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Super Mario Star Cluster

Super Mario rise of cackletta is a super mario 64 hack

that aims to include

1)A fully new mario with a new voice and new

mechanisms like warp boxes,and derived objects from

the latest Mario games.

2)detailed and well shaded levels,throw backs, and

featuring retro levels.

3)more power ups,including mega mushrooms,star

bits,starman replacing metal mario, and much more.

4)over 150 stars,a level has wide and large areas to explore

with more than 6 stars including green stars,bowser

flags and 100 coins.

5)NEW! move sets.

6)NEW! enemies: these include tanoombas,paragoombas,cheep cheeps,cheep chomp,a fully new HD boo and lot more.

7)More than 1 hub,adventure starts at rainbow land resort.
There are alot more that are not listed,this hack will be underestimated if called a sequel to super mario 64,and is competing with the latest nintendo mario games!
About this hack:
Cackletta is the antagonist in the story,who is now

bowser's embodiment and is planning on attacking the

mushroom kingdom,for revenge,cackletta imprisoned

every one in the mushroom kingdom,including princess

toadstool peach and luigi,she scattered the power

stars every where,and used her power to warp mario far

away from the mushroom kingdom,into the galaxy to a

place called rainbow land resort,its up to mario to

gather power stars and save the mushroom kingdom

WHOMPS imperial castle:-
A castle that has a large grassy area with tunnels

leading to different areas

Gritzy desert:-
A desert found far across mushroom kingdom,when you get more stars you get closer to mushroom kingdom.

yoshi's village:-
A place where yoshis reside this could also be a throw back.

maple tree way:-
this is a really large tree with alot of places leaves and branches to explore.

Icy paradise:-A very cold slippery paradise with candy and circuses

MASSIVE Block sky land:-
this is a very large area with alot of gigantic platforms and enemies inspired from super massive galaxy.


Boo's hang castle:- A scary haunted castle with a lot boos,and orbs to find

Tidal isles:-A very beautiful tropical themed world,featuring cheep cheeps


This hack looks pretty great! The environments are looking very well done so far (especially looking forward to seeing this "Massive Block Sky Land" when it's done). Keep up the great work!

PS: also super hyped to see the "fully new Mario" implemented.
How is it that you can say you want complex characters, and you want depth in video games, and you want art in video games, and you want them to compete with movies and novels, and yet anytime somebody tries to fucking insert anything that's above and beyond some 2D cutout, you flip your shit because it's not being handled in the way YOU want it to be handled in? Art and entertainment [aren't] always comfortable; they're not meant to be. Sometimes, they're meant to invoke or provoke different emotions and reactions. - Internet Aristocrat
cool title! I'm looking forward also!
Omg :o this is so awesome,the levels are smooth and beautiful,awesome title,new mario,star bits,green stars,love this hack,pat yourself on the back good man!:)

My first post in the forums
NEW! stage added! ice paradise,screen shots will be shown off on the weekends
Can you change the green stars to star coins
I'm impressed. The levels actually look very nice and clean so far. That note block texture also looks hi-res despite only being 32x32 #w{=)}

I hope the design turns out well, good luck!
You are doing a great job Cackletta and I hope you continue to share your progress.

What is up in the fourth photo? I see an unusual amount of smoke on the top of that block, also the block's texture is out of position. Unless that block is a custom object.

MeltFire's Youtube Channel
MeltFire's Sound Cloud Account

If you ground pound on that block it goes down and releases smoke,revealing a green star.
Could you also add a stage with a haunted scenario and a fire stage?
Thanks please take my idea into suggestion :D
Originally posted by Dragonoya
Could you also add a stage with a haunted scenario and a fire stage?
Thanks please take my idea into suggestion :D

Stages are still in development,and are still merely informative,there will be a haunted level but hasn't started being worked ON

NEW! stage added!

A stage I was working on which is not in the actual rom SMRS(SUPER MARIO RISE OF CACKLETTA) I may consider adding it as a hub world in a mini hack I may make really to keep people occupied, since I have received 9 spam messages saying I should release a demo

Yes I also sent a message

Cackletta please can you teach me how you did that note block and I also want to know how to do custom levels thank you
Neat, Load's more screenshots from when I was last here can't wait.

An underground area will be incorporated into whomp's imperial castle screen shots will be shown off during the weekends so stay tuned!
HEY guys sorry for the late screen shot I was too busy tearing apart super Mario sunshine but what had to be done , had to be done so I will be showing of the underground area of whomp's imperial castle , if you have complimented this hack once you are free to compliment it again

pikachu101, if you dislike somebody's work, you should be a lot more civil about it. Provide a reason why you don't like it, and to make your post even more helpful, also provide solutions to the problem. This post just looks like anger. You've already been warned by other moderators about your behavior. I'm going to give you 24 hours to cool off and think about being more productive.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
The m64 you gave me not sound great in file select help me ;-;
Dragonoya:- try downloading a fresh new sm64 rom

I had a change in the grass texture in whomp's imperial garden :3 this one looks better and colorful and brings more life tell me what you think about it or I should keep the old one that will be appreciated