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Vanilla Music Remixing: Signups and Discussion (07-05-14 update)

Link Thread Closed
Cave map ported. Enjoy.

Also thinking of whatever to do next.
Masterpiece. *_* The only thing is that it sounds more like a level then an overworld music but for the overworld it's also a bit o.k. Of some reason some parts remind me of some other Songs I heared before.
Grass/Forest Map theme.
Tried to do this in a similar style to the SMW overworld map theme. Any feedback is welcome.
it sux

It reminds me a bit of the early Mario Party's.
Reminds me of SMRPG for whatever reason. Catchy.
Finally, I have something to work off of.

Still needs a lot of work.
Nixon's the one.
Sounds like a great start to me. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of it ported.
Update. Made the harpsichord part sound vaguely like a harpsichord, though it would be nice if I could find a way to do this without killing ones ears.

Also made some changes to the violins to make the parts more intricate.
Nixon's the one.
I like the sound of it as it is. Keep it up man.
There, I think that's quite enough of that. Only took a whole month as well

Anyone with any final comments or criticisms, please speak now or forever hold your peace.
Nixon's the one.
No complaints here - I think you did a great job, especially using only the original samples.

Toss the text file my way whenever you're ready and I'll get it inserted. Thanks a lot.
Well, that was fun.

Also, just a suggestion - could you possibly provide a link to each completed submission in a single space, to make them easier to find?
Nixon's the one.
Thanks for the submission.

As per your suggestion, I've added a link containing all of the completed SPCs so far. I'll edit the metadata and all that once the hack is released, but this should be sufficient for now.
Torch's castle remix is missing. I don't spot any others missing though.
Thanks for catching that. I replaced the link in the original post with one containing the castle remix.
Now, oddly enough, the SPC fades out before the music ends. I don't know what would cause that though.
Here's an SPC of his castle remix with that problem fixed.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Now, oddly enough, the SPC fades out before the music ends. I don't know what would cause that though.

It's because it was dumped straight from AMK I guess. Like I said, I'll edit the metadata/playtime of all of these once the hack is released at C3, but right now it's not really a big concern of mine.
Mountain Map

I might have to fix some flute harmonies (and maybe the strings at the end), but it's more or less done.

Comments etc are welcome.
Not bad Lui. As I said on IRC you did a nice job making the song sound natural despite being in 5/4 time.

Also, I have finished the Best Map theme
Link Thread Closed