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Message Box size..

Is there a way I can edit the size of the messages boxes in the levels so that it can match the size of the boss sequence messages? The boss sequences can hold more text and this is crucial in my current project..
I believe this is what you're looking for.
Looks convincing, but the author warns that the Palace Messages won't work properly which is ALSO crucial in my hack. Is there a simple hex code I can use to do the job?
That's the only message box expansion patch on the site to my knowledge, and there's currently nothing that can fix it, so you'll just have to either put up with it or wait for WYE to fix it, which I'm sure won't happen for a while.
If you don't mind using something a bit more complex, there's the VWF Dialogues patch that you could use.
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I will look into both patches as they both seem pretty convincing. Thank you!