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uberasm for dummies

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Originally posted by JackTheSpades
If you mean, you don't know if it's save to use asar and xkas on the same ROM, then I don't think thats a problem.
At least I've never had any with doing that.

Correct; the only compatibility issues that you need to worry about are patches that hijack the same address. (Which you'd still have to worry about even if you use only one assembler.)
Basically, using different assemblers on the same ROM is just as harmless as using different hex editors on the same ROM.
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Where would I put code for parallax scrolling? I'm using this background, which comes for parallax scrolling code, but when I apply it in either level_code or level_init, nothing happens.
it tells you where to put it ._.

INIT goes into levelinit, MAIN goes into levelcode
Oooh. Heh.
Oh, and I can't show the code right now, but I ripped HDMA from Yoshi's Island with a tool, then inserted it with uberASM. It works fine in ZSNES, but in any other emulator, when a dynamic sprite comes on-screen, the HDMA glitches out like hell.
what kind of hdma is it

make sure it isnt in an already used channel

this is more of an hdma problem not an uberasm problem so it doesnt really belong in this thread but whatever
Originally posted by Ladida
doesnt really belong in this thread but whatever

Oops. Well, I guess while I'm at it, here's the HDMA code.
looks fine

make sure you dont have too many dynamic sprites (or too much going on in general, like exanimations and watnot)
Actually, the level I'm using it in only contains 2 dynamic sprites in the whole level. This one, to be precise.
That's a tutorial for dummies?! Damn I feel like I should know 90% of Uber ASM to be able to get through it #ab{o_O} #ab{;_;}

Is there like a very detailled tutorial somewhere, taking everything form the beginning ?
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If i'm understanding about this post, it's about UberASM.
Well i have a question:

I'm trying to use UberASM Tool, and trying to add the Coin Outline patch, and it needs UberASM to work.
How do i patch it?
I keep getting an error message while patching any UberASM patch that reads "Missing org or freespace command. Define !addr not found. Errors were detected while assembling the patch. Assembling aborted. Your ROM has not been modified."
I assume you want to directly insert UberASM codes with Asar. Don't do this. UberASM codes are supposed to be inserted with, guess what, UberASM which is either in tool format or patch format. I recommend the latter since most of our resources are build for the tool and not for the patch and using the latter might be a bit difficult for beginners.
where exactly IS asar_patch.asm? (or is it just in place of the title of a patch?)
there's uberasm the patch, and then there's uberasm the tool. this tutorial is about uberasm the patch.
Originally posted by RudeGuy
there's uberasm the patch, and then there's uberasm the tool. this tutorial is about uberasm the patch.

i dont know what to use, im on windows 10, how do you make a ROM, #smrpg{sad}#smw{o_O?}#tb{:?}#w{x(}
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