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Hi. I'm new to SMW Hacking, also my first post on SMWC, so welcome.

I started hacking a one-two months ago. So, I'm making a hack. It will be vanilla (mixed with chocolate a bit?), but it has custom map16 tiles, some of ExGFX (just to fix cut-off, nothing major), custom palette and custom music.

Still working on it.

Some screenshots:
Screen 1FIXED VERSION - a forest level, with custom palette. One of my first levels. I'm going to use some ExGFX for more terrain variety.
Screen 2 - custom Red Switch Palace. I think I'll add something to make it more unique, because it looks like edited Yellow Switch Palace.
Screen 3 - definitely worst thing I ever made in Lunar Magic. My overworlds are flat and boring, but this time I tried hard to make it look normal. Sorry for flat SMB3 looking worldmap, but I just can't make good overworld, no matter what I do. Red Switch isn't on the trees, the trees dissapear when path to it unlocks.
Screen 4 - a dark cave. Little experiments with level modes and palette. I think it turned very well.
Screen 5 - beach themed level with water on Layer 3. Also, my first take in mixing tilesets. A little modified palette to make level look like beach.

That's all for now. I'll post more soon, but I need criticism. Constructive criticism, so write below what I must fix. This is my first hack, so don't except something big, like custom sprites, custom blocks (I said it will be vanilla) or any other stuff like that.

Sorry for my bad English, but I speak Polish normally. :D

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Screen 1 - looks good and I like the palette. There's just some small cutoff with the switch blocks and the dirt you put on the bottom.

Screen 2 - it's fine, can't really tell too much about this. The palette is good.

Screen 3 - it's looking pretty much simple, but it's fine.

Screen 4 - I can't say here very much... the palette is fine.

Screen 5 - nice design, the grass palette looks pretty generic, yet good. Maybe you could darken the sky a little bit, nothing major though.

Very little errors, but it's looking really nice for a first hack.
Fixed that cut-off. Thank you for noticing me about that.
Here's fixed version above.

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Actually your English seems just fine to me, just saying #fim{;)}

The hack looks really good so far, I do have a minor complaint with the 4th screenshot. I understand the whole "dark" concept, but the palette is very questionable. I'd recommend changing it to look more black-brown-ish. And the enemy palettes could be improved a little. Other than that this looks good! By the way, why not just put the images directly in this thread? Click on the picture button on the toolbar when you're typing a post (or just use Ctrl+M). It'll ask for an image URL, so put your picture in that.
This looks nice for a beginner, and your OW looks nice too, but I would suggest you to change the palettes (at least the water) a little more brighter.
Your hack looks very good, and is actually quite impressive since you're a beginner. The level design looks interesting and I really like your custom palettes and use of Map16 decorations.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for positive opinions.

I tried to make a 3D SMW styled overworld. From THIS my world map turned to THIS (ignore that Mario and smoke on water, and ignore fact that there aren't any decorations, i'll add them later). What do you think about it? It is better than my flat SMB3-ish overworld shown in screen 3?

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)

That's a good OW, indeed, but I have one complain: The yellow palette is a tad too bright. I suggest you could darken it a bit so it'll be less eye-searing.


Dream team (feed them, please):

@up, I changed palette just to make it less eye-searing.

Just finished 1-1, so take this video:

Please, post your opinions what I should fix, what looks bad, etc. :)

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Looks like a nice level. I like the design and the palette too, the music is also pretty fine. Like said, I'd only suggest to make the brown on enemies lighter, it would look better I think.

As for the switch palace, I can't tell too much, because it's actually similar to SMW's one. Nice palette though.
Well, I think the enemies palette fits the deep forest level. Also some of the colors in enemy palette shares with others, for example: if i change Koopa skin from brown to yellow, it also changes some other things, like fireflower, mushroom, etc. :|

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Hello and welcome to SMWC.

Alright, those screenies...

1, looks interesting.
2 seems okay, but it's only my opinion that I'm not a big fan of switch palaces... But hey, don't let that stop you!
I LOVE 3! I myself am not that good at OW building and I'm also a fan of the SMB3 style as well.

4 seems really cool, and so does 5. No complaints here. Just keep going and I hope you show us more soon!


Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


Not-so-long bump.

Well, after taking break from making hack (half of month), today I looked again on this topic, then I went back to work, and I edited HUD a little. Nothing major, just some minor gameplay changes. Also disabled the item box and time limit, because levels are going to be non-linear at all (item box disabled to make hack harder).

I inserted a patch for higher coin limit, and maybe I do something like "you collect n coins, something will happen". Okay, so here are some screenies :) (my hack is no longer vanilla!):

click me!

Post your opinions below.

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Bumpy bump.

I just learned ASM basics and inserted my 1st HDMA Gradient! :D

EDIT: Video:

Currently working on: Mariadventures.

back from death (again!)
Quite good HDMA gradient. The final one looks definitely better than the first one. ;)
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