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The Amazing Super Mario Bros. released!


Over 100 levels to explore. Mario and Luigi are transported to the real world by the power of the golden scepter that Wart has stolen from King Guardsworth. Bowser and Wart team up to wreak havoc in the real world.
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Alex No's Hack Collection

Game Trailer
This is the link to the submission. Just from the screen shots...

Well, the first screenshot has cutoff and incorrectly placed palettes. The second one looks a bit flat, but not bad. The third has a plethora of cutoff (the back door DOES have a base, you know) and the fourth has glitched tiles, a glitchy background...Overall it looks like a generic joke hack. If it isn't, have a long way to go. Look at some of the accepted hacks like Adam's SMW2 hack (WARNING: music breaks in the castle on SNES9x and BSNES).
By the looks of the screenshots, there is quite a long way to go before the hack can be considered good. I can see a lot of cutoff and bad palettes there in a lot of areas (though not all). Some of the levels seem fine along with the graphics however.
Thanks for the feed back guys and I do see where I have cutoffs on the overworld. And the back doors on the first overworld is the design I've chosen to make a city. I am working on improvements to it and will re submit it soon.
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