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Tip: Be cautious putting Sprite 9B (Amazing Flying Hammer Brother) above lava. After being "killed", it will still throw hammers until it sinks or goes off-screen.
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Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No. 9 MKII (Read the first post, thank you)
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Do you renember of my last hack, i mean, my biggest failure?
That's right, my previous hack the Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No. 9 was one of biggest failures i committed. Two reasons:

-The patch get drawinfo and suboffscreen.
-Disgusting Addmusic4

I try to start over, but the result is very rushing, however, the hack become like NSMBWii. Sorry about that, but check this:

Tittle screen

The First World, not like SMB3 W1

First stage

Stomped a goomba

Above of ? blocks

Oh my...

Cave level

Now i can jump and cross the path

Like a NSMBWii

Third level

You saved a yoshi

Hammer Bro, like a NSMBWii 1-3

Don't worry, the triangle things are boncy


Almost in the end

Gramatical correction??

Ignore the door that leads to the boss, i used some graphics from NSMB

Dragon coins

Net koopas


Prize if you collect all the 4 dragon coins

Fortress Boss: Larry Koopa

It's not like an agumon with patches

Pipes, pipes everywhere

Prize if you collect all the 4 dragon coins.



04-09-14(with custom musics)
03-27-14(with custom musics)


Well, roberto zampari, looks like your level design is good as always. The problem is your OW, though - it's a bit too flat. I suggest you add variety to the terrain, even if it's a SMB3-Styled OW.


Dream team (feed them, please):

Correction for message box:
"Whenever you complete a level or exit it, Yoshi will disappear."

Adding onto what FDMOH said, the main problem seems to be the overworld. Add terrain, mountains, decor, the works. The pictures are promising, so I'll keep an eye on this. Glad this hack is back!
Originally posted by Roberto zampari


I think that will be really hard because even accepted hacks have errors in them. But at least you're back at it.

Legacy custom music

Your levels seem fine but your overworld seems a little generic. Mistakes happen to everyone you are no exception but I suggest at the very least to beta-test your hack when you are ready to release it.
Hey, this doesn't look half bad! There's one screenshot where there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on, though:

Maybe put in a couple extra vertical net Koopas or Paratroopas?


I'm not entirely sure what this thing is, but putting it right where the player will be in immediate danger from it when the level starts probably isn't the best way to introduce it.

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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

your level design and your graphics look very eye-pleasing, roberto! however, some backgrounds look slightly weird, such as the one with the agumon (whatever that thing is). it looks like the water is at the middle of the foreground in mid-air (i know i didn't explain that well) instead of it being in the bg, but that may be just me. again, it may be just me, but vanilla fg doesn't fit well with chocolate bg.

and take ycz's advice as well.

good luck with this!

Currently: Starting college!
I don't think your latest hack was your biggest failure... These two reasons you mentioned could be fixed, like your last one - what music did crash in accurate emulators, what else could have caused that problem you had? In all cases you could either switch the AddMusic or used another music. And about the patch, you could either remove it or add some freespace... well, it's your hack, I am not demanding you to fix these bugs.

This hack is definitely better than your other hacks so far. Although some of these screenshots look a bit empty (like this one, unless you killed an enemy there then you should add some sprites) the levels seem promising. I won't have time to test it though, but I'm pretty sure I will do so in the future.

Nothing else to say other than good luck.

EDIT: also please don't stalk me everytime with asking to play your hack. I'll play it when I want to.

The colour of Mighty No. 9's face on the title screen is pale blueish for some reason. I think it might be sharing a colour with his armor. so you might want to fix this.
Looks like it's that time of the year again. Last year I spent an awful lot of holiday to write you a detailed review about Grey Strikes Back, yet receiving near to no comments or changes in return. May the reaction the crowd gave you have learned you something.
I came to say that I'm willing to test this new hack of yours. Though I would love it to be appreciated this time.

My review will come when it's done. That could be tomorrow, that could be in a few weeks. Please don't stalk me in the meantime.

I wish you good luck with the making of this new hack. Looks like the comments got through, at last.

Edit: I kinda feel bad after writing this post. I shall not rewrite nor delete it, which would be the worst thing to do, but I realize that this post is a result of me overreacting to what happened last year. What happened, happened. I see that you, Roberto, improved your hacking skills signifficantly and I should have respected that. I'm sorry. Good luck again. Juding from the screenshots, I think the levels will be awesome when I start reviewing them, tomorrow.

Edit 2:

Here you go.
Your last hack was your biggest success so far. The two before that were frankly awful, and I was glad to see you start moving towards good level design. This definitely looks like your best yet!

Gramatical correction, please...


Secret exit

I have my doubts about these graphics: Since that máster system and game gear uses 16-bits or 8-bits. I checked the YY-CHR and realized that's 16-bits. Any problem?

Waterfall platform

Dragon coin

Jump spring

Any problem?


Again, gramatical correction?

Peach's cake

Beck boss


Moar Badniks...


Inside of Building

Again, badniks.

Oh my...

I crossed the path

The Main OW is still in progress...



"Use the propeller block to reach some impossible areas. Press A to fly and press down to ground-pound."

not a fan of this type of bridge; though it may be just me.

"A new mysterious robot has appeared in the throne room. Be careful!"

"This is terrible! Princess Peach has been kidnapped again by Bowser. The party has been canceled (or cancelled)."

palette seems to be a bit off. try toning it down a bit, especially the bottom part of the cake.

other than that, it looks nice so far!

Currently: Starting college!
Esse foreground do bolo gigante voce ripou de qual jogo?
Originally posted by GravityFalls
Esse foreground do bolo gigante voce ripou de qual jogo?

i'm not too sure from which game he ripped it from; it may be custom, but don't take my word for it.

Currently: Starting college!
New Stage: Aegaeon Facility

Fly-like Badnik that throw bombs


Gramatical correction?

I clashed?


Roy Koopa
Looks like an interesting project... I'll keep looking for updates! #w{=)}

C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:



"Do you see that yellow and black line? Enemies cannot go through it."

Looks good (albeit flat and lacking enemies at times). I think you could add some airborne enemies to spice it up, though.

Gramatical correction?

Metool in Wave Roads

The green waves are transparent and can be crossed

Spark Bro

The badnik from Sonic CD

Just one tiny detail, this looks like from Starforce one (Ignore Megaman)


Again, gramatical correction?

Feeding the Yoshi Red

Red Yoshi in action

Again, again, gramatical correction?

Oh my...


It's okay use the elevator and black and yellow line in a grassland level?

That's all...
For now...
Yoshiatom's Post
Welp, I played though the demo, and I have to say a few things...

Beck could use some touching up.

For some reason I can enter the "Start" tile, and when I got to the end of the area...



Unedited intro.

I get a check point...

Die, and...

The checkpoint comes back!
BTW, I'm not done here, so be ready for when I'm done... #ab{;)}

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