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Super Mario World style of Kanto/Johto

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In my current project, canon to four years after the original SMW events, the player explores a land just north of Dinosaur Land. The southern most part of the overworld map features the Vanilla Dome and the player actually gets to go back and even replay some of the original levels (with some alterations). I know the chances of this next idea are minimal to none but what if someone made an executable game of Super Mario World and had it to where if you beat the main antagonist, you are given the option to go back to all of Dinosaur Land (with mostly original layout) and replay all 96 levels (with them being WAAY more challenging by adding new enemies and stuff). I know Lunar Magic isn't capable of such but it was just a cool thought. Personally, I would like to replay the more difficult original levels but I was curious of everyone else's opinion.
What do you guys think?
Hi mariofreak4500, there's actually a stickied thread in this forum, called Awesome Hacking Ideas, where you can post your.. awesome hacking ideas. So yeah, I'm closing this thread now, please post in the stickied thread instead.
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