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(Incomplete) Stellar Garden

It's a propeller block level. The yellow stars in the dirt and on the plants are animated. Not much else to say about it.

Hopefully I will finish this level and get it released soon!

The level is looking cool as it is. The aesthetics are very appealing! Can't wait to play the final project!
Recently, I got the motivation to work on these maps again. I almost forgot they existed!

Looking great so far! The design seems to be very well done, and I love the aesthetic choices as well.

Looking forward to playing this!
Any progress on this? It's been months since the last update.
Sorry; between SMWCI, Smash Bros, other personal projects, finals, getting roped into events beyond my control, absolutely despising SMBX's editor and generally having a lack of good ideas for the level, I haven't put much work into it recently. I still really want to finish it though, so here are a couple of new screenshots.

Part of the second room, which is mostly line-guide stuff.

Yellow switch block that changes some stuff up in the first room and opens up access to the second room.

Great to hear this is still being worked on!

Seems interesting so far - looking forward to the final version!
Nice to see this is still in progress! Waiting for the full version, as this seems great. Not much to comment on other than that.
Is that really one fluid massive level or did you make teleport blocks transport you to different sections of the level?
That screen is one level. You can freely resize any of the level sections on SMBX.