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Vanilla Music Remixing: Signups and Discussion (07-05-14 update)

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Sky Map. It's another SMWCP remix (and the last I'll be doing).

(the map is from one of the overworld entries - I won't say who, but you'll get to vote on it soon!)
Hm. If I get the time I might whip up an overworld.
Okay, so this is what I have done so far.
Not too much is done so far, but this is actually really difficult to write, so I'd like feedback early on as to what I should or should not be doing.

Thanks in advance.
Nixon's the one.
That sounds great actually! It's very contrasting to the Castle remix I did, which is very good. I'm sure this will be a very good alternative to my piece.
Yeah I agree, that's pretty great so far. Definitely keep it up.

Also time for Cave Map. My personal gripe is that it came out a bit longer than your average map theme though. I didn't quite like the shorter stuff I tried (mainly variations of the :42+ part).
@LemmyKoopa: That's amazing! I really like the harpsichord you used there and it has a very Mario-esque feel to it. I'd love to hear it finished.

@Lui37: I seriously like this one. The voice choirs, the sitar and the echoed marimba sound really good together. Probably my favorite map theme so far.
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Good to hear all the positive feedback!

I do have to ask, though... how would everyone feel about something a bit slower like this?
Nixon's the one.
I think what you showed is just fine. I'd finish that.
In that case, have an update.

Edit: I've actually gotten a bit more done. Check it out here.
Nixon's the one.
Even though this does sound solid, aren't you going to add any more layers to the song? It's basically just a harpsichord and string section right now. I don't know, I feel like there's something missing. You've got the song's roots down very well though.
Hmm, define layers. The song already has 8 tracks for it, though the Viola is basically the same as the low strings, so I may just end up having 3 string parts.
Nixon's the one.
I dunno, it feels pretty full to me. This is unlike any song I've heard composed by anyone here. The classical sound and influence is extremely uncommon and I think you did absolutely fantastic with this song so far. It sounds pretty full to me and would definitely be a wonderful selection of music for users.

Anyways, I got reminded a few days back to do the Mountain Map theme I totally forgot about. I'm gonna have it done tonight at the absolute latest, I've been having a massive creativity block with music as it is but I have ideas now so expect results in the next 12 hours.
Ok, so this should be the final version of it, unless anyone wants me to change anything about it.
(The reason it loops so unevenly is because it's supposed to have a ritard there, but my notation software doesnt support them atm unfortunately)
Nixon's the one.
Sounds more like a ghost house theme for me if you were to use right samples when it's ported to SMW.
Sounds great LemmyKoopa - I hope it'll retain that same quality after it's ported.

Also, if anyone is still interested, there are a couple of map tracks and a remix or two that need to be dealt with, so...
That makes me wonder, how come there are 10 map themes but only 7 actual maps?
Because the main map is split into four worlds. We'll use the patch that was used in SMWCP/2 to change the music depending on where you are on the map.
I actually have to admit, porting is definitely not my strong suit.
In other words, this could either turn out beautifully or horribly.
Nixon's the one.
I can help you if you want.
I accept your offer.

Bless you. <3
Nixon's the one.
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