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Vanilla Music Remixing: Signups and Discussion (07-05-14 update)

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Huh, nobody's taken the ice or fortress themes yet? I could try one or both of them...are we supposed to use a Yoshi drums channel?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
We're using AMK which I know little about. If you want to use the Yoshi drums channel, be my guest.

I'll sign you up for ice theme for now. If you finish that and nobody else wants the fortress theme, you can do that too.
Well, I have something to start with: this.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Sounds good. Keep it going. #smw{:TUP:}
I think it would fit well. I love it!
Well the only thing I can offer is basic percussion remixes... meh... this is all I can come up with. It's a remastered project that I made for a friend a while ago. It's nothing special.
Originally posted by Sinc-X
$eb works wonders

Going more towards the approach Gregor suggested.

This sounds like something that you'd hear in Earthbound, which in my humble opinion means it works better as the theme for the "best" map, haha

GlitchMr's, on the other hand, is gloriously bad and should be the "worst" theme.
I'm done with the castle theme.
~castle.txt total size: 0x2881 bytes
        #0: 0x4B6 #1: 0x6E7 #2: 0x70A #3: 0x1ED Ptrs+Instrs: 0x076
        #4: 0x227 #5: 0x19B #6: 0x2C8 #7: 0x155 Loop:        0xB98
Space used by echo: 0x1800 bytes.  Space used by samples: 0x69FE bytes.

Ladies and gentlemen. A song as large as 10,369 byes.
Haha, that sounds amazing, especially with vanilla instruments. Excellent work.

Originally posted by Torchkas
Ladies and gentlemen. A song as large as 10,369 byes.

lol that's nothing compared to my entry round port for idol (20kb)
not that anyone would ever consider using it anyway but still

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / buy/stream my EP / buy my touhou music
First bit could have most of the instruments (read: everything except the "spacy" instrument) turned up a bit. It's all so quiet except for that one instrument which makes a little annoying for about half of it.

Other than that I really like it.
I figured I didn't have to put emphasis on the other instruments in the intro because the average hacker would be so accustomed to it. Then again, that might be why you're noticing the differences more. Thanks for the compliments though.

EDIT: Video for those who are interested.
I don't really see much of an issue with the volume, personally. It sounds great - I'm happy you got it done.

In other news, we still need a few more tracks, so if you (or anyone else) wants to volunteer, that would be great.
Sign Me up i will do a remix of the atheltic theme.
I will not be able to complete the "Here we go" remix because I have no ideas.
Check out my music!
I'll take this spot:
Fortress theme "The Worst": _________

I'm working on a port and I have something evil in store for it.
If its taken let me know.

I guess I'll try the "Here we go" remix.
Honestly, that's not all that great. I can't tell exactly, but it seems like all you did was change the instruments of the original song. If you put a little more effort into it, it could sound decent, though.
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