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8x8 Tiles 0x200 - 0x2FF

I am relatively new to inserting new graphics, although I do know how to use YY-CHR and edit them but I wanted to add in custom graphics without having to compromise any others, is there a way I can add new graphics by using 8x8 tiles 0x200 - 0x2FF?
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Assign those GFX files on BG2/BG3, found on this option: #lm{sgfxby}
Is there a forum or thread that can give me a tutorial on doing that?
You can insert the custom graphics (without screwing up others) by doing this:
  1. Insert your custom graphics into the ROM (#lm{insexgfx}) then assign them into BG2 or BG3 (can be found using #lm{sgfxby}).
  2. Open the 8x8 tile editor (#lm{8x}) and the 16x16 Tile Map editor (#lm{16x}).
  3. Go down to page 0x2 which is where your graphics are.
  4. To copy one 8x8 tile into the 16x16 Tile Map editor, select one 16x16 tile in the tile map editor, go to the 8x8 tile editor and hover over the tile you want to copy.
  5. While hovering, at the bottom you should notice something like 0xYYY where YYY is the tile number. Type that number into one of the fields as shown below (the four typing areas correspond with the 8x8 tile location on the MAP16):

  6. Repeat the same for the other three 8x8 tiles you want.
  7. Keep doing this until you are completely done. Remember to save your MAP16 (#lm{save}) and to set the correct "Act as" setting (generally it would be 130 for solid tile and 25 for a blank tile). You may need to adjust the palette as well.
Well that is all there is to it. You can reply if you have any problems.
Thank you for your visual! It worked perfectly!