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Talkhaus SMBX Level Contest!

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Hey guys! I know it's something of a faux-paus to post something for an outside level contest, but you guys have been extremely awesome to the Talkhaus in the past, so it's at least somewhat relevant =).

Basically, we're doing a Level Contest with a gimmick where I (the contest lead) generate level names based on a series of mad lib formulas I've got. I generate five of them, then give you the list. You pick one and make a level off of it.

People have been proven to be more creative when put under limitations and this should (theoretically) enable the contestants to be restricted enough to be creative while having full creative control over the content of the level itself.

And it's a gimmick you can just ignore completely if you don't mind losing 10 points off the final score.

So take a look over at the Talkhaus - you don't have to be a member to join in! Just pop on over, see what things are about, and send me an email, post in this thread (or the Talkhaus thread), or send me a PM (here or at the Talkhaus) with the generator difficulty you want to consider =).

All levels will be LP'd by Raocow =).

Here's the contest rules! Please take a look! =D

Are you looking for a chance to put your creativity to the test?

Do you want to try a Mario-related hacking activity not bound by SMW's rules?

Do you want ot show off your awesome level-making skills to more than just your stale old pals from SMWC?

Do you want to have Raocow play something you made?

Of course you do! That's why you're here!

As the PR representative from SMWC's staff, I am announcing that this contest is being endorsed by us. This means that we want to see people from SMWC jumping in on this idea!

If you've never been to The Talkhaus, go over there and check it out! The same goes for SMBX! If you had/have any involvement with our own big SMBX event, then this is your time to shine on someone else's turf!

Get your Muncher-munched behinds out there and participate, people! Any questions about the contest can be directed toward Horikawa Otane. If you want to post replies/interest statements in this thread, please do so, and I will let Otane know to check back here for your comments!

So what the Pokey Hell are you waiting for? Go out there and wine!
I signed up for this a couple of days ago. Hopefully I'll have something done(because I'm also trying to do VLDC)! And hopefully I'll do my random level name some justice! Anyone else from SMWC participating?
I am participating.
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
I plan to, I'm still waiting for my level name though.

EDIT: Got the level names about two days ago and forgot to edit the post. Hope everyone has a good time!
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
im joining the contest
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