHornet, former mod of and one of the judges of MaGMML 2, as well as a dev for MaGMML: Episode Zero and MaGMML 3. I also do walkthroughs of a lot of Mega Man romhacks on my YouTube channel.

For a long time I've been wanting to make some kind of ambitious project of my own, and I think an SMW hack is the most reasonable one for me. SMBX takes FOREVER for me to make levels with and I don't really know enough about coding to make something with the Megamix Engine or a Mega Man romhack, so those aren't happening. Lunar Magic is easy to use and I like how SMWC has so many readily available tutorials and resources, so hopefully I can start to get good with it, and maybe a few years down the line I can release my own hack! I also plan to start participating in VLDCs and the like. Nice to meet you all.

Check out my WIP romhack!
Oh hi, Jupi! A name I actually recognize! #w{=3}

Not quite sure why, but seems a bunch of people from MaGMML drift into the SMW hacking scene at some point... and I guess vice versa as well? Although I don't know if someone else besides me actually started in SMW hacking and then moved on to do something MaGMML-related. I'm guessing ther are probably some more people, but if so, I'm not aware yet.

Anyways, welcome!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Hey folks!

I've been rummaging around the kaizo twitch community for almost a year now, thought it'd be appropriate to finally make my introductions here on the forums! Heya, I'm Tomato, I love SMW and I love game design!! I'm currently working on my first hack, a little thing where I'm just getting some Lunar Magic learnin' in while trying to make a hack that bridges the gap between standard and kaizo for newcomers like myself (though I'm sure I'm not the first to think of that idea). Hope it turns out well!

Welcome! Enjoy your stay and happy hacking. Make sure to ask around if you need help and feel free to hang out with us. #smrpg{y}
Hi, im new.
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
Welcome Superdjsteve54, hope you have a good time here and enjoy your stay, feel free to ask for help on the "SMW Hacking Help" forum if you run in a problem :D

Just some Ys fan lol
Welcome y'all! Be sure to read the rules and ask around if you need help with anything. Enjoy yourselves. #smw{:peace:}
Hi, I'm from the middle of nowhere. I like doing music stuff so that should be fun.

I think


I wish you the best on your future (possibly musical) endeavors.
Hello to anyone who reads this.

This account is about a month old but I've known about SMWcentral and played hacks since 2009. I remember having lots of fun playing other people's games and loved how creative everyone managed to be with a 20-year-old game. Most of all, I always wanted to make something of my own. But, being a kid, everything was just too hard for me to understand lol.

As an adult, quarantine inspired me to return and try my hand again. Unfortunately, I'm only a little less stupid. Apologies in advance for the hundreds of questions I may ask lol.

Everyone has been nice and helpful so far.
Hi everyone I'm New here,and I really like this server. Its really fun to learn a lot of stuff here with you guys, I started like 2 month ago idk but I really like this place a lot.
Greetings to all, just joined this site in hopes of starting work on a small hack of my own :) Can't guarantee the quality or if it'll get completed but it'll be something to do in my spare time.
Gotta say, this site is a tad convoluted but I suppose that's just how things are, do hope everyone is doing ok with everything that's going on in the world at current, have a nice day :)
Hey everyone!

I'm relatively new here. I had an account back in 2009 when I first found out about LunarMagic through random youtubing and sort of fell off the map. I recently got back into it after watching Mr. Mighty Mouse play Kaizo hacks and decided I wanted to give creating levels another try. I am also streaming my progress with my first hack on twitch and occasionally on my facebook page as well but I am having to relearn the entire program again so there's been some growing pains as I am figuring things out. Would love to work with someone in the future on level and overworld design.
Heya everyone! I'm Beed28, and you might recognize me from the MaGMML community.

My first experience with Lunar Magic runs back into the early-mid 2000s when I was young, and was tinkering with a hack at one point. I never finished it nor publicly posted it anywhere, and I've probably lost it forever now sadly. Though, the level design in it was pretty malicious and terrible, so the hack would definitely be rejected with today's standards, heh.

Also, I love bouncy worlds and wobbly environments. ^_^
Hey everyone

I'm a big fan of Super Mario games since 2006, i also like creating levels too. from other mario computers games like Mario Forever/Worker since 2010. i register a year ago sorry for the late.
Hello, i'm blueshyguy125. I like the Mario franchise as you can probably tell lol

My current list of Mario games are:

Super Mario 3D Land (3ds)
Super Mario Bros. (3ds)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (3ds)

Not much but it's a start!
I have heard that my dad is looking for a Nintendo 64, so who knows? Maybe Super Mario 64 will be added to this list!

Well, that concludes this post!
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