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New to SMW Central? Introduce yourself here!

I find it a bit silly that I needed to register an account and post a message in order to edit my profile to establish that I am in fact old enough to download a rom hack for a ~32 year old 2D platformer, but here I am doing just that and this felt like the most appropriate thread to do it.

Hi, I am Opaque. I like ROM hacks and have played many of them, but I probably won't comment that often.
Hi! I'm Level and I'm a huge Mario enthusiast that has played a lot of both original Mario games and a few hacks. Been gaming since the early 80's.
Hey, the name's Baleaf (pronounced as Bay Leaf)! I'm a big fan of prototype content from video games and beyond. Grew up with the Wii, got a hand-me-down 3DS in 2017, and got a Switch in 2018.
hi everyone. i'm anomaly, but i go by a few other names in different places on the internet. i've been a huge mario fan for practically my whole life. i got into level editors as a kid which lead me into programming and i became fascinated with low level stuff like assembly and the miraculous things people could seem to accomplish with it. i've also been into romhacks/romhacking for as long as i can remember.

Hi, I'm DeltaWooloo.

I'm a well-known Sonic ROM hacker and have helped contribute to a few well-known hacks such as Hellfire Saga, Sonic 2: Pink Edition and VTuber in Sonic 1.

I've been lurking around the Sonic hacking community for a while yet haven't reached this place. I wanted to learn about SMW ROM hacking continuously; however, back then, I usually thought that it was not easy to achieve due to the tools being challenging to deal with at the time. But after lurking around this place. I think I can overcome my fears by giving a go at SMW ROM hacking and getting to know a lot of you.

I enjoy Nintendo games a lot; I grew up with the GBA, DS, Wii and 3DS and played many first- and third-party games. However, I only managed to enjoy the classic Sonic games when Mania came about. Since then, I've been too addicted to the series more than Mario until recently when I started playing a bunch of Nintendo with my friend's Switch.

I do want to achieve the goal of making a Mario ROM hack. Why can't I design my own Mario game if I enjoy playing the classic 2D/3D Mario game? =V

Anyhow, I hope I get to meet a bunch of you if I bump into any of you around here.
Hi! I have been playing platformers since 95. Life is weird and distanced myself from things I loved for a few years, until I decided I couldn't handle that life style anymore.

Been playing some baby platformers preparing myself to jump into Kaizo soon enough. I played a bit of Baby Kaizo World and Love Yourself, both are quite fun.

Nice to meet you all!
Haven't had as much free time as I'd like to dedicate to ROM Hacks, but I played through and beat Of Jumps and Platforms & Slurdgery and had an absolute blast with them. I'm making my way through Mice... by Jump Team. Feel like I've been learning a lot about how to play and getting better. I'm excited to eventually move onto harder hacks
Hi, I'm Face. I can't wait to start making SMW hacks and sharing my progress with you all.
My layout has removed you.
Hi! I'm Biblically Accurate Angel, you can just call me angel for short. I've had a passive interest in SMW hacking for a long time but I've only ever lurked the site. Thought it was time I officially joined. I'll see y'all around!
Hello, my alias is yellow64 and I have decided to create an account here because it looks pretty fun, and because I decided it's about time I stop watching this site with one eye. #lm{music}

I do SM64 stuff mainly, whether it be hacks, music, etc. I do one of everything. This place seems quiet, but you can check out my youtube whoever it may concern! Looking forward to expanding here and potentially meeting new people.

the sixty-fourth yellow

Waddup, I forgot to say hi when I joined, but like, what chillin' dawgs :)
While my account is old, I haven't posted here yet. I got a new name months ago, and I don't post regularly due to high school studies/other activities affecting my freetime.
Hi! I'm Heitor/Hector Porfírio and I'm also not so new to the forums out there; I mean I've already made comments/threads.
But I can be too. #smw{@_@}

I discovered the real SMW hacking recently and I'm working on a hack that maybe later I can show the development, it's well in the early stages.
See ya! #smw{:peace:}
Hello! I am TheBrightStar, and I'm interested in making and sharing Mario Rom Hacks. I also like being able to discuss with others on this site. Can't wait to make my first rom hack!