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New to SMW Central? Introduce yourself here!

Hello, my name is Poi Moi/Tato, but you can call me xXTheMasterfulMarioiestGAMER360Xx for short. I've used this site without an account for a while now, and I kind of recently made this account. I wanted to make a post so that I can make a post. I plan on releasing SMW hacks in the future, if said future actual ends up being good in this real life timeline, because I would prefer not to get stuck in another basketball timeline. That being said, I hope to become a more active user on this site, and thanks for having me, I'll be here all week, or for however long me and my account exists at the same time.
Hey Tato, I didn't even realize that you hadn't made an account yet! It's crazy how much of the community takes place solely on the Discord nowadays. You're always a very lovely person to talk to, so this is nice to see #ab{:)}
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Hi everyone. The name's on the left side so read it. Let's keep it short, I like SMW hacks. That's all! For now I enjoy music and I may be a porter in the future. I just need to learn and to practice my skills. I wish you all an amazing day.
Hi, I am Emmanuel.

I knew SMW-Central since I was 4 and after I was able to read basic english, with the age of 8 (2012) I started to play many ROM-Hacks here. I never had an account but now I made one and started my first Hack.

And yes, I am 16 and from germany. Sorry for my choppy english.
Feel free to write me on Discord: elinko#5282
I am kinda bored, yk...#smw{^_^;}
Hello friends! (and HAPPY NEW YEAR #smw{:peace:} ) I'm another one of those "Kyle" people, no, I don't like Monster Energy. I honestly prefer Red Bull lol. Anyways, I've hopped onto this site every once in a big while without an account. Same goes with hacking SMW for fun. After watching a lot of videos on SM64/SMW hacks these days, I kinda have that feeling again that makes me want to give it another shot for fun, maybe even try working on an actual project. I think the first time I touched Lunar Magic was a few years ago, I want to say around 2013. Decided I would make an account if I end up interacting with the community a lot.
Besides all that, I make beats (experimental hip hop, phonk/lofi), love SMW/SM64 and the other OG Mario games, and just in general making stuff (including beats). I get the same kind of enjoyment out of making custom Mario stuff that I do from making... say a level for the original DOOM games. New Yorker! (not the city tho)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and that everyone is enjoying the start to our New Year's on this weekend :)
Ayo. I'm no good with introductions, so I'll just say that I'm an artist that hardly draws and almost never posts any art :(

I'm not usually particularly active on forums/discord servers/social media/whatever, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me very often. Or at all.
That's all I've got, so I'll just go back to lurking, which is what I'm best at.
I like rats, aight?

Howdy all, I'm Emelia. I'm not really new here by any means but I haven't made a post on here and have been barely active on the forums so... thought I should make a post here.

I'm not new to the SMW hacking scene by any stretch of the imagination, with my very first experiments with Lunar Magic happening anywhere between 2009-2012ish. In short: I was but a child, with little to no tech experience. And no knowledge of game design philosophy. But now I'm (arguably) a grown-ass adult! And I can code (poorly, and not in assembly)!

I abandoned Lunar Magic for SMBX during the height of the days Redigit was still actively working on the engine for its comparatively easiness of use. It was a good enough engine... But it never had the same "feel" as the SMW engine. Nintendo C&D'd SMBX, Mario Maker came out, SMBX split into SMBX1.4 and SMBX2, and I continued to hone my design on the side. I never really made anything notable, and never got any recognition or notoriety, but I learned.

What motivated me to finally get into SMW hacking seriously was when I watched Vinesauce on Twitch play the hack, Mario's Mystery Meat last year. I was completely blown away by what I saw and that hack showed me what was now possible in the SMW engine all those years after I first discovered SMW hacking. Now I'm working with the SMW engine again after all these years and it feels so good to be working with my one of my favorite games of all-time again.

