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[REMOVED] Wut-Botcrazy (Kaizo hack)
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aI see other open topics being stickied, so I guess this one should be too? Also, this is my first time doing any kind of log-like thing.

Link to submission

Name: Wut
Author: Botcrazy
Length: 6 exits
Description: Welcome to Wut!

I'll warn you now-- this is not an easy hack. If you're not prepared to perform glitches such as block duplication, and wall catches, then this is not the hack for you. If you think you can handle it, go right ahead.

I figured I might as well write this now since it would probably be less time consuming to improve things all at once and send an update than to submit every time you fix something.
As for tag suggestion, maybe required techniques such as 'shell jump,' 'P-Switch jump,' or custom sprites like 'Phanto'. Maybe something else I haven't thought of.

Sky’s Peril
When I played this level in snes9x, the sound would glitch whenever I died, and one time it crashed.
It was fairly challenging and the first part reminded me of Coin Block Cavern, tho I felt like I had too much time to hit the bridge of coin blocks during the invincibility segment. My favorite part was probably where the star power ended and then I had to shell jump, keeping the mushroom (that was intended, right?)
Underground Terror
Same problem with the music as the first level if I play in snes9x.
The beginning is a doozy. If you don't move immediately then the timing of the spike tops is thrown off and you have to do some trial and error. Nice way to punish the player :P Couple issues with the design:
During the part with the mushroom and the throw-blocks, you only need two of the throw blocks right here. Not really sure if carrying the third throw-block with me is in any way useful since it would probably run out by the time I get to the block duplication segment. Also:

Pretty sure I was able to make that jump without using the top shell, so I think if you removed it, it would still be possible. I was able to carry it with me but I don't think there was any point.
IMO, block duplication is a controversial glitch but fortunately I didn't find anywhere that block duplication could be exploited to break the level massively since throw blocks are commonplace and they eventually run out. I guess requiring it once in a blue moon wasn't that big a deal, but I find them to be pretty annoying.

Probably the best level in the hack. Phantos are pretty great, and the on/off switch auto-scroll puzzle was pretty neat. I remember you asking me to play this level before.
After I beat Sokobansunken, I can't seem to go anywhere else after. Looking in LM, I found that it was set to the wrong event (the same as one of the earlier levels). Apparently it was supposed to be set on event 2.
I feel like I might have said too much on the IRC.
I kinda feel bad about changing it myself but how else could I moderate the later levels?

Forest’s Challenge
Love the music. Can't really think of much else to say about this one.

My least favorite level. I have to go through X number of nearly identical rooms to find the goal. I think it’s fairly repetitive and a case of hard mode filler. I was just waiting for the end.

Spin jumping on the Thwomps was actually more of a puzzle than it looked. I don’t really like required wall-catch, but having it just once in a blue moon is not really a removal reason. If it was an actual wall-jump, or if there were more instances of wall catching, I think it probably would be a removal reason. I still think of wall-catches as annoying and a controversial technique. This might have been more exciting if there was a greater sense of urgency given the auto-scroll. The triple P-Switch jump was kinda annoying but I got through it okay.

Felt fairly standard and tricks used in basic settings, tho it is kinda refreshing to play something easier once in a while, and there was some cleverness too. At the same time, I feel some parts could have been made more challenging. For example, I think some of the shell jumps would have still been possible if the walls were a bit taller, and the disco shell segment at the end of Underground Terror felt kinda plain.
Even if that OW glitch after level 3 wasn’t there, this might still be leaning toward rejection because of the music in the first 2 levels glitching in snes9x and what I said about level 5. Due to the hack’s short length, it probably makes sense to be tougher.
Second opinions welcome.
And lastly (this should probably be common sense) don't feel discouraged.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Hack's good. While it is challenging in some parts, in others there are some glaring breaks and other issues that I'd like to point out.

Sky's Peril... it was indeed challenging. I like how you used the eating block throughout the whole level. Although before the starman part, I could hit that blue block and get above those death blocks, though it doesn't mean much anyway, since you will still get the star.
After that part, you could keep the mushroom by jumping at the exact moment the timer ends and doing the shelljump.

Otherwise, I like the level. Feels like a warmup.

Underground Terror, I'm not sure if I like the palette of the BG. The "darker" part of the BG looks too bright. Maybe darken it up a little?
At the part after the third mushroom, the bullet bills aren't faster enough to hit me, though that could be me.
I have to agree that the disco shell part is a bit bland. Try making it a bit more interesting.

