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Vanilla Music Remixing: Signups and Discussion (07-05-14 update)

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Originally posted by Moose
But now that I listen to it again, it turns out I stupidly forgot to add a channel from the original, which explains why the @0 seems more prominent in my mix than in the original.

Needless to say, I fixed it.


But now it sounds incredibly better, great job!
Moose: I still think the drums are a bit heavy on the reverb. It's not really a bad thing, but it's noticeable. Still, composition-wise, it's great and i think it'll fit super well.

Sinc-X: I actually like this cave theme quite a bit. I'm surprised other people don't. I think it puts a very nice spin on the original.

RednGreen: Fantastic! You have a beautiful melody to start it off, and then it kicks right into the SMW theme.

Whenever your tracks are ready, you can send me the text files and I'll prep them for insertion into the base ROM (though that won't actually be until after I've gotten all of the levels in).
You mean the first one or the second one? Of course, you could always use both so people have a choice, but that might be going a bit overboard.

And thanks :)
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Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
is that funky drummer powerpuff girls version

That's the idea. :P
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Originally posted by Sinc-X
You mean the first one or the second one? Of course, you could always use both so people have a choice, but that might be going a bit overboard.

And thanks :)

I think the first version is better - just the lead instrument that's really strange and unfitting for a cave theme. If you'd be able to find something a little more fitting for that one, then it could definitely fit.
Its been a long while since I've done custom music, but I figure I might as well try. Since the boss theme isn't being done and the castle has already been claimed, I'll do the athletic theme. Wish me luck!

EDIT: Nevermind, I don't like the way its turning out. Might as well comment on the other songs though.

I actually like the first cave one better than the second. It has a more fast paced feel, and is more memorable. You might need to change a few instruments though, the guitar lead is a bit awkward sounding IMHO.

As for the desert, I'm for the first all the way. I'm not crazy about the switch palace remix, but I've never been crazy about that song, so...yeah not the best judge. The mountain song is kinda nice, I prefer the original part of the melody to the remix (which feels a little bit forced IMHO), but it still sounds nice.
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Since I got my first one finished, I'm gonna try my hand at another.

Ghost House
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I also like the first cave version better - I don't like the drums in the second version much, as they seem really hectic for no reason. Other than that, I like all tracks quite a lot so far... made me remember how great the SMW-theme actually is. #ab{;)}

Finished porting mine:
probably gonna try my hand at a forest remix for funsies
The original brass section (from the MP3) definitely sounds way better in the SPC. Great job - send me the TXT and samples whenever you feel fully satisfied with it.
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personally i like this a lot but might as well get opinions on it before i send it

I like this. The beat, chords, and instrumentation are very interesting, and I think it really would fit a vanilla forest level.
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I'm done with the castle remix too.
I'll post an SPC soon.
Nice remix, Torchkas. It sounds very similary to the original but you can hear the differences like the flute sound.
Nameless: I'm immediately reminded of Forest Frenzy from DKC (mostly become of the percussion). I like it quite a bit - sounds like it would fit really well.

Torchkas: I've already told you most of my thoughts on IRC, but I really like the additions you've made. I think you've really taken the original theme and enhanced it in a very powerful way with those blips throughout. Good job.
Sorry, but I'm going to have to drop Ghost House. I can't seem to come up with anything quite as spooky as the original. :/

May pick it up in the future, but if anyone wants a go at it, by all means please do.
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@Nameless: I really like it, the @14 works wonders here. The rhythm and percussion are very fitting. Good work.

@Torchkas: I love this one, especially the @29 timpani at the intro, and the legato at 0:52. The only thing I'm not very fond of is that upbeat part between 1:18 and 1:46. Other than that, a really good remix. #ab{:LOL:}
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