I might only pop in and out of the forums sporadically as my primary interests change, but I hope I can eventually share something here worthwhile that I can be proud of and bring a little joy to other people. 8>

Hello to all newcomers, I hope you all enjoy your stay!

Being an artist that barely draws and doesn't post art often is very relatable. lol

It's nice that you have a lot of experience with SMW hacking, I'm excited to see what may make!
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Originally posted by NoMoreStars

That's almost (well, kind of) how I first joined SMWCentral. I was toiling around for the past 7+ years spinning the wheels of sproadic activity. I, too, was really into romhacking, but hacker's block, laziness, and general lack of motivation kind of put an end to the SMW romhack that I was working on for over 10 years. If I work on a romhack from now on, it's likely a brand new project.

I hope to see what you might end up conjuring with what you've learned, and more importantly, I hope that you get to see it through to the end, as I have failed to on my part.

On another note, welcome to the site.


Hi, I'm ZeroCiaran.
I'm an SMW fan and have played all exits a few times.
Have been watching a few SMW Romhack players on Twitch and they've inspired me to explore them and give a few a shot.

I do have an idea or 2 for Romhacks I'd like to create but I can tell I have a lot to learn before that happens.

Looking forward to spending more time within the Romhack community.
Hello, I like Animal Crossing.
Hi, I'm Matti, but you can call me Matti.

SMW was the first game I ever played so it holds a special place in my heart- I've been watching people play hacks for a while now but never really dove into it myself until just today. I also speedrun vanilla 11 exit and will probably pick up other categories down the road, maybe run some hacks too, who knows?

I'm also rather interested in lunar magic and ports so I might fiddle around with that stuff too, we'll see!
Hi, I'm CybeastID.

I've given the hack scene a try before, 11 years ago.

What I produced can only truly be summarized as trash.

Actually, as "How to not make a hack".
Hi, Matti! Welcome.
Speedrunning is really cool, I'm not really good at it all, but I love watching them (I try to beat games fast sometimes, but just for fun, I probably wouldn't be able to do it competitively).

Hi, CybeastID! Welcome.
Don't worry about that too much, everyone's first attempts are going to be rough around the edges at best, and a complete mess at worst. If you have any questions about things, you can just ask around in the appropriate sections and people will quickly help you out.

I hope you both enjoy the place. I look forward to see what you both may come up with (and just talking in general).
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Welcome to both of you.

@Matti : Although I've never done SMW speedruns, I've just started picking up 16-star speedruns on Super Mario 64 and I have to say it's quite fun. It's certainly a different experience than playing and making romhacks altogether. I hope you enjoy what you experiment with!

@CybeastID : I had a first attempt at a hack. And, well, the less said about it, the better! I eventually overhauled it to a semi-ok hack that's a bit rough around the edges, but that project took 8 years before I dropped it altogether due to time constraints. So, yeah, first works are typically not great as I have experienced the hard way, lol. It's a part of experience.

If you need help, just ask around. I'm sure someone will provide some information you may need.


hello all

i'm new.... going to look around.

thanks for the great changes you guys/girls already made.

i didnt find a welcome /introduce tread so i probably did not look good or there is none

foun it ;)

so thats it for now, have fun and stay safe.

Gr MangZilla
Hi all,

I'm GruntMastaFlash. I've been watching SMW on Twitch since 2019, but only started playing hacks recently. I beat my first rom hack today in fact! I can't wait to play more!
i've been here for almost a year (that rhymed lol) but here goes

Hi, my name is Earthling (on this site). I go by many other names on other media.

I was born in Poland, currently residing in the Netherlands.

I've been on the internet since early 2010s. Good times : D

I am 13 years old (as of now), and I am autistic.

I like making ROM hacks, and wish to get into ASM soon.

I also like math./\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
random avatar everyime you reload wheeee
Hello, I am G.G.

I signed up months ago but I am here to say hello to everyone on these forums. I came here because I want to try some hacks and eventually make some of my own. I also want to try out something new.
Welcome, friends!