Sokobansunken looks pretty good. Found no issues besides, you could fill the cement blocks ceiling with an upside-down ground, as well as some others in the level. Otherwise, it was fun.
However, like Sokobansolver said, the event after it doesn't lead anywhere, same thing for Perspectives. You may want to fix that.

Forest's Challenge, I like the level, though I dislike those invisible blocks that are in the level (one appearance is next to the first mushroom. You could replace it with a normal cement block or something like that).
Basically, there was a mushroom in the coin I just collected next to the vertical log in this part:

When I collected the two mushrooms and got back later, the other mushroom appeared. Not sure if that was intended, but if it was, nice. Otherwise, you may want to fix that one.
Otherwise, seems like a generic level, with the usual segments we've already saw before (not a problem, though).

Perspectives was an annoying level for me as well. While the design is good, the fact that we have to get past nearly identical rooms makes it a bit repetitive. I'm not sure what's the point of the random sprites on the blue blocks at the end of each segment.

Wut was nice, though I dislike the forced wallcatch. As long as you do not spread it in the level, it's okay.
I walked on these multi-colored switch blocks when suddenly:

It is passable. Would be more professional to remove those blocks.
That thwomp bit was a bit annoying for me due to the "choose the way" bits that would lead me to an invisible block.
Latter segment of invisible blocks wasn't decent either, though it is just a fetish of mine (it would be nice if you fixed it though).

This hack looked like standard to me. Kinda leaning towards rejection for this, because of the events that won't lead anywhere and the other issues Sokobansolver pointed out. Try adding a bit more of a challenge for this while making it a bit more satisfying at the same time. It doesn't mean this hack isn't good for the most part, though. Just fix those issues and you're ready.
So first of I'm glad that this hack isn't a pure glitch abuse
hack, it was very hard, but nothing was too hard. So even if
you don't play many kaizo hacks (like me) you're able to
beat this hack, but it takes some time. But now to the levels:

Sky's Peril
First of I like how the level starts out, I still don't know why you're
able to jump again in air. Other than that part the rest of the level
was a bit boring. Sometimes you need to be fast and sometimes
you need to wait 10 seconds to be able to continue (waiting for
the blocksnake). But sometimes you don't known directly what
to do, and you need to find it out first. Overall a nice first level. 7/10

Underground Terror
So it's getting way harder now. The jumps in this level are
very tricky, and you have less time to beat the puzzles (by that
I mean the p-switch timer, the time the block keeps turning...)
But why is the level timer so high? Overall that level was pretty
fun too, but the background palette could look better. 7/10

The first underwater part of the level was so hard, because of that
evil phantos, that are hard to avoid. But for me the second part was
much more fun to play. You always have to find a fast
way to hit the on/off switch, hit the turn blocks... but sometimes
you were to slow and need to find a faster way. But after I
finished the level nothing happened just as the others already said.
The level was of the best levels to me but for me you placed to
many cement blocks at one place. Also why do I come out of brown
blocks after I entered into the door after the first part. 8/10

Forest's Challenge
The beginning of the level was pretty fun, some kind of a puzzle.
But after that the level turned into some kind of glich abuse
thing. I had big problems with this jump:

So I said hello to Lunar Magic again (if anyone can tell me how
to do this I would be happy) The last jumps were okay.
Overall the levels had some fun elements, but if felt too
much like a glitch abuse hack. 6/10

The easiest and worst level for me. You had to play a room four,
with just a little thing changed. This is lame and uncreative. 4/10

This level was so mean, first I think (just as the others) that
this wallcatch is a bit difficult. Secondly I first didn't know what
to do at the part with the three thwomps, I thought would be
doable to jump on all three. Other than that the level was okay. 6/10

The level had it's fun parts, and some really annoying ones. I
really liked the overworld. The biggest problem was that you
couldn't continue after the third level. There were some other
little nitpicks, but nothing really important. I think I would wait
for a fixed version of his hack, where the event thing is fixed.
Other than that the hack was fun to play.

My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
Originally posted by K1ngHacks

So I said hello to Lunar Magic again (if anyone can tell me how
to do this I would be happy)

Just screen scroll right when you run into the Koopa, and if you did it right, you kill the Koopa just by kicking it.
I wonder if reviews for Kaizo hacks should be open longer due to them being harder or what.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
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