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Koopa's head for a coin?

I remapped the Koopa Troopa's first walking frame to use the Koopa's turning animation but when I hit a coin block, the coin that pops out turns into a Koopa's head. Is there any hex I should change to fix the coin but to keep the current Koopa's walking animation that I previously changed?
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
That isn't the problem. The thing is that the koopa's head is 16x16, instead of 8x16. So it uses some tiles that should be left black. How to remap those "blank" tiles? I also need an answer for it.
The coin turns into a whole Koopa head? That shouldn't be happening.

If some sprites are getting slightly messed up by Koopa heads which take up a whole 16x16 tile instead of leaving the upper right corner of the tile blank, you can fix those by remapping some other stuff. The sprites which use the blank space in the upper right corner of Koopa's head are 10 point notations, jumping Piranhas, and portable springboards. (There might be more, but that's what I can remember right now, so I'm going with that) You need to remap those sprites so that anywhere they're using tile 83 they use tile 69 instead. (69 is another blank tile used by the water splash) So specifically, you need to change:

x12F4D [83 83 83 83] 10 point notations

x9E25 [83 83] Portable Springboard

x9DC1 [83 83 C4 C4 83 83] Jumpin' Piranha Plant
Actually, the conflict is that when you get a coin popping out of a block, it disappears and leaves the number 10 floating in midair for a small while. But next to the number 10 is a piece of a Koopa's head. I had to remap the Koopa to several spots to fix it.
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
Ah, OK. Changing those 83's to 69's at 12F4D would fix the 10 points problem, but I guess you found another solution.
This is still pretty useful. Some of the ExGFX like the koopas wearing parkas use this tile, which means you can't use them with coin blocks. With this I can fix it. Who knows why the 10 point uses a pointless invisible tile, but it's nice to hear this can be fixed.