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Originally posted by S.N.N.
@WYE: Beer is an inherently social drink.

Yeah, I suppose it's more about the act of drinking together than the taste - still, I don't think I need to learn to tolerate something just because society expects me to.

Don't get me wrong though; I'm neither trying to discredit people who drink nor saying I'll never get into alcohol ever. It's all just today's perspective.

I'm not old enough but I've tried beer before and it tasted a little funny. I also tried champagne for my cousin's wedding.
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There was one time when my parents were having a get-together with people from work. My mom had some wine out, and I happened to waltz into the kitchen and drink an entire glass of red wine, right in front of my parents and their co-workers.

That was a fun night.
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I imagine most people here are too young for alcohol. :P
I'm not a regular drinker, really. I prefer to drink seldom or at special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas and New Year. I'm mainly a spirits person (Vodka + Whisky mixed with other beverages), which I understand is pretty weird, but everyone is different I suppose.
I drink once every week or two when I'm really bored. I don't have any kind of preference, I find all alcoholic beverages really disgusting. I just drink vodka mainly so I can feel the affect as quickly as possible.
I substantially cut down my drinking after one chick's 18th in high school. By about 10:30 I was off my face dancing with everyone and being overly social (I'm a friendly drunk) and soon after the alcohol got to my head and wiped my memory. I remember nothing from after taking a photo with another close mate. From what people tell me happened, the mate I took a photo with nearly died falling into a bonfire and I went to the toilet, never came out and ended up being found passed out with my pants down curled around the base of the toilet. After I woke up I went to the laundry sink and vomited ... of course, I missed and instead got my sleeve (henceforth known as the "vomit jacket").

It sucks not to remember and it sucks not being in control. I still drink, but am quick to stop when I can feel it getting to me.
A couple times I caught myself saying "thats enough for me!....well maybe just one more"
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I may be 15 but right now I'm enjoying a delicious bottle of ice cold Magners.

Don't worry though, I hardly ever drink alcohol but when I do it's only cider.
It's the usual stuff for me. Beer, Cider , Spirits....

I'd say I like cider the most however I really do like gin despite it been an old drink!
As I mentioned before, we make our own homebrew beer.

This is by far the strongest batch of beer my friends and I have made thus far. To check the alcohol content of homebrew, a rough estimate would be given with a hydrometer, a floating meter that checks the density/gravity of the liquid. You have to take a reading before fermentation which is after you cook it meaning it'll be very dense to begin with. Our first reading turned out to be 15% before fermentation. During the fermentation process, yeast turns the malt into alcohol and CO2, the CO2 gets emitted from the glass carboy and alcohol is left behind. After fermentation you take another hydrometer reading and subtract that from the first reading, this is what ours was for the second reading....

it was bobbing between 0.5% and 1.5% meaning our beer had a rough ABV of 13.5% and 14.5% which is much stronger than most beers on the market. I'm sure many people would wanna get a buzz off this stuff in 2 weeks when carbonation is done heheheheh.

Making your own beer is actually a cool and interesting little project/experiment since there are so many outcomes depending on what kind of water you use, the fermentation temperature, the type of malt, how much malt you use, the hops flavors, the times you cook in the hops, so many variables makes endless possibilities.
I mostly drink just on special occasions like parties, New Year's, etc. I honestly hate beer and wine, I like sweeter tasting drinks like Sour Puss and such and I enjoy mixed drinks a lot. When I'm looking for a buzz I'll usually have shots of Smirnoff.

It'd be nice to get together with friends everyone once in a while and just go to the bar to get something to eat and have a couple of drinks, but alas I still have a little over 3 months before I'm at the legal age to do so.
I won't mind ONE beer after work, since my body doesn't really like beer. :/ Then again, I don't have problems with high percentage alcoholic drinks. :P Eventhough I only drink them (especially vodka and liqueurs as well as cocktails) on special occasions such as birthdays, new years eve, etc...
midori sour + 7up + grey goose + maraschino cherry

you will not be disappointed.
Originally posted by jesus
midori sour + 7up + grey goose + maraschino cherry

you will not be disappointed.

Until you wake up the next morning with a screaming hangover.

This is why I stopped drinking anything with too much sugar in it.
Last week at a candy store in NYC, I had a Sour Patch Kid Margarita. That shit was nasty. It seriously tasted like lemon juice in a cup. It was so sour I couldn't even taste any alcohol. Drank it all anyway since my visiting cousin paid for it.

My sister had a Strawberry Nerd Mojito that was much better.
Originally posted by Todd
Originally posted by jesus
midori sour + 7up + grey goose + maraschino cherry

you will not be disappointed.

Until you wake up the next morning with a screaming hangover.

This is why I stopped drinking anything with too much sugar in it.

Thats nothing, try a drink called "Adios M.F." (m.f. = motherfucker)

Its a cocktail of 7-up/sprite, blue liqueur, rum, gin, vodka, tequila and sweet and sour mix, served on the rocks. They don't call it "adios" for nothing because you'll be gone, I had 2 of those on my birthday 2 years ago, holy crap!
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Not a complete fan of Beer, especially Budweiser.
Corona isn't my side of the taste, even with a lime slice.

I'm more on the wine and vodka drinks.
Finlandia, and others (I forget the names I just drink).
But only on special occasions and often go overboard, surprisingly I'm not easy to get drunk.

I mostly drink Tequilas, Pina Colada, Four Loco that is Iced and mixed with Life Savers and Bacardi mixed with fruit drinks.

I get creative, not too into the topic of discussing drinks on a higher level.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Never seen any need for it.

I drank a glass of beer once, in a situation where I didn't want to come off as prude, and it tasted pretty horrible. I know very well that I'd learn to like it if I drank it more often, but once again, I see no need to.

That's where I'm at. I've tried a lot of different drinks (most recently some milk/cinnamon thing that just tasted like cough syrup), mostly because my sister and brother in law seem intent on finding something I will drink, but I haven't found any to be tolerable. I just tell people I hate the taste of alcohol, don't really see it any different than saying I hate the taste of diet soda.
I don't like beer. Whiskey on the other hand is great.
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Originally posted by Alcaro
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I just turned legal a little over a month, so my tastes are still developing. Not sure what I like yet. I've yet to have beer, though; I skipped straight for the harder stuff like vodka.

Most of what I've had are recipes I've found on sites like The Drunken Moogle and such. Interestingly enough, I tend to use Urban Dictionary of all sites as my alcohol review site.

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