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Vanilla Music Remixing: Signups and Discussion (07-05-14 update)

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Piano Remix
Might be a bit of a stretch to call this a remix, but this is what I have and if it doesn't meet your standards, then I'll drop this one.
Included in that folder are two files: a midi of the song, and a wav of what it should sound like in-game.
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Originally posted by LemmyKoopa

I love it <3
Sounds like what SMW would be if it were a 1920s silent film.
It even fits your avatar
Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Aww thanks, it's nice to finally feel appreciated :)
Here's the SPC by the way.
And now that that's done, I'd like to try my hand at the Desert Map theme.
Nixon's the one.
Sounds good and all but how is that supposed to fit an athletic level?
That's a very good question. I do thing that it does sound very slow & empty compared to the original, and I'd even go so far as to suggest that it would sound better as an independant song rather than one for a video game. Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't think it could fit an athletic level at all. Submitting something like that would've been just plain stupid
Nixon's the one.
I've got nothing. Dropping mine.
Originally posted by Magiluigi
Sounds good and all but how is that supposed to fit an athletic level?

I could see it fitting an athletic level just fine.

In other news, I decided I don't want to do the special world remix, so I'll leave somebody else up to that task. Also, since time is beginning to run short and we still have quite a few open slots, I'll claim the fortress/castle map, as I have some ideas for it. I know I've done quite a few already, but we need to get these things done!

(and if people are in disapproval of the other "worst" theme, just get rid of it. that was the main focus i had for that one, so if nobody likes it, i have nothing else.)

IMPORTANT EDIT: Have a thing.
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Interesting. I would've done something closer to classical for the fortress rather than... um... military?
Desert map
This is what the Desert map is supposed to sound like, but some notes don't loop correctly when applied directly through AddMusic... I'll look into it tomorrow, but for right now I would appreciate it if you could just tell me what you think of it right now.
Edit: It's been fixed.
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It actually makes me think of a sandstorm for some reason. I think it could work.
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Just a reminder to everyone working on a track: once you've received sufficient feedback and made all of the necessary improvements, be sure to send me the text file/any samples you may have used. I can't officially mark anything as complete until I've received + inserted it.

Originally posted by LemmyKoopa

It sounds a little too...muddy, if that makes sense.

That's actually a port of the SM64 file select theme. What this thread is asking for is either SMW remixes or original compositions (for the map themes).

Though now that you mention it, what ARE we going to do about the title screen?
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I'll let you know once the contest is over, but it will likely involve a) remixing the title screen music, b) recording a new demo, and c) simply changing the text around to say "SMWC's VLDC 2014" or something. We'll worry about that once the contest is over.
Just downloaded the tracks I received from LemmyKoopa and Sinc-X, thanks guys. If you want to claim another one, feel free.
I feel kinda bad doing so many of these, but otherwise it seems like they'll never all get done. Taking the water remix.
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And I the desert map.
Nixon's the one.
teh worst theme concept (Forest of Vanilla Island Star)

This takes music channels from original map tracks, and combines them into something that is simply a garbage that sounds either as a bug in the game, or weird combination of various level concepts (which the worst world will consist of). It's the worst world, it doesn't deserve a good theme anyway.

(but admittedly, the original themes are rather short, and the effect would be better when using themes composed for this project, but most of them aren't complete, and I would need txt files anyway)
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
May I have the main "here we go" remix?
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