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Overworld palette 0 - 3 glitch

Hi everyone!
In my hack, I have used custom palettes for my overworld, (Palettes 1, 2 & 3) and formerly 0. Those custom palettes glitch up and turn back to their original colors (black) on the overworld after an event occurs. I retryed mutliple times, readding the custom palettes but it made no difference.

The only patch I've applied is the 'One file, one player' and I've also added custom music and some ExGFX.

Please help!
Thank you.
Go on the OW editor (unless you are on it) > Extra Options > check "Disable event path fade effect (frees up colors 1-7 of palettes 0-3 and C-F, and GFX Slot SP3 + SP4)". It has nothing to do that you've inserted custom suff but it's because of the original game.
It worked perfectly! Thank you!